Chicago Wedding Hologram Rental Company Releases Youtube Video Of Local Wedding Event Display

Hologram Display At Wedding

Holographic Display At Wedding

More Elegant Than A Projection Mapping Cake – Releases Youtube Video Of Local Wedding Featuring 3D Hologram With Bride & Groom

A lot of people, when they call, their first question is: what does it look like? The video we’ve released showcases what a hologram display at a wedding looks like and how people respond to it.””

— M.Smith

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2018 / — Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. That’s why a Chicago-based 3D hologram wedding rental company,, has released a YouTube video of its most recent hologram event display–this time at a elegant downtown Chicago wedding. The video is intended to broadly illustrate two things: the holograms themselves and the ease with which those holograms can highlight a wedding reception. The presence of holograms at a wedding might, at first, sound a little futuristic and implausible. The reality is that these novel technological installations are becoming more accessible and more refined, creating a powerful niche for this trending, chic display of technology and artistry. is at the forefront and the cutting edge of holographic displays for weddings.

View Wedding Hologram Video Here At Wedding Holograms Youtube Page

3D Holograms displays at weddings might at first sound like a rather limited niche. But the reality is that nearly all couples want their special day to memorable–not only because of the love they are celebrating but also because of the festivities involved. In other words, they want the reception to be just as memorable as the wedding. The video released by shows just how effective a 3D hologram display is in doing just that.

“A lot of people, when they call, their first question is: what does it look like? The video we’ve released really showcases what a 3D hologram display at a wedding looks like and how people universally respond favorably to it.” For Smith, the reactions are the best part. The video showcases wedding attendees impressed not only by the animation itself but by the customization involved. Many of the hologram displays featured custom images or the happy couple or inscriptions of the couple’s names. A custom wedding cake with bride and grooms names, floating wedding rings, and even virtual 3d holographic congratulations cards that attendees have created and can view in holographic form. offers several different hologram types, all available for rental. Under their model, delivery, set-up, and removal of the hologram units is covered in the rental costs. This makes hologram rentals for weddings (as well as other events and parties) suddenly much more feasible, helping to explain some of the sudden rise in the popularity of this technology. But it’s difficult to discount just how surprised people often are at the sophistication of the images. That’s why the video released by spends so much time highlighting the capabilities of modern hologram technology and of the final results. Holograms have never looked so realistic. And that makes 3D holograms for weddings and events much more impressive.

“The video we’ve released really shows you can make an impression on someone,” Smith said. “That’s been really important to our clients. And that makes sense. Everyone wants to remember a wedding!” The video released by was taken at an exclusive Chicago wedding, as is evident by the high class accoutrements. But in some ways, the video could have been recorded at almost any wedding across America: guests stop to marvel at the hologram installations. And they marvel not only because the technology is impressive but also because the customization of the holograms allows them to connect to the newlyweds in a very personal way.

At the confluence of innovative and available, 3D holograms at weddings are sure to be a bit hit–and a bit trendsetter–for years to come. Wedding goers will be impressed with the technology, no doubt. But they will also marvel over the intricacy and artistry of the designs and displays themselves. If you want to know more about how to rent a 3D hologram display for your wedding, contact

About is a brand new website dedicated to making it easier for wedding planners, event coordinators, and happy couples in the Chicago area to rent custom 3D holographic displays. The website itself will offer unique experiences for brides and grooms, helping them choose the best custom hologram display for their receptions or weddings. To learn more about this Chicago-based company, visit their website at

3D Hologram Display Rentals For Your Wedding Reception. was created for those looking for more “Wow” and less ordinary on their wedding day. Based in the Chicago suburbs, we provide personalized holographic displays for a one-of-a-kind experience that guests will talk about for years. Stylish and cutting-edge 3d holograms to choose from, including fully personalized and custom options. Just tell us your date, choose your hologram options, and we’ll do the rest, we even delivery and set up every hologram display. Your guests will be amazed, impressed, and instantly sharing on social media!!


Mark Smith
Wedding Holograms
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Wedding Holograms – Chicago Area Wedding Rental Event Sample Highlight Video

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The Benefits of Journaling with Carolin Soldo

Carolin Soldo

Keeping a journal might sound easy to some and tedious to others, but regardless of how you feel about it, one thing is clear – it’s incredibly beneficial.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2018 / — The simple act of writing change your life? According to Carolin Soldo, a Life Coach whose techniques have changed the lives of many, it’s not simply about the act of putting pen to paper. Making a daily journal is about recording your experiences, emotions, things you’re grateful for, dreams and goals – and an immense tool for personal development. In what way? Below are just some of the benefits you’ll see from a daily journal.

