Erik Agazim Prepares To Host Pet Wash To Raise Money

Erik Agazim

Erik Agazim

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2018 / — All over the country, pets become dirty each and every day. Americans spend thousands of dollars on grooming needs for their pets at local pet stores and other pet's services businesses. But Erik Agazim hopes to host a pet wash for his community this spring. The goal has become to clean these pets and raise money for local shelters.

"While people may cut back on spending, usually the first thing to go becomes pet needs," Agazim says. "Spending the extra money on grooming for their pets becomes less of an important factor. But if the person knows the money goes towards a great cause, I hope to have more people come out."

The idea for the pet wash entered Agazim's mind after realizing the local shelters lack funds to assist lost or forgotten pets. He learned funds the county has become hard to attain in recent months. This has forced the shelter to rely on private funds.

Agazim is still in early plans for the pet wash. With the city in winter mode, he has plenty of time to figure out details. But he does know two things: pets will become clean and important money will become raised for the shelters.

"While money from this pet wash will go towards the shelter in town, what makes this great will be the fact that other residents in surrounding cities can participate and assist," says Agazim. "The love for pets spreads far and wide, and when our furry friends need help, their human counterparts come a long way to help."

There are many steps still need planning in order for the pet wash to become publicized. While Agazim is planning the event himself, he has realized more people want to help out in the future. Word of mouth is spreading, and local pet stores want to assist Agazim. From donating grooming kits to offering space for a venue, Agazim is grateful for the early support.

"Just from talking with friends and local community leaders after early details, people are making an effort to contact me and offer assistance," explains Agazim. "This has led to local pet stores wanting to get involved and donate valuable equipment that will make the pet wash easier for myself and volunteers."

Agazim wants the pet wash to take place in the summer during hot weather. This is because Agazim plans to have the pet wash outside in the park. This space allows more pets to become washed and allow the event to feature attractions for attendees. The main goal of the pet wash is raising money for pets But Agazim wants to attract the whole family to the significant event.

When approaching the local pet shelter, Agazim says the people and volunteers were extremely grateful. Running events have become harder each year because of lack of staff and money to host events. Because Agazim is hosting and running the event, the pet shelter can focus on raising money. Also, spreading awareness for proper pet care.

"So many pets in our city are neglected and sometimes put in the shelter," says Agazim. "Many community residents do not realize the hard work and dedication these workers express each day for the pets that are tossed aside and forgotten. It's a sad state and these organizations need all the help and funds they can get."

Because stores and the shelter want to participate and help, Agazim knows supplies and volunteers will not be hard to find. Also, Agazim knows other vendors will become involved because of the big turnout.

"The planning part will become easy once I announce early plans," explains Agazim. "More and more people will volunteer and help, and all the proceeds will go towards saving pets' lives."

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