John Loyd Dean Donates 10K to Children’s Advocacy Center

John Loyd Dean is a business owner that is committed to helping his community and home-state of Texas any way he can.

HENDERSON COUNTY, TX, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2018 / — Known for helping the causes and charities who need it most John Loyd Dean tackles charity from a personal and professional standpoint. Dean's main focus is charities that are based around helping children. Although, he spreads his altruism across many different avenues.

One of the most prominent of these charities included a 10K dollar donation to the Children’s Advocacy Center.

About Children’s Advocacy Center

Children’s Advocacy Center has a centralized location in Cleburne, Texas, but The Center services all of Johnson County.

Coming to fruition in February 1998, The Center focuses on serving child victims. The charity focuses on abused children. The charity also helps children who witness a homicide or violent crime, as well as children rescued from drug environments.

The Center’s warm and welcoming atmosphere introduce children to a holistic environment. Children are greeted at the door by specialized therapy dogs and have a range of resources available to them.

The Center works closely with Johnson County law enforcement to provide a safe and positive environment for children. Therefore, The Center offers an on-hand staff that includes two therapists, a direct service coordinator, and a victim’s services coordinator.

“This organization is changing children’s lives by ensuring the people responsible for these terrible acts are brought to justice,” John Loyd Dean said of the Advocacy Center.

The Center works with children, as well as their caregivers, to ensure the case is successful.
Plus, families working with the center have immediate access to much-needed assistance, such as counseling, emergency shelter.

Since the Children’s Advocacy Center has put its approach into action, the prosecution rate of cases involving children has increased by seventy-percent.

Dean says, “It’s all about working together to help ensure these children are safe from their abusers,”

10K Donation

It is due to the spirit of working together that made John Loyd Dean donate to this charity.
Dean truly connected with the goals this advocacy center is accomplishing, since this charity is in his native state, Texas.

However, to continue providing help and resources, to child victims and their families, Children’s Advocacy Center needs help. Johnson County law enforcement does a wonderful job of providing support.

Monetary donations are always needed. While resources are vital, being able to keep the lights on is just as important.

That is why John Loyd Dean decided to award his 10K dollar donation to this worthy charity.

The charities mission align with Dean’s on a personal level. However, the approach is working and there's documented proof. That is an asset that is rare with charities of this nature.

In summation, John Loyd Dean is proud to be able to help the children put their terrible past behind them. With his donation, Dean hopes to help children find justice and the help they need to move beyond their situation.

After all, children are proof that anything is possible. John Loyd Dean hopes that with his donation, the children will know how special they truly are.

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