-Helps Clarify Thoughts and Manage Emotions

Oftentimes, especially in the digital age in which we find ourselves, our minds become overwhelmed with facts, data and information. “How many times have you come home from work with your brain nothing but a muddled mess?” Carolin Soldo asks. “Keeping a journal can fix that.” Writing down your thoughts is an effective way of not only purging your brain of wearisome, useless information, but also preventing circular thinking and the perpetuation of negative thoughts.

-Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety overcloud our judgement and ways of thinking. When we feel anxious, we don’t perceive reality for what it is, and allow these vicious thoughts to constantly sap our attention and ability to think critically. Keeping a journal allows you to shift the burden of your mind to paper, shrinking problems that seem monumental in thought to no more than life-sized once they’re penned. This allows you the clarity and distance required to deal with problems rationally.

-Boosts Productivity

According to Carolin Soldo, making a list of tasks you need to accomplish is one of the most effective ways of maximizing your productivity. It’s something successful people from all over the world do, and prevents procrastination by making you accountable for your actions. It’s also extremely satisfying every time you complete a task and are able to cross it off your list.

-Strengthens Self-Discipline

Setting aside the time to journal everyday is no mean feat. Although ten minutes of writing sounds easy enough to pull off – what’s ten minutes out of twenty four hours, right? – the fact is that it requires a certain level of dedication and self-discipline. Carolin Soldo says that this skill is invaluable in every facet of your life, and building it with something small like journal entries is a crucial first step that will resonate in all of your future endeavors.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Smile Songs Releases Holiday Joy Collection of Cards, Prints, Posters That Sing

Original acoustic holiday song plays from a special QR code on each piece of art. Many products are personalized, feature classic and trend colors.

The Holiday Joy collection of art that sings is designed to help caring women celebrate those special people with a unique gift of love that's charming for the ears, eyes and heart.”

— Sharon Glassman, Smile Songs CEO

LONGMONT, CO, US, September 27, 2018 / — Designer and songwriter Sharon Glassman from Smile Songs is releasing the brand new Holiday Joy collection, and each product will be made by the designer herself. The Holiday Joy collection will be released on October 9, 2018.

Smile Songs is known for helping caring women celebrate those special people with unique gifts of love that look and sound great.

Now, for the first time, Sharon Glassman has created an entire product line of her favorite and most popular holiday-themed cards, prints and posters that sing.

The collection will be exclusively sold on the website, where the limited products are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.

Prints, posters and cards showcase the happy feeling of giving a memorable gift to dear friends, colleagues and family. They’re designed to help women who value genuine emotional experiences "be their best elf,” Glassman says, using a holiday pun that's become part of Smile Songs seasonal marketing campaign.

Several products come in Ultraviolet and Forest Green to capitalize on today’s trends.

Some printable art products in the collection are instant downloads, which means busy holiday shoppers can give a thoughtful gift quickly, even at the last minute. Not sure what to buy? Gift certificates are available, too.

Sharon’s collection also includes instantly downloadable printable stickers that sing so caring women can bring delightful touches of holiday happiness to their classroom, office and home.

Each individual Holiday Joy artwork has its own name. A few examples are:

• Custom Holiday Song
• Limited Edition singing holiday card
• Wishing You Joy personalized singing print/poster
• Happy Reindeer singing print/poster
• Joyful World singing print/poster

The Holiday Joy collection ranges in price from $24.95 for a reusable sheet of singing stickers to $549.95 for a custom holiday song delivered on printable art and mp3. Many gifts are under $35.

Each piece of art in the collection plays the original song "And Joy," which celebrates cozy scenes and warm feelings of the holiday season. A custom QR code on the art plays the song when scanned with a cell phone camera.

Sharon Glassman is excited to welcome her fans to her the new handmade holiday collection of art that sings they’ve been requesting.

For more information about Holiday Joy or for an interview with Sharon, please write to Media high-res photos and audio available upon request.

About Smile Songs
Sharon Glassman started designing Smile Songs after she was faced with a very real problem. Caring women wanted to say “Here’s why I love you” to the special people in their lives but couldn’t find the right words. After many months of handcrafting art that sings, Sharon Glassman’s products started gaining the attention of the gifts industry.

Sharon Glassman
Smile Songs
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How to play the song on Smile Songs art that sings

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Heavy Fire: Red Shadow Blasts its way onto PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, Xbox One, and PC October 16

Free PS VR mode offered with digital pre-order or purchase of physical edition

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2018 / — Video game publisher and developer Mastiff today announced Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, the next action-packed installment in the Heavy Fire series, will be released on October 16. Heavy Fire: Red Shadow will be available on the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system from Sony, PlayStation®VR for PS4™, and Steam® for Windows PC.

A PS4™ physical edition of Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, which includes the base game and PS VR mode, will be available exclusively at Walmart stores across North America on October 16.

