Artworks attributed to Frankenthaler, Zao Wou-Ki, Sargent will headline Woodshed Art Auctions' online-only June 7th sale

Signed, untitled, unstretched oil on canvas painting attributed to Helen Frankenthaler (est. $80,000-$120,000).

Untitled, unframed abstract oil on canvas painting attributed to Zao Wou-Ki (est. $100,000-$200,000)

Watercolor painting attributed to John Singer Sargent, titled Classical Interior with Reflecting Pool (est. $30,000-$60,000).

Mixed media on paper attributed to Andy Warhol, titled Double Elvis, signed front and back (est. $30,000-$50,000).

Oil on canvas painting attributed to Thomas Sidney Moran, titled Venice Canal (est. $30,000-$50,000).

Live bidding will start at 5:30 pm Eastern time. A full catalog, showing all 218 lots, can be seen now, at and

This month’s lively selection arrived from collectors and estates all across the Western world. Also, I’m constantly amazed by the depth of artworks that are scurried away in New England estates.”

— Bruce Wood

FRANKLIN, MA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2018 / — Artworks attributed to American painters Helen Frankenthaler and John Singer Sargent, plus an untitled abstract oil painting attributed to Chinese-French artist Zao Wou-Ki, are expected star lots in an online sale of rare and market-fresh paintings and drawings from Europe and the Americas set to go live on Thursday, June 7th, by Woodshed Art Auctions.

Live bidding will start at 5:30 pm Eastern time. A full catalog, showing all 218 lots, can be seen now, at, and the online bidding platform People can register to bid on either site. Live previews can be arranged, by appointment only, at Woodshed’s Franklin gallery. Call 508-533-6277 or e-mail

The auction comprises paintings, drawings and prints from estates and private collections in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and South America. Artists represented include Picasso, Kline, de Koning, Monet, Warhol, Basquiat, Toulouse-Lautrec, Wifredo Lam and others. There are also four contemporary works by the notorious British graffiti artist Banksy.

“This month’s lively selection arrived from collectors and estates all across the Western world,” said Bruce Wood of Woodshed Art Auctions. “However, one of the more interesting ones, the watercolor attributed to John Singer Sargent, emerged from a collection very close to our gallery. I’m constantly amazed by the depth of artworks that are scurried away in New England estates.”

The watercolor attributed to Sargent (Am., 1856-1925) is titled Classical Interior with Reflecting Pool and carries a pre-sale estimate of $30,000-$60,000. It came out of a private collection in Connecticut but was reported as purchased around 1930 in London, then descended in the family to its current owners. The work is artist signed and is housed in a 15 ¾ inch by 15 ½ inch frame.

The paintings attributed to Zao Wou-Ki (1920-2013) and Helen Frankenthaler (Am., 1928-2011) both carry far greater estimates, however. The untitled, unframed abstract oil on canvas that has Zao Wou-Ki’s signature could well end up being the auction’s top lot, with a robust estimate of $100,000-$200,000. The 20 ¼ inch by 34 inch canvas shows a chop and export sticker on verso.

The signed, untitled, unstretched oil on canvas attributed to Helen Frankenthaler, an influential character within the Color Field movement, is impressive at 60 inches by 89 inches and boasts an equally hefty estimate of $80,000-$120,000. The work was in a private California collection and had previously been obtained from the Kootz Gallery in New York City, sometime around 1970.

A signed rendering of the iconic LOVE painting, attributed to the recently deceased artist Robert Indiana (Am., 1928-2018), in a 15 ¾ inch by 15 ½ inch frame, should hit $5,000-$8,000. Also, a
pastel on paper attributed to Cuban artist Wifredo Lam (1902-1982), titled Sans Titre, signed and dated (1959) lower right, 22 ½ inches by 18 inches (sight), should hammer for $20,000-$30,000.

Two works have estimates of $30,000-$50,000. One is a mixed media on paper (graphite, ink, acrylic and silk screen) attributed to Andy Warhol (Am., 1928-1987), titled Double Elvis. It’s signed front and reverse and is verso marked with the stamp of Coopers International Auctions, with a reference number. It comes with a COA from Bonnier Art Services in Toulouse, France.

The other is an oil on canvas painting attributed to Thomas Sidney Moran (Am., 1837-1926), titled Venice Canal. The work, signed and 17 ½ inches by 27 ½ inches, framed, came out of a private South Carolina collection. Also, a painting attributed to Beatrix Potter (Br., 1886-1943), titled Happy Pair, depicting two attired rabbits under an umbrella, should hit $30,000-$40,000.

An oil on canvas attributed to Charles Henry Alston (Am., 1907-1977), signed lower right and 21 ½ inches by 39 inches, has an estimate of $15,000-$20,000. Alston was an African-American painter, sculptor, illustrator, muralist and teacher who lived and worked in Harlem, in New York City. He was active in the Harlem Renaissance and substantially enriched Harlem’s cultural life.

An oil on canvas mounted to board attributed to Gino Severini (It., 1883-1966), titled Still Life with Fruit and Pitcher, signed and housed in a 21 inch by 26 inch frame, is expected to realize $20,000-$30,000. Also, a watercolor on paper with figures, done in the manner of Andre Derain (Fr., 1880-1954), signed lower right and stamped verso, carries an estimate of $10,000-$15,000.

Also up for bid will be an oil on canvas attributed to Edgar Alwin Payne (Am., 1882-1947), titled Mountain Landscape, signed, 14 inches by 17 inches in the frame (est. $15,000-$25,000); and an oil pastel on paper landscape painting attributed to Marsden Hartley (Am., 1877-1943), unframed, signed with initials lower right, 12 inches by 8 ¾ inches, sight (est. $8,000-$12,000).

