Review Calls Goat Milk Soaps “Superior” Skincare Product Line Scented goat milk soaps, right, and Unscented soaps, left, separated by Shea butter cream and Lip Balm, are most moisturizing natural goat milk skincare products available anywhere. founder Elizabeth Sanders and husband Nick have built family business into goat milk soap skincare company with customers across USA and around world. goat milk soaps made with 100% raw goat milk, Shea butter cream and lip balms for superior moisturizing to protect and keep skin healthy, received rave review by

Rave review says “excellent line of products offered at a shockingly affordable price”

We’re honored the famed beauty platform and leading blog wonderfully called goat milk soaps and other skincare products ‘excellent’ in such a comprehensive and rave review.

— Elizabeth Sanders of

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 22, 2016 / — A product review by, the top beauty blog, rated goat milk soaps as “a superior line of products made by a small eco-conscious company,” announced Elizabeth and Nick Sanders of, the quality leader in goat milk soap skincare products.

Elizabeth said, “We’re honored the famed beauty platform and leading blog wonderfully called goat milk soaps and other skincare products ‘excellent’ in such a comprehensive and rave review.”

Beauty and fashion writer Yona McDonough, the Editor who reviewed, said, “This is an excellent line of products offered at a shockingly affordable price. Founder Elizabeth Sanders began making soap from milk she coaxed from her sister’s goats and since then she’s handmade over 55,000 bars of soap; that’s a lot of bubbles!” Her review is posted at

McDonough said as the goat milk soaps lather “they provide a rich, lustrous cascade of foam.” She added the soap “bars are cured for at least six weeks, to give them longer life, and are 4.5 to 5 ounces each. The Plain Lip Balm had a wonderful, toasted coconut scent and was very effective on my winter-dry lips.” The editor reviewed scented and unscented soaps, Shea butter cream and lip balms, all available online at

In her review she said, “The soaps have subtle and intriguing scents. I loved the delicate fragrance of Lavender and the invigorating tang of Peppermint & Rosemary.” McDonough added scented soaps “not at all drying, a common side effect I’ve experienced with many scented soaps.”

The acclaimed writer, in referring prices as “shockingly affordable,” reported soap bars are $5.50 to 6.95, Shea butter creams $4.50 to $9.00 and 3-pack Lip Balms $8.99.

She said, “At these prices, the soaps, butters and balms can go into every Christmas stocking on your list.”

Nick Sanders added, “ also offers family-priced Gift Sets. We are pleased to be nationally reviewed very favorably. Our all-natural, chemical-free products don’t contain any color additives and our soaps are made with 100% raw goat milk, without water that competitors add to cut costs. As a result of our natural formulations, HorseOPeace soaps are the most moisturizing available.”

The lineup of scented goat milk soaps includes Lavender, Oatmeal ’n Lavender, Sweet Orange Basil, Wintergreen Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Jojoba, Patchouli, Patchouli 2x, Oatmeal ’n Lemongrass, Pine Tar, Poison Ivy Relief, Peppermint & Rosemary. Its six unscented bars are Coffee Scrub, Calendula, Shea Butter, Plain Ole Soap, Sweet Almond Honey, and Oatmeal ’n Honey.

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in her open way with people Elizabeth shares her story about family and business at her website and Blog at, where goat milk soap and related products are available, as well as at, Amazon and elsewhere. The Sanders family of Horse ‘O Peace Ranch is active in social media at,, and the company’s website,

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