Mastiff is also excited to announce that a demo for Heavy Fire: Red Shadow will be available for download on PS4™ and Xbox One in the coming days. Players who download the PS4™ demo and pre-order the game will receive a special bonus – a PS4™ system theme and the PS VR version of the game for FREE! A savings of 30%!

About Heavy Fire: Red Shadow
Set in the not-so-distant future, tension between a bold North Korea and the United States have gone beyond their breaking point.

In Heavy Fire: Red Shadow players lace themselves up in the tattered combat boots of Sgt. Will, who narrowly survived a North Korean missile attack on Guam designed to knock out its defenses, and now finds himself almost single-handedly trying to repulse a large-scale North Korean raid.

Step onto the unforgiving battlefield, establish a beachhead, and holdfast behind a turret-mounted machine gun. A brutal and unceasing onslaught of enemy forces will attempt to flank and eliminate Sgt. Will from every angle as he and a few surviving comrades rain hell upon anything that crosses their sights.

• 360° White-knuckle Action! Use a devastatingly powerful turret-mounted machine gun and rocket launcher combo to mow down enemies in 360° across eight stages in Campaign Mode, or fight non-stop in Endless Mode.
• Call in Support! Call in supply drops and support from elite infantry troops, fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, and more.
• Get Promoted and Powered Up! With more than 30 unlockable Field Promotions, players earn power-ups to upgrade and customize their machine gun, rocket launcher, health, and support skills.
• The Right Tools for the Job! Experience a new level of exciting gameplay with Mixer support on Xbox One, the style and function of RAZER CHROMA support on PC, and the immersion of PS VR support on PS4™ (included for free in the physical edition of Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, available exclusively at Walmart, or with pre-order on PS4™).

Visit for key information, video, screenshots, and more.

About Mastiff
Mastiff is a publisher of fun, easy-to-pick-up-and-play games on all platforms including those from Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, and online gaming. Founded in 2002, having recently celebrated their 15th Anniversary, Mastiff is proud to have released games in virtually every genre including action, adventure, casual, FPS, RPG, and music.

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow ©2018 Mastiff. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Note to press: To download this press release along with Heavy Fire: Red Shadow assets, please visit

If you would like to request more information or a review key for Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, please fill out the following form:

David Bruno
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Heavy Fire: Red Shadow Pre-launch Trailer

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Ryder Cup 2018: New Infographic Compares Key Golf Stats For European & American Teams

Ryder cup 2018: stats battle

Ryder cup 2018: stats battle

Study from golf psychology experts reveals which team comes out on top in the golf stats game.

BOURNEMOUTH, UNITED KINGDOM, September 27, 2018 / — The 2018 Ryder Cup gets underway tomorrow in Paris, with the USA looking to defend the trophy, and Europe hoping to win it back.

But before the action begins, golf psychology experts decided to take a detailed look at how both teams measure up in the stats game. Using PGA Tour data they worked out which team came out on top in key areas such as driving distance, accuracy, greens in regulation, and putting.

And when it comes to stats, the USA are the clear winners, with the American team beating the Europeans in 5 out of 7 statistics.

On average, players from the American team drove the ball further than their European counterparts in 2018 (305.7yds vs 303), while also making more birdies, and taking fewer putts.

There was no contest in terms of career PGA Tour wins and earnings. American players have won 4x more PGA events than the Europeans, and earned 2x more , helped in no small way by Tiger Woods’ 80 wins, and $115m+ earnings to date.

But there was some positive news for the Europeans when it came to accuracy. European players found more fairways on average (63% vs 58%), and they tied with the Americans in greens in regulation (68.57%).

The most accurate player in the tournament will also be a European. Henrik Stenson hit more fairways and greens on the PGA tour this year than any other player set to compete in Paris.

And surprisingly, despite the Americans having more distance on their team overall, the two longest hitters were also European. Denmark’s Thorbjørn Olesen’s average drive in 2018 was 320 yards, while Rory McIlroy averaged 319.8 yards off the tee. The USA’s biggest hitter was Tony Finau, who had an average drive of 315.3 yards at this year’s PGA tour events.

The team at Golf Is A Mind Game created an infographic with their findings.

Jon Adler
Golf Is A Mind Game
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Mind Commerce identifies Mixed Reality Market Opportunities in latest Immersive Technology Research

Mixed Reality Market Report

Mixed Reality Market 2018 to 2023

Industrial Segments hold great promise for Mixed Reality, particularly in Manufacturing

Mixed Reality is a bridge to a more Robust and Engaging Alternative Reality Environment that leverages the Best of Augmented and Virtual Realities”

— Mind Commerce

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2018 / — The term Mixed Reality (MR) pertains to a form of hybrid reality in which physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. With MR, either virtual objects are digitally mixed into reality or real-world objects are merged into virtual worlds. The latter case is sometimes referred to as Augmented Virtuality (AV), and is one step closer to Virtual Reality (VR), as real-world objects in a virtual world take on a sense of permanency with real objects, appearing to actually exist within the virtual world.