The auction also features a collection of photographs by American artists who studied with the photographer Harry Callahan (Am., 1912-1999), an innovator known as much for his work in color as his work in black and white. In 1955, his photos were included in The Family of Man, MoMA’s international touring exhibition. In 1996, he was awarded the National Medal of Arts.

Callahan’s technical photographic method was to go out almost every morning, walk through the city and take numerous pictures. He then spent his afternoons making proof prints of that day's best negatives. He moved to Rhode Island in 1961 to establish a photography program at the Rhode Island School of Design. The photographs in the auction are from his time at the school.

Woodshed Art Auctions is a family-owned art gallery specializing in oil painting restoration and live and online art auctions, celebrating its 50th anniversary. The firm is always accepting quality artworks for future auctions. To inquire about consigning a single piece or an entire collection, you may call Bruce Wood at 508-533-6277; or, e-mail him at

For more information about Woodshed Art Auctions and the Artworks from International Estates Auction planned for Thursday, June 7th, please visit

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Bruce Wood
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Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart Gives Shocking New Predictions for U.S. and Israel

Rose Stuart Appears on the Front Page of Montana’s Renown Newspaper The Daily Inter Lake

Rose Stuart; Psychic to the Stars

Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart gives here shocking new predictions for America and the world, with new preductions by the famed psychic to follow next week.

I see further attacks on the U.S. electrical grid, water supply, large companies, internet utility companies, and banking institutions.”

— Rose Stuart

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA , USA, May 23, 2018 / —

Jerusalem, Israel Attack Warning

In shocking year end predictions for December 2017 and January 2018, Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart reported that she was concerned about her feelings of a bombing to occur in Jerusalem, which she feels may occur this May or next month. She urges President Trump and Congress to fight for the protection of Christians there who may be targets. This prediction by Rose was elevated immediately after President Trump announced the United States as recognizing Jerusalem as the Official Capital of Israel, which enraged many in the Muslim world, who vowed revenge.

Blame Upon North Korea

Rose states that she feels a group will try to blame North Korea as being involved in the Jerusalem bombing, to try foster quicker war with North Korea, but states that they will not be involved – so advises The White House, State Department, Israel, and U.N. to avoid this confusion.

North Korean Alliance; Covertly Attacking U.S. Grid

Rose warns that certain people in China, Russia, and Iran are covertly aligning with North Korea, trying to weaken America. She warns that North Korean agents, hackers, and spies are messing with America’s infrastructure; including but not limited to banking systems, accounts, transactions, and particularly large companies, and the internet. She speaks further of spy satellites being used against the U.S, and sleeper cell systems. She warns that North Korea are attempting to covertly take over control of and take down certain major U.S. corporations which lead the American economy, and which the U.S. infrastructure relies on. She warns further of attacks on the electrical grid, water supply, and electric and internet utility companies, and banking institutions.

Meeting Between Trump and Kim Jong Un

Rose Stuart states that the meeting between Trump and Un will most likely occur, and be a positive meeting, but warns against trusting the word of the North Korean leader at face value.

President Trump Given Warnings

Rose Stuart’s team has recently contacted the Office of President Trump, passing along many of the above predicted warnings. The White House has reportedly confirmed that the message was received and will be reviewed.

America’s Most Trust Psychic

Rose Stuart is an ordained minister, who says she developed her gift as a psychic and intuitive expert at a very young age. Ranked as one of America’s Most Trusted Psychics, she states that her specialty is helping many people reunite with lovers, which she loves to do. The gifted psychic also does energy work including Reiki, and uses what she calls the healing power of prayer. She has helped solve cold cases, and helped find missing children, among more, often donating her services to help victims.

Metaphysical Boutique & Gift Shop

Also earlier reported, Rose’s new store The Rose Boutique, Etc. #3, offers a place to buy many unique new products including; special crystals, incense, special hand made jewelry, and even special healing stones. Rose states that she began her metaphysical work as a young child, giving readings for adults who were shocked at the young girl’s uncanny ability to tell them things about their past and future that were true.

Her Motto: Tell her Nothing – She Tells You All

Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart was recently featured on the front page of Montana's renown newspaper, "The Daily Inter Lake." As mentioned earlier this fall, Rose states that she truly loves helping people, and her specialty is reuniting lovers. More of her other services include; reading palms, tarot, astrology charts, love charts, energy work, spirit guide and ancestor work, chakra balancing, Reiki, relationship counseling, and much more.

Scheduling a Session with Rose

For a personal reading with Rose, which she says also makes a perfect gift for friends or loved ones for their birthday or the holidays; clients may visit her store, or call her at one of her numbers below. Rose states that “Just as a cell phone reception can travel around the world through waves with satellites, so too travel the energy vibrations, and spirit energy of a human being, making her intuitive, quantum level type of work successful from near
– or far.”

Visit Rose Stuart at:

The Rose Boutique, Etc.
1201 10th Av, South, Suite 102 A
Great Falls, Montana, 59405
Tel: 406-866-0733

Also Visit Rose Stuart at:

The Rose Boutique, Etc. #2
906 9th St. W.
Columbia Falls, Montana, 59912
Tel: 406-788-5348

And Visit:

The Rose Boutique Etc. #3
1117 S. Main Street
Kalispell, Montana, 59901
Call Rose from anywhere in the world at:
Tel: 406-866-0733 and also Tel: 406-788-5348

Email Rose directly at:

Rose Stuart Official Facebook:

Rose Stuart Offical Twitter:

Rose Stuart in the News:

Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations and affiliates make no medical or other claims with regard to this story which is for entertainment purposes only.

