World's first one-piece foldable phone display stand launched

A-iEasy, the innovate new smartphone display stand, is the hottest new Kickstarter tech, set to revolutionize smartphone use in an easy and elegant way.

VALENCIA, 46687 ALBALAT DE RIBERA, SPAIN, December 21, 2016 / — Developers of the innovative A-iEasy phone display stand are looking for backers to help take it to market

The market for technology wearables is also experiencing rapid aligned growth and the innovative A-iEasy looks set to revolutionize hands-free phone usage. It is the first one-piece, foldable phone display stand, suitable for any smartphone on the market. Now, the team behind A-iEasy are looking to raise 15,000 EUROS to take it to market with early pledgers receiving a range of benefits that include a discounted first try of the new A-iEasy for just a 5 EURO pledge.

A spokesperson from the A-iEasy development said:

"The A-iEasy will help users to enjoy a closer relationship with their smartphone – allowing them to engage with it in a new way and carry out more functions simply, reliably and in style. This new gadget is extremely small and strong, yet light as a feather – and it will offer a new level of phone access and flexibility, whilst looking amazing."

The A-iEasy is tiny yet tremendously powerful. It has a deceptively simple 3 linkage design which snap locks and tightly secures to the phone, allowing you to position it hands-free in either portrait or landscape mode. You can then position your phone perfectly to play music, record video, FaceTime, provide light, watch tutorials and other rich content or simply keep your screen visible whilst you are working.

Sticking to your phone and providing a fantastic stand on the go, A-iEasy can be used in both landscape and portrait modes and will bring something entirely new to the burgeoning mobile phones market. In the UK alone, unit sales of smartphone handsets are expected to rise by 5.5pc to 25 million in 2018. (source:

Other types of phone stand tend to be bulky, unwieldy or unstable. The A-iEasy removes all of these issues, and adds fantastic design into the mix, with a range of on-trend, beautiful graphical designs in a range of color palettes. Choose from soft pastels, bold color pops, quirky urban designs and vintage-inspired styles, among others.

Its feature set includes:

A weight that is under 10g

A fully adjustable single-piece mechanism which can be placed in 21 different positions

Incredible flexibility and strength that has been tested a million times

Just 2.4 mm in thickness

Made from a non-toxic, 'green' material that protects the environment

Universal – working with all smartphones and tablets on the market.

To find out more about the A-iEasy and to take part in the Kickstarter campaign, visit:

Ivan Giner Fayos
A-iEasy España
+34 661 004 777
email us here

#Wearables – A-iEasy™ presents The World’s first ONE PIECE Foldable Display Stand

Source: EIN Presswire