Adding to this sense of permanency, real-world objects in a virtual world may be digitally controlled. Conversely, MR may also support manipulation of virtual objects permanently placed in the real-world. In either scenario, MR will be an important aspect of Teleoperation and Telerobotics.

Mind Commerce sees Mixed Reality acting as a bridge to more robust and engaging fully virtual worlds including Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed environments. The global market for AR/MR hardware, software, and Services will reach $65.8 billion USD by 2023. MR will also be a boon for the device market. For example, head mounted display growth will be at 69% CAGR from 2018 to 2023.

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Market Outlook and Forecasts 2018 – 2023 assesses AR, MR, and other immersive technology components, the AR/MR ecosystem, and competitive landscape. The report evaluates market opportunities for hardware, software, and services. Analysis takes into consideration market drivers and constraints such as potential regulatory implications.

The report provides detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis including forecasts for AR/MR by major hardware components, software, services, semiconductor components, and more. All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you're addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.

The report also provides specific insights and recommendations for major ecosystem constituents including Advertisers and Media Companies, Artificial Intelligence Providers, Automotive Companies, Broadband Infrastructure Providers, Communication Service Providers, Computing Companies, Data Analytics Providers, Equipment Providers, IoT Suppliers and Service Providers, Semiconductor Companies, Smart City Systems Integrators, Social Media Companies, and Software Developers.

About Mind Commerce

Mind Commerce is an information services company that provides research and strategic analysis focused on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Our ICT reports provide key trends, projections, and in-depth analysis for infrastructure, platforms, devices, applications, services, emerging business models and opportunities.

We focus on key emerging and disintermediating technology areas for service providers, technology providers, developers (communications, applications, content, and commerce), systems integrators and consultants, government organizations and NGOs, and the financial community. Visit us at

MEDIA: We welcome discussions about our research in support of your news article, blog, or professional industry portal.

Contact us via email at or Call: +1 877 646 3266

Dawn Stokes
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Learn More about Mind Commerce

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Collection of over 50 rare, original propaganda posters will headline Poster Auctions International's October 28 auction

Moulin Rouge / La Goulue (1891), by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (est. $300,000-$350,000)

Normandie Inaugural Voyage (1935), by A.M. Cassandre (est. $15,000-$18,000).

Blackglama / Judy Garland (1985), by Andy Warhol (est. $30,000-$35,000).

Destroy This Mad Brute (1917), by H.R. Hopps (est. $7,000-$9,000)

De La Sierra Hasta Hoy (1959), by Eladio Rivadulla (est. $5,000-$6,000).

The collection, part of Rare Poster Auction #76, includes World Wars I and II, the inter-war period, the beginnings of the Cold War and the Cuban Revolution.

The issues we’re dealing with today are little different from a century ago – conflicts over gender roles, economic inequality, rapid political change, ethnic violence and anti-Semitism among them.”

— Jack Rennert

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., UNITED STATES, September 26, 2018 / — NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. –– A collection of over 50 rare, original propaganda posters will be auctioned on Sunday, October 28th, by Poster Auctions International, Inc. (PAI), as part of the firm’s Rare Poster Auction #76. The collection includes World Wars I and II, the inter-war period, the beginnings of the Cold War, the Cuban Revolution and more.

The sale overall will feature 475 lots, to include lithographs, maquettes, oil paintings and illustrations, plus rare books, with item estimates ranging from $500 to $350,000 – a wide range catering to all level of collector, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

The sale will be held online, at, and in the gallery, at 11 am Eastern.
The PAI gallery is located at 26 West 17th Street in New York City, in lower Manhattan.

Artists in the catalog will be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the genre – iconic giants such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, A. M. Cassandre, Alphonse Mucha, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, H. R. Hopps, James Montgomery Flagg, Howard Chandler Christy, Jules Cheret, Leonetto Cappiello, El Lissitzky, Theophile Steinlen and Yokoo. Most of the posters and maquettes will be from the Belle Epoque and Art Deco periods.

“The propaganda poster collection is of great importance,” said Jack Rennert, president of Poster Auctions International, Inc. “The issues we’re dealing with today, as a society, are little different from those of a century ago – conflicts over gender roles, economic inequality, rapid political change, ethnic violence and anti-Semitism among them.”

Mr. Rennert added, “They are all inflamed by ‘fake news,’ incendiary memes, troll hordes and bots – the direct legacy of propaganda messaging pioneered a century ago. The public appreciates history, such as it does, in terms of battles, elections, social movements, and world leaders. The historical role of media is less of a consideration.”