Bruce Edwin
Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations
(011) 310-226-7176
email us here

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Ken Sutiak Has a Passion for Helping Animals and Changing Lives

Ken Sutiak finds pride in volunteering, with a special place in his heart for helping animals.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / — When Ken Sutiak lived in Clifton, his job as a Human Resource Assistant at NJ Transit left him with only a little time to himself. Yet, he filled that time helping the 4H Club in the town.

Unfortunately, when his mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease Sutiak had to leave his life in Clifton behind. To help his mother, Sutiak moved back to his hometown of Totowa, New Jersey.

Although, his devotion to helping animals have a better life is constantly being upgraded. He didn’t let the unexpected turn his life took discourage him from his passion.

A Start to a Lifelong Endeavor

The first volunteer position Sutiak took was with The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Through the ASPCA, Sutiak volunteered four hours per month. He would write letters that would garner the attention of the decision-makers and editors. This would get the society’s events posted in the mainstream media, which helped promote a positive response from the public.

Eventually, he was even able to utilize social media to spread awareness about events that focused on the wellbeing of animals and their rights.

Of course, at times, his efforts went unanswered. However, when he received a positive response, he knew that he was right where he belonged. Each positive response encouraged him to become more involved. Soon, he was spending all his free time working to help improve the rights and treatment of animals.

New Pursuits

After spending years learning, Ken Sutiak was able to get involved with researchers and vocal advocates. Soon, he found himself negotiating directly with the decision makers throughout the government.

Now, advocacy groups are actively in communication with legislators and Sutiak is at the helm. He is doing everything he can to spread awareness. Sutiak believes that these discussions with the government are vital and can only be good for the animals.

Being that Ken Sutiak has volunteered for years, he knows where to look to ward off any negativity. He sees the good that he and his fellow volunteers are doing. He knows that he is making a difference.

“It's great to see the numbers decline, knowing animals are finding homes and staying out of shelters;” Ken Sutiak said of his work, both administratively and actionably bureaucratic.

Other Forms of Volunteerism

In addition to helping animals, Ken Sutiak also spends his time helping to clean up the community of his hometown. He works with the town’s youth, encouraging them to do good deeds. Sutiak tries to impart the wisdom that by the kids doing good things, it will inspire others.

One of the proudest instances Sutiak cites for his human-helping efforts took place in the Spring of 2017.

During Spring Cleanup Day, 13,198 volunteers worked for a total of 65,990 hours. The trash collected amount to over a million pounds.

To close, Ken Sutiak is extremely proud of the work he’s doing and the difference he’s made in so many lives. He plans to continue volunteering and doing his part to change legislature and clean up the streets. Sutiak, like so many others, is actively working toward building a better, cleaner world for both people and animals alike.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Chaitanya Cherukuri explains innovation among millennials

Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

Chaitanya Cherukuri 6

Chaitanya Cherukuri 6

As a generation, the majority of millennials have grown up and entered adulthood in tandem with the evolution of the internet and technology as we now know it.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / — "From the adoption of early home internet access in the 1990s to the explosion of social media and smartphones in the mid-to-late 2000s, many millennials have grown up around the ever-evolving internet and alongside rapid advances in modern technology," explains Chaitanya Cherukuri, a marketing professional and technology enthusiast from San Marcos, Texas.

Cherukuri believes that while previous generations have borne the likes of technology entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates of Microsoft and the late Steve Jobs of Apple, the millennial generation has taken entrepreneurship and innovation to a new level.

"Now, it's more about innovation than it is purely about old-fashioned entrepreneurship, profit, or stakeholder relationships," Cherukuri suggests. "Millennials have turned the process of innovation somewhat on its head."

Most recently helped by platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Cherukuri points out that ideas can now be quickly realized without reliance on banks or the need for traditional forms of investment. "The route to market has been made simpler and shorter," says the Texan marketing professional. "Establishing a minimum viable product and testing the waters has never been easier."

Studies have shown that millennials are driven to succeed where perhaps previous generations haven't. Instead of climbing the traditional corporate ladder, as many as 1 in 3 millennials reports a desire to start their own business or enterprise.

That's according to a study by Bentley University, located in Massachusetts. Fred Tuffile, the university's director of entrepreneurial studies, explains, "Millennials are realizing that starting a company, even if it fails, teaches them more in two years than sitting in a cubicle does in 20 years."

The study specifically highlights innovation and a desire to create change as two of the fundamental driving forces behind the typical millennial business mindset.

By most common definition, millennials are the generational demographic consisting of those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s.

Deloitte, the industry insights, and services provider, more accurately defines millennials as those born between January 1983 and December 1994. Furthermore, a survey by the organization closely echoes the findings of Bentley University, highlighting innovation, corporate responsibility, and social enterprise as primary driving forces among millennials in business.

"While global brands such as Microsoft, Intel, and Google have all established corporate responsibility programs, it's the innovative millennial generation which has taken this ethos and really runs with it," Chaitanya Cherukuri remarks of the findings.

"Furthermore," he adds, wrapping up, "socially conscious and forward-thinking millennials are already paving the way for future generations of innovators, which in my opinion can only be a good thing."

Chaitanya Cherukuri also explains the process of starting a new business, which you can read here.

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Kids Go Glamping at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

tent in the room

Ritz Kids Night Safari Tent set up in the villa

Glam amenities for Ritz Kids Night Safari

Kids indulgence with Ritz Kids Night Safari

The Ritz Kids Night Safari brings the sense of adventure and the thrill of the great outdoors inside, by creating an enjoyable glamping experience in the comfort and safety of your own suite or villa.”

— Karim Tayach

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, May 22, 2018 / — Happy kids means happy parents so why not indulge the kids with a holiday they will never forget and add the all-new Ritz Kids Night Safari experience to your list of fun activities at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.

