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MVP version and working concept of EIPlatform project.

TALLINN, KESKLINNA LINNAOSA, ESTONIA, June 27, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — People always want to see the future. We are afraid of it, but the future is always coming at us and there’s no cure from it, it’s our nature. Will we live with robots or aliens? Will we create flying cars or move to other galaxies etc, etc. Today I offer you the ability to see your possible near future. And I say it in such a manner, because we can never know what is going to happen tomorrow.

EIPlatform is a project which can connect you to the future. Let me explain.
The EIP team is creating one of the most amazing projects of this year and it’s not a joke, I’m serious. Today EIPlatform team glad to present you the MVP version, and now you can watch the working concept in the new video.

The EIPlatform is a large and unique platform in the world of esport, which can directly connect brands, partners and companies with the esports audience. By using the EIPlatform apps, partners, sponsors and brands can cooperate with gamers, streamers and other esports enthusiasts in an incredibly convenient and multi beneficial way. The only thing that brands’ representatives or managers should do is to set up their advertising campaigns through the EIPlatform app.

The EIPlatform app has a very smart, practical and convenient interface. Everything is very simple, we offer you an easy way to raise the ratings of your company and to achieve greater incomes.

For example, you can launch your advertising campaign on a twich channel. There’s no doubt, that nowadays streams are one of the most useful platforms where you can promote yourself or your brand, company and so on. Why? It’s elementary: today’s most popular streamers usually have over a million followers and supporters within their own community. Today’s streamers have a name and authority, so their decisions have a great influence on their communities. That is why streamers’ communities can become some of your most loyal clients.

The EIPlatform’s main aim is to create convenient conditions for every party in this process.
For example we have three parties:

Directors of major companies
Popular streamers
Stream spectators (streamer’s community)

Directors of major companies start their advertising campaigns by using the EIPlatform app. They decide to launch it on a stream.

Streamers broadcasts live streams. By using the EIPlatform app he places an ad banner.

The streams’ spectators click the link on ad banner in the stream and earn money in the form of EMI tokens.

After the stream, the streamer collects tokens for actions performed by his viewers and earns his money.
The major brands get the promotion for their company and their ratings skyrocket.
As a result, every party benefits.

The best investment in your life.

The EIPlatform team continues it’s campaign “The best investment in your life”
30 000 participants will get 10 EMI tokens each, which they will be able to use inside the EIP ecosystem.
Free distribution during 30 days.
Every participant can receive 10 tokens for registering in google form: https://goo.gl/forms/ob4vkIu0RUEvYYtC2
and connecting to the project’s telegram group: https://t.me/EIP_ecosystem .
1000 units of merchandise from Team Empire and other popular esports teams included in the prize pool.
Every week our participants will have a chance to win prizes (from 100$ up to 1 ETH)
Top 3 the most active participants in our group in Telegram will receive a trip for two to the Bounty island (Bali, Maldives or Thailand) in a 5-star hotel!

You can also watch our new video with infographics, which explains the EIPlatform.

EIPlatform – join us! Envision your future!

Andrew Spencer
Eiplatform OU
+ 372 8840013
email us here

EIPlatform – Esports Blockchain System

Source: EIN Presswire