In part, he said, that’s because it’s transitory, of the moment, meant primarily for impact in the instant of eyeballing. “That constitutes a fundamental gap in our cultural memory, and in the historical record,” he said. “It’s why original poster art is so important and why this collection is of the utmost interest, not just to “affichomaniacs,” as poster enthusiasts are called, but also to anyone working at the intersection of media, culture and society.”

The propaganda collection includes multiple famous works by James Montgomery Flagg (e.g. I Want You for U.S. Army) and Howard Chandler Christy (e.g. Gee! I Wish I Were a Man), the two most prominent American posterists of the First World War. The entire collection, though, delves far beyond that. When browsing the catalog, bidders will see:

• the dialogue between the competing socialist parties of post-WWI Europe;
• the sparking and inflaming of anti-Semitic sentiment during the inter-war period;
• the various modes of American propaganda;
• post-WWI humanitarian outreach;
• propaganda in Vichy France; and
• exceptionally rare work by Fidel Castro’s chief propaganda artist.

Highlights from the auction overall include Toulouse-Lautrec’s first poster, the 1891 Moulin Rouge/La Goulue, which established the artist’s worldwide fame (est. $300,000-$350,000); plus numerous other famous and rare Lautrecs, including Le Jockey (est. $40,000-$50,000); P. Sescau / Photographe ($60,000-$70,000) and L’Anglais au Moulin Rouge, rarely seen at auction (est. $100,000-$120,000).

From A. M. Cassandre will come four separate prints of his world-famous Art Deco triumph, Normandie – all from the opulent oceanliner’s inaugural cruise year of 1935, with slightly different text variants. It’s the first time all four 1935 lithographs have been offered simultaneously (est. $10,000-$18,000).

Thirty posters, decorative panels, maquettes and other material by Alphonse Mucha will come up for bid, including special printings of the 1897 and 1900 The Seasons set (est. $10,000-$40,000); and the finest specimen of the 1897 Monaco-Monte-Carlo PAI has ever seen (est. $17,000-$20,000). Also sold will be an especially superb lithograph of Bernhardt’s Lorenzaccio (est. $14,000-$17,000).

Twenty-three posters, rare books and unique items from the Russian Avant-Garde – including Lissitzky’s Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (est. $3,500-$4,000) and Victory Over the Sun: Anxious People (est. $17,000-$20,000) – will conveniently coincide with a major exhibition on the period now at New York’s Jewish Museum.

Eighteen works by Chéret, including three variants of Palais de Glace (est. $1,000-$5,000) and three original studies: two in pastel, and one oil painting (est. $10,000-$20,000) will come under the gavel; while 27 posters and maquettes by Cappiello, including famous works such as the Maurin Quina (est. $2,000-$2,5000) and Parapluie-Revel (est. $3,000-$10,000) plus magnificent rarities like the 1927 Sizaire (est. $8,000-$10,000) will also be on offer.

Steinlen’s iconic Chat Noir (est. $6,000-$8,000) and the rare Motocycles Comiot (est. $20,000-$25,000) will be in the sale, as will extremely unusual items, such as an 18th-century, pre-French Revolution poster for the French Guard ($2,000-$2,500); and posters by Haring (est. $1,000-$2,000), Warhol (est. $30,000-$35,000) and Yokoo (est. $1,000-$2,000).

Also in the auction are rare and important propaganda posters from World War I to the Cuban Revolution, to include multiple lithographs by Flagg, Christy, Biró, and Rivadulla (Destroy this Mad Brute, Des Libérateurs, aka The Red Poster, and others); and a rarely seen 1925 maquette for singer-dancer Josephine Baker, by Colin (est. $10,000-$12,000).

For more information, please visit and

Jack Rennert, president of Rennert’s Gallery / PAI, is the world’s foremost authority on rare original poster art and is the author of over a dozen books on the subject, including the catalogue raisonée for the ‘father’ of modern French poster art, Leonetto Cappiello.

# # # #

David Schneider
Poster Auctions International, Inc.
(212) 787-4000
email us here

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Toys Market Revenues to Cross $120 billion by 2023 – Market Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts 2023 | Arizton

Global Toys Market Analysis and Forecast 2023

Global Toys Market Analysis and Forecast 2023

Best Market Research Report on Toys Market

Arizton Advisory and Intelligence

Global Toys  Market Forecast and Growth CAGR 2023

Global Toys Market Forecast and Growth CAGR 2023

Global Toys Market Trends 2023

Global Toys Market Trends 2023

Global Toys Market Segments 2023

Global Toys Market Segments 2023

Exponential demand and sales of L.O.L. Surprise collectible dolls and Hatchimals Collectibles is contributing to the rising revenues in the global toys market.