The idyllic, family-friendly beachfront resort that stretches across the palm- fringed sands in Nusa Dua was recently awarded ‘Luxury Family Resort Award, Asia’ at the World Luxury Hotel Awards. The Ritz Kids program and fabulously-equipped playhouse provide all kinds of unique and innovative activities to help kids get the most of their time at the resort – many inspired by strong culture and traditions on the island, from fishing to dance, music, arts and crafts. While the kids are having the time of their lives, parents can take some time to relax, unwind and revel in the resort’s world class facilities, whether reclining in a sun lounger by the pool, joining a Yoga Class, or indulging in a pampering session at the luxury Ritz-Carlton Spa, Bali. The resort also offers many opportunities for families to spend quality time together with family-focused activities including Kite Runner and Sea Turtle Preservation Program.

“At The Ritz Carlton, Bali we strive to create memorable experiences for all our guests, including children. The Ritz Kids Night Safari brings the sense of adventure and the thrill of the great outdoors inside, by creating an enjoyable glamping experience in the comfort and safety of your own suite or villa” says GM Karim Tayach.

Ritz Kids Night Safari reach into your child’s creative spirit and natural playfulness and best of all, you won’t need to lift a finger, as the Ritz Kids counselor will set up the tent and fill it with all kinds of fun things that will keep the little ones entertained for hours.

Thanks to customized Glamping amenities, including luxury tent, compass, LED flashlight, Lion doll, mini tote bag and Ritz Kids Passport; Resort rooms have never been so much fun. But be warned, the kids may never want to leave!

The Ritz Kids Night Safari experience also includes complimentary daily breakfast (under 6), access to Ritz Kids daily program, turn down amenities and Bedtime stories. Optional activities including cooking class and polaroid photos are available on additional charge.

Glamping is recommended for children aged 4-8 years old. In-Room Setup is priced at IDR 800,000 plus 21% tax and service charge per suite or villa per day.

# # #

About The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.
Offering an elegant tropical ambience, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is a luxurious resort combining a dramatic clifftop setting with a stunning beachfront. Featuring tranquil views over the azure waters of the Indian Ocean the resort has 278 spacious suites and 34 expansive villas, providing the sheerest of contemporary Balinese luxury. Along the foreshore are The Ritz-Carlton Club®, six stylish dining venues, an indulgent and exotic marine-inspired Spa, and fun, recreational activities for children of all ages at Ritz Kids. A glamorous beachfront wedding chapel, makes an idyllic setting for destination weddings, while a range of outdoor garden settings provide the perfect space for celebratory events and incentive venues. Well-appointed conference facilities, meeting rooms and customizable packages also entice those looking to create inspired business events. Whether work, pleasure or romance is on the agenda, The Ritz Carlton Bali is the place to make memories that last a lifetime. Follow us on,,,

Prhativi Dyah
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How Will You Remember Bali – The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

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Beautiful Brilliant Period Cut Glass pieces by Libbey lead the way at Woody Auction's May 12th auction in St. Louis, Mo.

Brilliant Period Cut Glass pedestal crescent vase, signed Libbey in the Herringbone pattern, 12.5 inches tall ($22,000)

Pair of Brilliant Period Cut Glass vases by Dorflinger — one cranberry and one green, both cut to clear ($14,500).

Brilliant Period Cut Glass round tray signed by Libbey, in the Diana pattern, 15.75 inches in diameter ($17,000).

Brilliant Period Cut Glass emerald green cut to yellow tankard with a fabulous wheel carved floral design, 14.25 inches tall ($6,500).

Brilliant Period Cut Glass water set, with a 12-inch pitcher in the Pedestal Alhambra pattern by Meriden ($8,000).

A pedestal crescent vase by Libbey in the Herringbone pattern sold for $22,000 and a large round tray, also by Libbey, in the Diana pattern, realized $17,000.

ST. LOUIS, MO., UNITED STATES, May 22, 2018 / — ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A rare pedestal crescent vase by Libbey in the Herringbone pattern knocked down for $22,000 and a large round tray, also by Libbey, in the Diana pattern, realized $17,000 to take top lot honors at the sale of several outstanding collections of Brilliant Period Cut Glass held on May 12th by Woody Auction, online and at the Crowne Plaza St. Louis Airport Hotel, not far off I-70 in St. Louis.

The auction comprised just under 400 lots of Brilliant Period Cut Glass, many of them rare, beautiful and stunning pieces. Featured was the continuation of the Bill Chandler collection, boasting many important pieces, as well as the Stanley and Ruth Gotliffe collection out of New Jersey. As with all sales held by Woody Auction, every item up for bid was offered to the highest bidder, without reserve.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise the two top lots were by Libbey. The glass manufacturer was founded in Ohio in the late 19th century and produced some of the highest quality American Brilliant Cut glass items that remain highly sought after by collectors today. The pedestal crescent vase that sold for $22,000 appealed to bidders because of its large size – 12 ½ inches in height – and rare shape. It had a large scalloped petticoat hobstar foot.

The round Libbey tray in the Diana pattern was also seen as desirable for its large size – 15 ¾ inches in diameter – but also for its superior quality. The piece had been pictured as an outstanding example of its kind on page 228 of Rarities. Another Libbey Brilliant Period Cut Glass bowl – this one in the Marcella pattern, 3 ¼ inches by 9 ¾ inches square, with superb cutting – changed hands for $5,000.

One other lot in the sale topped the $10,000 mark: a pair of Brilliant Period Cut Glass (BPCG) vases by glass maker Dorflinger – one cranberry and one green, both cut to clear – in an unnamed but gorgeous pattern featuring engraved floral with hobstar, vesical and nailhead diamond highlights. The pattern of the vases matched one featured in the Philadelphia Museum of Art that was presented to the museum by Dorflinger & Sons in 1903. The vases each stood 11 ¾ inches tall and sold as one lot for $14,500.

