The Case for More Poetry in the Classroom – Finding Inspiration in the Classics

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 29, 2018 / — The quest to improve student language skills can be assisted with the implementation of more poetry lessons in English classes. Classic poems offer the opportunity for vast learning, as well as the chance to build reading and writing skills, while also providing great inspiration.

Lyric poems can be used to stimulate discussion and deeper thinking in the classroom. Teachers can task students with deciphering the meaning of a poem and then compare various interpretations. Boosting analytical skills, students can engage critically with a text and build an argument to support their interpretation, while also supporting their perspective with textual evidence.

Furthermore, the classics still have a role to play in education. Homer and Virgil, even in translation, offer exciting challenges for literary analysis, and also provide students with more background into the roots of European culture. The English Romantics, such as Wordsworth and Keats, provide new ways of thinking about existence and humanity, while also offering a high aesthetic standard. Teachers should not be afraid to revisit the great poets of history, venerable poets who were devoted to beauty and wisdom. Classics are also great to link to historical lessons, as teachers can address the historical background, discussing ancient Rome or 19th century Britain.

Today’s literary works are built on the foundation of the influential classics, those brilliant predecessors who must be honoured. A good education should involve an understanding of that cultural background, of that tradition which shapes us still.

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