Specialty stores and retail outlets will dominate the majority of the total global toys market share during the forecast period”

— Abby, Sr Consultant

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2018 / — Arizton’s recent market research report on the global toy market identifies Lego Group, Mattel, Hasbro, and Bandai Namco as the leading vendors that are likely to dominate the market during the forecast period. This research report provides a detailed analysis of market segmentation by category (infant and preschool, dolls, games & puzzles, construction, outdoor & sports, and others), by age group (0-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-12 years, and 12-18 years), by distribution channel (online and retail), and by geography (APAC, Europe, North America, Latin America, and MEA).

Increasing demand for games such as Yahtzee, Bunco, Shut the Box, and Lair’s Dice and for card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Uno, Spades, and Poker,and Taboo will add to the revenues of the global toy market. The market is expected to reach values of more than $120 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of around 4% during 2017-2023.

Request for a sample today!

The global toy market is divided into four major segments that consist of category, age group, distribution channels, and geography.

Games and puzzle segment to grow at an impressive CAGR in the global toy market during the forecast period

The global toy market by category is classified into infant and preschool, dolls, games & puzzles, construction, outdoor & sports, and others. Games and puzzle segment dominated 1/6th of total market share in 2017, growing at a CAGR of around 9% during the forecast period. The extensive use of this board games and jigsaw puzzles to teach communication skills and language arts to kids as well as adults is fueling the growth of this segment in the global market. Among the games and puzzles, the tabletop games, also known as board games, are the largest selling variants. The growing demand for different variants of tabletop games will encourage the vendors to launch a wide product portfolio in the global toy market. In the market, pre-schools kids are more interested in chance-based tabletop games and puzzles based on animated characters. The growing popularity of strategy-based games among grade-schoolers, teenagers, and adults will contribute to the growing revenues in the global market. The increasing demand for dice games such as Yahtzee, Bunco, Shut the Box, and Lair’s Dice and for card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Uno, Spades, and Poker,and Taboo will add to the revenues in this segment in the global toy market.

5-12 years segment to grow at a considerable CAGR in the global toy market during the forecast period

The age group segment in the global toy market is segmented into 0-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-12 years, and 12-18 years. 5-12 years segment occupied around 1/4th of the market share in 2017, growing at a CAGR of around 5% during the forecast period. The toys designed for 5-12 years age group comprises of games and puzzles, construction toys or building blocks, some outdoor and sports toys, and other toys. The growing popularity of licensed toy properties, remote controlled toys including cars and musical toysis propelling the growth of this segment in the global market. The increasing focus on safety and entertainment requirements will lead manufacturers to launch varied products in the global toy market. Companies such as LEGO are designing built toys and building systems for different age groups with varied functionality to boost skill development and thinking abilities in kids particularly for this age group in the market. APAC, owing to its sheer size of the population and potentially the largest end-user base for toys designed in the age group of 5 to 12 years in the market. These dynamic factors are contributing to the development of this segment in the global toy market.

Order a report, for more information.

Latin America to grow at the fastest CAGR in the global toy market during the forecast period

The global toy market by geography is divided into APAC, Europe, North America, Latin America, and MEA. Latin America is the fastest growing region in the global market, at a CAGR of approximately 8% during the forecast period. The unprecedented popularity of branded, as well as private label toys, is fueling the growth of the Latin American region in the market. The steady increase in the per capita disposable income of people will contribute to the revenues in the region and the global toy market. Various domestic vendors publish the translated version of internationally recognized games and puzzles to gain a large number of consumers in the Latin American market. The increasing awareness about the toys and games through social media will help in the expansion of key vendors in the Latin American market. Also, the increasing number of internet and smartphone users will lead Latin America to occupy a sizeable global toy market share over the next few years.

China, Australia, Japan, and South Korea are the largest market in APAC toys market

The geographical segment in the global toys market is classified into APAC, Europe, North America, Latin America, and MEA. APAC occupied more than 1/3rd of the total market share in 2017, growing at a CAGR of around 5% during the forecast period. The rapid urbanization and increase in spending capacity are major factors propelling the growth of the APAC region in the global market. Dolls, construction toys, and toys for infants and preschool children are the largest selling products in the APAC market. China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and India are the largest revenue generators in the APAC market. Various multinational brands and manufacturers are expanding their businesses and distribution networks to meet the growing consumer demand in the APAC market. The implementation and adoption of new technologies by manufacturers will revolutionize the APAC market over the next few years. The enhanced spending sentiments because of the economic recovery will boost the demand for the toys in the US region.