Following are additional highlights from the auction, which attracted about 100 people to the venue (of whom 61 were bidders), 15 absentee bidders and 270 registered online bidders, who bid via the online platform and who tallied nearly 8,000 page views during the auction. All prices quoted are hammer. Woody Auction (based in Douglass, Kansas) does not charge a buyer’s premium when bidding in person.

A water set featuring a 12-inch pitcher in the Pedestal Alhambra pattern by Meriden with a triple-notched handle and full pattern cut foot, plus six pattern-matched 3 ¾ inch tall tumblers, commanded $8,000. Also, a 14 ¼ inch tall emerald green cut to yellow tankard with a fabulous wheel carved floral design, a clear applied handle, and a ray cut base, hit $6,500.

A hard-to-find tazza (shallow bowl of wide form, on a footed stem) by Libbey, in the Aztec pattern, having a scalloped petticoat hobstar foot, breezed to $4,000. Also, a rare round tray by Clark in the Waldorf pattern (also known as the Quatrefoil and Rosette pattern), 11 ¾ inches in diameter, with a brilliant well-cut blank, showing strong yellow/green fluorescence under the black light, topped out at $3,750.

Round trays by Hawkes were a hit with bidders. An 11-inch-diameter example in the Panel pattern with exquisite blank and cutting, went to a determined bidder for $5,000; while one in the Lattice and Rosette pattern, signed and 10 inches in diameter, with outstanding blank, fetched $4,000. Both trays, just like the abovementioned Clark tray, also showed strong yellow/green fluorescence under the black light.

Beautiful, colorful wine glasses always get paddles wagging, too. A 7-inch-tall BPCG green cut to clear wine glass in a cane, vesica and fan motif, with a hobstar foot, found a new owner for $5,500. Also, a blue cut to clear wine glass in a block and fan motif, having a clear, six-sided air trap stem with hobstar foot, a little smaller at 5 ¾ inches, didn’t sell for quite as much either, settling at a respectable $4,250.

A green cut to clear decanter in the Marlboro pattern by Dorflinger, 8 ¼ inches tall and sporting a bell-shaped body, hobstar base and pattern cut stopper, left the room for $3,750; while a two-color cut to clear covered jar by an unknown maker but of nice quality and quite striking, blue cut to rose cut to clear and having a bird-on-branch décor with floral and scroll highlights, 8 ½ inches tall, made $5,000.

An extra-large flower centerpiece signed Libbey in the Empress pattern – 9 inches by 15 inches – very nice, with a facet cut ring neck, coasted to $4,500. Also, a top-quality, 18 inch tall trumpet vase by Hawkes in the Queens pattern, with a facet cut ball stem and 7-inch hobstar foot, gaveled for $3,750.

On Saturday, February 24th, Woody Auction celebrated the grand opening of its new Douglass, Kansas auction hall with a major antique and fine art auction, one that featured four oil paintings by renowned Swedish-born Kansas painter Birger Sandzén (1871-1946), plus superb collections of Royal Bayreuth, Daum Nancy, Galle, Tiffany, Pairpoint, art glass, period American furniture and decorative accessories.

The new 5,000-square-foot showroom is located at 130 East Third Street in Douglass – south and east of Wichita, not far from Interstate 35 and Hwy. 54/Kellogg Rd. Moving forward, most auctions will be held in the Douglass gallery, starting at 9:30 am Central time, unless otherwise noted. The firm has a full slate of auctions lined up for the rest of 2018 and into next year. These will include the following:

• May 26, 2018 – Part 1 of the Headlee collection of RS Prussia.
• June 30, 2018 – An online-only auction of Brilliant Period Cut Glass and other items.
• July 21, 2018 – Tentatively scheduled online-only auction of antiques and other items.
• August 4, 2018 – Tentatively scheduled online-only auction of antiques and other items.
• August 18, 2018 – The Margaret Ireland collection of Carnival glass.
• September 8, 2018 – The Lyle collection of antiques.
• September 22, 2018 – Part 2 of the Headlee collection of RS Prussia.
• October 20, 2018 – The Rex collection of Brilliant Period Cut Glass.
• November 10 – Antique auction
• December 1, 2018 – An auction of Brilliant Period Cut Glass, antiques and other items, at the Douglass gallery.
• January 9, 2019 – An online-only auction of antiques and other items.

Woody Auction is always accepting quality consignments for future sales. To consign an item, an estate or collection, you may call them at (316) 747-2694; or, you can e-mail them, at To learn more about Woody Auction and its calendar of upcoming sales, visit

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Jason Woody
Woody Auction
(316) 747-2694
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Gaming Hardware: Market Analysis, Strategies, Segmentation And Forecasts, 2018 To 2023

Gaming Hardware – Global Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Manufacturers, Analysis of Top Key Players and Forecast to 2023

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, May 22, 2018 / — Gaming Hardware Market 2018

Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Gaming Hardware – Global Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Manufacturers, Analysis of Top Key Players and Forecast to 2023” To Its Research Database.


The Gaming Hardware market revenue was xx.xx Million USD in 2013, grew to xx.xx Million USD in 2017, and will reach xx.xx Million USD in 2023, with a CAGR of x.x% during 2018-2023. Based on the Gaming Hardware industrial chain, this report mainly elaborate the definition, types, applications and major players of Gaming Hardware market in details. Deep analysis about market status (2013-2018), enterprise competition pattern, advantages and disadvantages of enterprise Products, industry development trends (2018-2023), regional industrial layout characteristics and macroeconomic policies, industrial policy has also be included. From raw materials to downstream buyers of this industry will be analyzed scientifically, the feature of product circulation and sales channel will be presented as well. In a word, this report will help you to establish a panorama of industrial development and characteristics of the Gaming Hardware market. 
The Gaming Hardware market can be split based on product types, major applications, and important regions.

