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Iberian Lynxes

Birdwatching in Spain

Blue Sky Wildlife and the Spanish Tourist Office have put together an online market place showcasing local wildlife specialists to this amazing destination.

Of all the European countries few can boast the variety of wildlife as Spain from lammergeiers to Spanish imperial eagles and Iberian lynxes to Eurasian brown bears, Spain is a must-visit destination.”

— Stephen Moss

OAKHAM, RUTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, March 1, 2018 / — Of all the many countries in Europe, few can boast such a variety of birds and other wildlife as Spain. From lammergeiers to Spanish imperial eagles, and Iberian lynxes to Eurasian brown bears, Spain is a must-visit destination for any keen bird and wildlife watcher.

Blue Sky Wildlife, working in collaboration with the Spanish Tourist Office, has put together a one-stop online shop or market place showcasing fourteen local wildlife specialists who between them offer more than 90 tours to this amazing wildlife destination, with prices starting from a little as €30 for a half day trip. Many of the tours are available throughout the year for the independent traveller seeking to see wildlife in Spain.

Whether you would simply like a one- or two-day excursion while on holiday or during a business trip, a week long exploration of a particular area or a customised three-week trip visiting all the major bird and wildlife spots across Spain there’s a tour to suit all interests. Day trips include a one-day birding trip through the marshland in the north of the National Park of Doñana, a three-day alpine birding trek in the Picos de Europa seeking a variety of bird species to a seven-day wildlife tour to the Straits of Gibraltar to experience the powerful event of bird migration.

Why Spain? Spain has a diverse array of native animals, including a wide variety of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The country is home to some renowned species, such as the Spanish ‘Big Five’: Bearded Vulture, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Iberian Lynx, Iberian Wolf and Eurasian Brown Bear. Other distinctive mammals encountered in Spain include Common Genet, Wild Boar, Barbary Sheep and Spanish Ibex. While, on the coast, cetaceans, otters and seals may be seen. The country has the second largest number of mammals in Europe, with 115 different species recorded.

Spain is also home to over 630 bird species, including kites, vultures, eagles, storks, flamingos and bustards. The impressive abundance of birds that can be found in Spain is due both to its geographical location (it is a natural route between Europe and Africa) and its varied landscapes and climates.

Who better to organise a wildlife holiday than one of the local wildlife specialists based in Spain itself. Their local knowledge and expert, English-speaking guides, who live and breathe the country’s astonishing wildlife, mean that you have the very best chance of catching up with the key species you want to see. And the comprehensive selection of wildlife specialists and tours enable travellers to book the tour they want directly, simply by using the enquiry tab on each listings page.

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Source: EIN Presswire