Key Countries Profiled

The Netherlands
South Korea
South Africa

Competition Analysis

The global toys market is highly concentrated, and the top 3 players control the level of the competition. The leading manufacturers are leveraging advanced technologies to refine their unique value proposition and gain a larger global market share. Various international brands are partnering with local, regional players to expand their businesses in emerging nations across the world market. The leading companies are utilizing factors such as smartphone proliferation, nuclear households, and humongous amount of targeted media content to advertise their products and reach a wider consumer audience in the global market. Moreover, the inclusion of technological developments such as immersive experiences of virtual and augmented reality will have a positive impact on the global toys market.

The major vendors in the global toys market are:

Lego Group
Bandai Namco

Other prominent vendors in the global toys market are Asmodee, Ravensburger, Funskool, Top Toy, K’NEX, Playmates Toys, Simba Toys, Spin Master, CMON, Disney, Fremont Die Consumer Products, Games Workshop, Goliath, Grey Fox, IELLO, Indie Boards and Cards, INI, International Playthings, Learning Resources, Loony Labs, Ludo Fact, Melissa & Doug, Orchard Toys, Panda GM, Paul Lamond Games, Pegasus Spiele, Piatnik, Pressman Toy, Roosterfin, Reaper Miniatures, Rio Grande Games, Schmidt Spiele, Surprised Stare, SunOut, Talicor, The Haywire, The Regency Chess Company, ThinkFun, TREND Enterprises, Ultra PRO International, University Games, USAopoly, Winning Moves Games, WizKids, and Zobmondo.

The complete overview of the latest market research report on the global toy market by Arizton is now available.

The report also offers a detailed study of major trends, drivers, challenges, and also provides the market size and forecast for major geographical regions and key countries.

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Defiance Tools® Launches Their Biggest Product Roll Out EVER

Defiance Tools Gadget Gift Corner Merchandiser for Increased Holiday Sales and Beyond

Defiance Tools Gadget Gift Corner Merchandiser for Increased Holiday Sales and Beyond

Defiance Tools to Navigate Life

Live Defiantly!

Defiance Tools 10  Piece  Precision Screwdriver Set

Defiance Tools 10 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

Newest Defiance Tools designed to help consumers defy the difficulty of today while helping Independent Retailers grow sales in a broad demographic range.

Consumers are looking for quality tools and EDC gadgets and we are happy to give them what they want. We are also excited to help Independent Retailers build businesses with our Defiance Tools brand.”

— Richard Coulcher, President

ORLANDO , FLORIDA, UNITED STATES , September 26, 2018 / — Defiance Tools, a brand designed to help consumers defy the difficulty of today's fast-paced, on-the-go, tech-driven world, announces the addition of 8 new Tools To Navigate Life. These eight new gadgets, tools and EDC (every day carry) bring consumers a quality fit for their workshop, DIY projects, automobile safety, pocket, purse, keychain and more. Now just in time for the holidays, through their partner Drop Ship Solutions, Independent Retailers can order all 8 of these Tools
To Navigate Life separately or in a collection of 7 chosen specifically for their "Gadget Corner" floor display.

Consumers are looking for fun experiences and useful solutions to the problems they face each day. For a large segment of U.S. based consumers, being ready for anything has become a necessity as opposed to an afterthought. But being prepared doesn't have to be boring – and Defiance Tools is anything but boring. The eight new tools and EDC gadgets added to the Defiance Tools' collection help consumers MacGyver their way through life and add to their positive experiences.

Adding to Independent Retailers' bottom line is yet another positive that this latest launch of eight new Defiance Tools brings to market. Independent Retailers need quality in design, eye-catching packaging and tools at a price point to sell that appeal to a large demographic. Defiance Tools meets all of those needs. Within the eight new tools and EDC gadgets offered, both men and women and people of all ages, from baby boomers to millennials (and even centennials and new-millennials) will find something that they need, want and will buy.

The eight newest Tools To Navigate Life added to the Defiance Tools collection are:

1. Skull Design 8 in 1 Tool – The Defiance Tools Skull Design 8 In 1 Tool easily attaches to a keychain ring, so it fits easily into your pocket or purse. With it you can turn a screw, tighten a bicycle spoke or cut a piece of rope or twine. The Skull Design 8 In 1 Tool is made from lightweight 3CR13 stainless steel with a super tough blackened finish.

2. 10 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set – The Defiance Tools 10 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set includes bit sizes to fit most popular electronics, including smartphones, game consoles, TV’s and radios. The screwdrivers feature textured bi-material handles and chrome plated CRV6150 steel blades with blackened magnetic tips. The set comes packaged in an innovative EZ access storage case with a durable clear plastic cover. The case presents screwdrivers to the user, acting like a third hand.

3. Screwdriver Handle Bottle Opener – The Defiance Tools Screwdriver Handle Bottle opener has a bi-material grip for comfort and durability. The durable plated steel opener fits all standard bottle caps from your favorite soda to the latest craft beer.