Major Players in Gaming Hardware market are: 
HTC Corporation 
Linden Research 
Activision Blizzard 
Sega Games 
Oculus VR 
Microsoft Corporation 
Sony Corporation 

Request for Sample Report@

Major Regions play vital role in Gaming Hardware market are: 
North America 
Middle East & Africa 
South America 

Most important types of Gaming Hardware products covered in this report are: 
Gaming Platform 

Most widely used downstream fields of Gaming Hardware market covered in this report are: 
Smart Phones/Tablets Gaming 
Gaming Consoles 

Enquiry before Buying @

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Table Of Content:

Global Gaming Hardware Industry Market Research Report 
1 Gaming Hardware Introduction and Market Overview 
    1.1 Objectives of the Study 
    1.2 Definition of Gaming Hardware 
    1.3 Gaming Hardware Market Scope and Market Size Estimation 
      1.3.1 Market Concentration Ratio and Market Maturity Analysis 
      1.3.2 Global Gaming Hardware Value ($) and Growth Rate from 2013-2023 
    1.4 Market Segmentation 
      1.4.1 Types of Gaming Hardware 
      1.4.2 Applications of Gaming Hardware 
      1.4.3 Research Regions 
 North America Gaming Hardware Production Value ($) and Growth Rate (2013-2018) 
 Europe Gaming Hardware Production Value ($) and Growth Rate (2013-2018) 
 China Gaming Hardware Production Value ($) and Growth Rate (2013-2018) 
 Japan Gaming Hardware Production Value ($) and Growth Rate (2013-2018) 
 Middle East & Africa Gaming Hardware Production Value ($) and Growth Rate (2013-2018) 
 India Gaming Hardware Production Value ($) and Growth Rate (2013-2018) 
 South America Gaming Hardware Production Value ($) and Growth Rate (2013-2018) 
    1.5 Market Dynamics 
      1.5.1 Drivers 
 Emerging Countries of Gaming Hardware 
 Growing Market of Gaming Hardware 
      1.5.2 Limitations 
      1.5.3 Opportunities 
    1.6 Industry News and Policies by Regions 
      1.6.1 Industry News 
      1.6.2 Industry Policies


8 Competitive Landscape 
    8.1 Competitive Profile 
    8.2 HTC Corporation 
      8.2.1 Company Profiles 
      8.2.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.2.3 HTC Corporation Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.2.4 HTC Corporation Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.3 Nintendo 
      8.3.1 Company Profiles 
      8.3.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.3.3 Nintendo Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.3.4 Nintendo Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.4 Apple 
      8.4.1 Company Profiles 
      8.4.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.4.3 Apple Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.4.4 Apple Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.5 Linden Research 
      8.5.1 Company Profiles 
      8.5.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.5.3 Linden Research Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.5.4 Linden Research Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.6 Activision Blizzard 
      8.6.1 Company Profiles 
      8.6.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.6.3 Activision Blizzard Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.6.4 Activision Blizzard Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.7 Sega Games 
      8.7.1 Company Profiles 
      8.7.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.7.3 Sega Games Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.7.4 Sega Games Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.8 Google 
      8.8.1 Company Profiles 
      8.8.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.8.3 Google Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.8.4 Google Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.9 Oculus VR 
      8.9.1 Company Profiles 
      8.9.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.9.3 Oculus VR Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.9.4 Oculus VR Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.10 Microsoft Corporation 
      8.10.1 Company Profiles 
      8.10.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.10.3 Microsoft Corporation Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.10.4 Microsoft Corporation Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017 
    8.11 Sony Corporation 
      8.11.1 Company Profiles 
      8.11.2 Gaming Hardware Product Introduction 
      8.11.3 Sony Corporation Production, Value ($), Price, Gross Margin 2013-2018E 
      8.11.4 Sony Corporation Market Share of Gaming Hardware Segmented by Region in 2017


Norah Trent
WiseGuy Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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Property from an important Newport, Rhode Island family will headline Nye & Company's June 6th-7th auction in New Jersey

Oil painting signed by Wilson Irvine (Am., 1869-1936), titled The Fourth of July, Essex, Connecticut (est. $10,000-$20,000).

Oil on copper painting of Madonna and Child with the Infant Saint John the Baptist, by Francesco de Mura (It., 1696-1782).

Six-piece sterling silver tea and coffee service by Bigelow & Kennard (est. $6,000-$8,000).

Oil on paper on canvas painting by Vito d’Anna (It., 1718-1769) (est. $4,000-$6,000).

Neoclassical style silver centerpiece, stamped Froment Meurice, French, 19th century (est. $10,000-$15,000).

The Estate Treasures Auction, featuring numerous treasures pulled from prominent estates and collections, will be held online and in Nye's Bloomfield gallery.

It’s extremely gratifying to have such a wonderfully diverse group of property in the June sale, some of which has never been offered for sale, descended in the Winan and McNeill families.

— John Nye

BLOOMFIELD, NJ, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2018 / — BLOOMFIELD, N.J. – A two-day Estate Treasures Auction featuring numerous treasures pulled from prominent estates and collections, will be held Wednesday and Thursday, June 6th and 7th, by Nye & Company Auctioneers, online and in the firm’s gallery located at 20 Beach Street in Bloomfield. The auction catalog will appear online May 23rd, at, as well as the two online bidding platforms and

Start times both days will be 10 am Eastern. The Wednesday, June 6th session will be a live auction. The following day will be a timed online-only auction. Phone and absentee bids will be accepted. Public viewings will be held on the days leading up to sale, beginning on May 28th.

“It’s extremely gratifying to have such a wonderfully diverse group of property in the June auction, some of which has never been offered for sale, descended in the Winan and McNeill families, of which the artist, James A. McNeill Whistler, hails from,” said John Nye of Nye & Company Auctioneers. “The collection has never left its important Newport, Rhode Island family, which built the city’s second largest house on the water, known as Shamrock Cliff.”

The family was involved in the building of the Trans-Siberian Railway, and that explains the high number of 19th century lacquer boxes in the auction, as well as the circa 1875 Russian silver sterling dinner service by the Imperial master silversmith Gustav Alexander Sohlman. Also from the family is other Russian silver, plus bronzes, rugs and etchings by James A. McNeill Whistler.

A superb collection out of Locust Valley, N.Y., features traditional English furniture, a Baccarat chandelier and lots of Baccarat “Empire” and St. Louis “Thistle” pattern glass, as well as other pedigreed glass. Another seller also has two other Baccarat chandeliers. Jewelry in the sale will comprise approximately 100 lots and will include a vintage Rolex Oyster Precision wristwatch.

Silver will also be offered in abundance. Featured lots will include the following:

• An English silver tureen, crested with a coat-of-arms from the Dukes of Bedford, with the underside marked ‘N3 81:0,’ hallmarked ‘GM’ (George Metheun, London 1757), double-handled, footed, with an ornate plant-like finial, gadrooning, scrolled feet, 80 troy ounces.
• A French 19th century silver over bronze jardinière, an oval centerpiece boasting scrolled handles with lion mask handles, centered female form masks each side, floral festooned garland, swirl form, with a beaded border pedestal set on a square base with scrolled feet.
• An important French 19th century sterling silver oval centerpiece bowl, with rim stamped “Froment Meurice”, with the French hallmark Head of Minerva, plus a smaller illegible mark, having putti form handles on each side, a shell and scroll shaped border, engraved coat-of-arms on each side within a shaped cartouche, flanked on either side by graduated swirl motifs, ending with putti wrapped around the foot of a stylized serpent (total weight 133 troy ounces), together with shaped footed vermeil comforting insert (50 troy ounces).

From a New York City collector will come several original artworks by the noted painter Wilson Irvine (Am., 1869-1936), including an impressionistic view of an all-American farmhouse, artist signed and titled The Fourth of July, Essex, Connecticut. Also, from a New Jersey family, a large abstract oil on canvas by Gang Zhao (Chinese, b. 1961), in greens and orange, will be offered.

Also sold will be a group of European, 18th and 19th century paintings from a New York City estate and early 19th century Georgian furniture and decorative arts from a Greenwich, Conn. collection.
The previews are planned for Monday thru Friday, May 28-June 1, from 10 am to 4 pm Eastern time each day; Sunday, June 3rd, from 12 noon until 4 pm; and Monday thru Wednesday, June 4-6, from 10-4. Previews will be held at Nye & Company Auctioneers’ gallery in Bloomfield, N.J.
John Nye had a long and fruitful career at Sotheby’s before he and his wife, Kathleen, acquired Dawson’s in 2003 and started Dawson & Nye. With the move to Bloomfield seven years later, they renamed the business to Nye & Company (Auctioneers, Appraisers, Antiques). The firm is nationwide, but the vast bulk of the business comes from trusts and estates in the tri-state area.
For more information about Nye & Company Auctioneers and the Estate Treasures Auction scheduled for June 6th and 7th, please visit The catalogue for the auction will be posted May 23rd, at, and at

# # # #

John Nye
Nye & Company Auctioneers
(973) 984-6900
email us here

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FLOW Wins Album of the Year at ZMR Music Awards, Preps for GRAMMY Museum Concert Tonight, May19

FLOW performs at the ZMR Awards, wins Album of the Year; photo courtesy of John Diliberto

FLOW wins ZMR’s Album of the Year & Best Contemporary Album.

FLOW members Will Ackerman, Lawrence Blatt, Fiona Joy and Jeff Oster

GRAMMY-winning guitarist Will Ackerman, pianist Fiona Joy, guitarist Lawrence Blatt and flugelhornist Jeff Oster create
compelling contemporary music as FLOW.

…music that values the tapestry of sound over individual threads…they created a music of subtle shadings and slowly decanted moods…””

— John Diliberto

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 19, 2018 / — From the New Orleans Jazz Museum and the 2018 ZMR Awards – where they won Zone Music Reporter’s Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album – to the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, FLOW continues to create a buzz around a spirited and dynamic musical synergy worthy of its cool moniker.

The ensemble's soulful all-original, genre-transcendent vibe has been described as a fresh, international acoustic sound rooted in the classic tradition of Windham Hill, the label founded by one of the group’s members, GRAMMY®-winning guitarist Will Ackerman. If you ask the ensemble – which includes Australian pianist/singer Fiona Joy, acoustic guitarist Lawrence Blatt and trumpet and flugelhorn player Jeff Oster – they’ll simply say, “We’re just good friends making music together.”

Perfectly reflective of that warm and organic familial concept, the foursome have invited some very talented friends to join their performances along the way, from “regulars” like album co-producer Tom Eaton and Jeff Haynes, to guests Erik Scott, Kathryn Kaye, Todd Boston, Eugene Friesen, and Vin Downes. Their highly anticipated tour kicked off May 10th at The New Orleans Jazz Museum, included a performance at the 14th Annual Zone Music (ZMR) Awards at Roussel Hall in New Orleans on May 12th, continued this past Tuesday in Seattle and Thursday in Marin. It wraps with a performance at Los Angeles' famed GRAMMY® Museum tonight; remaining tickets are limited.