4. Magnetic Clip LED Pocket Light – The Defiance Tools Magnetic Clip LED Pocket Light has a single 150 lumen COB LED with a handy rotating pocket clip to give you hands-free light. The pocket clip also has a built-in magnet, so it can attach to any metallic surfaces. The light runs on 3 AAA batteries (included) and offers 3.5 hours of continuous use.

5. Sportsmen’s Knife & Camo Multi-Tool Combo – Made of 420 stainless steel, the Defiance Tools Sportsmen’s Camo Multi-Tool Combo is perfect for hunters, fishermen, and any outdoor enthusiast. The Sportsmen’s Knife has a paracord wrapped rugged handle, features a thumb stud for one-hand opening, a liner-lock design to keep the blade in place and a built-in belt clip. The Camo Multi-Tools is spring loaded and has 15 functions including a fish scaler, hook remover and includes a nylon pouch.

6. 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool – The Defiance Tools 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool includes more than just a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. Built into its patented design is a 200-lumen floodlight, a 70-lumen flashlight, a flashing red SOS light, and a built-in magnet. This handy tool runs on 3 AAA batteries (included) and it is perfect for the car, truck, RV or kitchen drawer.

7. Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo – The Defiance Tools Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo has two tools that are great for any renter or homeowner, made of super strong 420 stainless steel. The Scissors Multi-Tool is spring loaded and has an innovative eyeglass screwdriver as one of the 7 functions and includes a handy nylon pouch. The Pliers Multi-Tool folds up into a unique pocket-friendly shape, includes a keychain and has 8 functions.

8. 16'/5M Compact Measuring Tape – The Defiance Tools 16ft/5m Compact Measuring Tape features a 1in wide nylon coated blade with double-sided printing. This unique tape measure has a 16’ scale with standard stud markings on the front side and a 5m/16’ fractional read scale on the back side. The 16ft/5m Compact Measuring Tape has 8’ of standout for ease in measuring large sheet goods and includes a handy wrist strap.

Visit for more information.

About Defiance Tools:
Defiance Tools is redefining the meaning of tools with Tools To Navigate Life. Defiance Tools is a brand inspired by breaking out of the expected norm, thinking and living in your own unique way…to defy the difficulty of the day. Defiance Tools' products are designed to provide quality, productivity and value to end users and are sold and distributed direct to consumers via e-commerce and retail store shelves. Consumers and retailers can find more information at

About Drop Ship Solutions:
Drop Ship Solutions focuses on the Independent Retailer and offers a one-stop destination for a variety of products via drop ship from a central distribution point. They pride themselves in offering the Independent Retailer the ability to order smaller minimums at competitive prices in the following categories: Health and Wellness, Beauty, Food/Nutrition, Industrial and General Merchandise. Find more information at

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Tin Robot Games announces the launch of new board game “Tanks, but no thanks!” on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter

Tin Robot Games Logo

Kickstarter Thumbnail

Board play

BARRIE, ON, CANADA, September 25, 2018 / — “Tanks, but no thanks!” is a turn-based, close-combat strategy board game that’s simple to play, but difficult to win.

The game comes with a grid-based board map, several sets of tanks, bunkers and base flags. Two to four players, ages eight and up, can join in by setting up their side of the field and advancing one turn at a time.

Two dice control the mechanics. The game movement is determined by the green die, while the red die is for shooting. Each player can only shake one die per turn, though the green die has a little flexibility (you can split your move across several of your tanks). Think hard about whether you want to move or attack!

Tin Robot Games has a modest $10,000 Canadian ($7,700 USD) funding goal to launch the base level of the game, with a single pledge level of $39 Canadian ($30 USD) plus shipping to get a copy of the game and any stretch targets achieved. Funding stretch targets include an expansion pack and several premium upgrades of game components.

“I made this game 24 years ago when I just began University,” says James Staley, the developer and President of Tin Robot Games. “The original version was made on a cookie sheet with tacks and cut up refrigerator magnets. Finally, there is a platform to take independent games to the market through crowdfunding. We spent hundreds of hours playing this game when I was in school. This past year we have spent hundreds of hours developing a retail-ready version of this game, right up to and including manufacturing samples. We just need to get over the finish line with the minimum production run itself.”

To support the Kickstarter for “Tanks, but no thanks!” today, go to and make a pledge.

Game details are available at

To go directly to the “Tanks, but no thanks!” pledge page, click here:

About Tin Robot Games
Tin Robot Games is a Canadian company focused on bringing fun board games to kitchen tables around the world. For more information visit or follow on Social media @tinrobotgames.

James Staley
Tin Robot Games
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Tanks, but no thanks! Now on Kickstarter

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