In his review of last weekend’s ZMR Awards, renowned music tastemaker John Diliberto, host of the acclaimed radio show Echoes (PRI), wrote, that FLOW “played a set of tunes from their debut album that revealed their subtle, intuitive interplay, music that values the tapestry of sound over individual threads…they created a music of subtle shadings and slowly decanted moods…”

The music of FLOW is graceful and atmospheric, with a rhythmic ease that found an early audience and feature stories in Billboard and Keyboard Magazine. Michael Foster, editor of Ambient Visions, described their sold-out Weill Hall debut at Carnegie Hall in October 2017 as “a gratifying aural journey to hear these four remarkable musicians set aside their ambitions or expectations about what the album should be in favor of allowing it to be formed entirely through their interactions as a group into something greater than each one would have been capable of doing on their own.”

Released last October, their self-titled debut album FLOW debuted at #4 debut on Billboard’s New Age chart, The collection has since earned a spot on several “Best of 2017” lists, followed by an IMA win for Best New Age Album, and capped off last weekend with its two Zone Music Reporter Awards. Five professional music videos and a documentary support the album.

Covering last Tuesday’s Seattle concert at The Royal Room, veteran Jazz critic Dick Metcalf noted “a truly amazing display of bardic talent in a two-hour show that had each and every listener hushed to full-quiet mode…I give FLOW a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

According to guitarist/producer Blatt, owner of LMB Music in San Francisco, it was his passion for jazz fusion that sparked the idea of an ensemble. "The inspiration comes from Chick Corea's classic ‘70s all-star band Return to Forever with Stanley Clarke and Al Di Meola, who joined forces, wrote music and produced a sound that was more powerful than any of their individual works,” he says. “That was the idea, bringing great musicians together with this kind of concept. When I started thinking about who it might be, my thoughts turned naturally to Jeff and Fiona. We knew pretty quickly that this was going to develop into something.”

FLOW is planning a number of performances throughout the U.S. in 2018, including another date at Carnegie Hall this September 2018; for more information, videos, social media links, and future concert dates visit

Connect with FLOW:
For dates, visit

For media requests or review copies, contact publicist Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company, at bethhilton(at)theBCompany(dot)com.

Beth Hilton
The B Company
email us here

FLOW: Our Story

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Just Released: "Orbs of Azure" by Ellie Raine. A Scythe and Sorcery Epic Adventure with a new Spin on the Grim Reaper!

"Willow of Ashes", Book I of the NecroSeam Chronicles

Book I, “Willow of Ashes”

"Orbs of Azure", Book II of the NecroSeam Chronicles

Book II, “Orbs of Azure”

Ellie Raine, Fantasy Adventure Author

Announcing Ellie Raine's "Orbs of Azure". A Reaper’s soul trapped inside his twin, a Death Princess looking for him, and a dark prophecy yet to be fulfilled.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA , USA, May 18, 2018 / — ScyntheFy Press announces the publication of their latest book "Orbs of Azure", by Ellie Raine, a fresh new voice in High Fantasy. "Orbs of Azure" is the second book in the NecroSeam Chronicles, a unique epic fantasy series like no other! This original tale is set in an alternate world where reapers are honorable knights who protect both the living and the dead. These scythe-wielding warriors not only escort souls of dead to safety, but they are honor-bound to kill the demons formed from corpses whose souls have been left to rot.

In Book I, “Willow of Ashes”, an apprentice Reaper named Xavier with necromantic powers becomes trapped inside his twin brother after he is flung into the ocean. The coexisting necromancers surface up from their home in the caverns of Grim to the Land Realm above in search of Xavier’s missing body, unexpectedly crossing paths with a sister reaper who was sent to find Xavier by a mysterious Oracle. But this realm is infested with soul-devouring demons, and armed with their crystal scythes, the reapers must survive an army of these nightmarish beasts along with bone-crushing dragons that have been awakened from their slumber.

In Book II, “Orbs of Azure”, the quest for Xavier’s body is put on hold when things escalate into full-out war. For the first time in centuries, knights of the Death Realm are forced to fight against living souls in a double-war with both demons and men. When their comrades are taken captive, the twins join Death Princess Willow on a rescue mission to free them from an impenetrable fortress high in the desert canyons, discovering new powers they never knew they had. Along the way, they encounter unexpected allies of different realms, all searching for the "shadowblood", a legendary hero who looks just like the twins… if they had been born as one.

Both Books of the NecroSeam Chronicles is available in all formats (Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover). You will find them in all bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.

See the Books2Read Universal Book links below for all Ebook locations:

Willow of Ashes:

Orbs of Azure:

About Ellie Raine

Ellie Raine grew up in a family of book lovers, comic readers, and video gamers in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia where she always dreamed of making the next explosive game series that would catch fire like the Final Fantasy games, except hers would have darker themes that put the spotlight on her favorite fable: the Grim Reaper.

But that plan took a detour after she went to the Art Institute of Atlanta to make that dream happen. In the midst of her drawing classes, she made the mistake of taking a creative writing course from which there was no return. She'd always loved fantasy books much like her family (she had a thing for dragons particularly), but she never thought it would end up becoming her passion. Her ongoing Scythe-and-Sorcery book series, The NecroSeam Chronicles, was originally intended to be that explosive video game series, but she's found that the book adaptation is far more fulfilling and exciting.

In 2016, her first book in the series, Willow of Ashes, was published under Dark Oak Press, but was updated, expanded and republished under her indie imprint in 2018 along with the subsequent books in the on-going series. The third book in the NecroSeam Chronicles, Pearl of Emerald, is due to be released in July 2018. Her other works include a supernatural-noir novella titled Nightingale that was published with Pro Se Productions in 2018.

You can find out more about Ellie Raine and her books at:

Mary Giles
ScyntheFy Press
email us here

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