#Loneliness- The Virus’ of Modern Age by Tony Jeton Selimi is the Finalist Winner of the TopShelf Indie Book Awards 2018

The solution to immunise against loneliness, the virus of the modern age

Another reader adds, “A most touching and inspiring, uplifting book written with courage, humbleness, with truth from the big heart of its author. A book for anyone and everyone, a must for all that are facing struggles in this modern age of false connectedness.

#Loneliness meticulously written by Tony J. Selimi is the TopShelf Indie Book Awards 2018 Finalist Winner. Empowering Readers to Embrace the Science of Oneness.

A warm, insightful book gives you a clear road-map to overcome the loneliness that you will experience at different times in your life.”

— Brian Tracy – The author of The Power of Self Confidence

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Loneliness is a subject that has fascinated Tony Jeton Selimi for years, inspiring the Human Behavior and Cognition Expert to dive deeper into the topic more than anyone else, and producing the meticulously written TopShelf Indie Book Finalist Award 2018 Winner #Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age.

In a technologically advanced world where communication is instant, where billions of people can interact at just a moment’s notice, it will come as a shock to many to learn that loneliness is an epidemic more rampant and destructive than smoking and being obese. Research suggests that 42.6 million adults over age 45 in the U.S. suffer from chronic loneliness, in fact, almost everyone faces adversity from the isolation that causes them some degree of depression, anxiety or diminished self-esteem.

With a thought-provoking blurb “So connected, yet desperately alone” Selimi truly breaks new ground in a volume that received a Finalist Award in the 2016 International Book Contest, was the book excellence award winner in 2017, and received five-star seal in readers digest. Throughout the books, Tony makes us re-examine what truly brings us out of a natural state of healthy balance, is the root cause of disease, and what creates the segregation experienced worldwide.

Fastidiously researched and written by Tony Jeton Selimi, each chapter of the classic self-help bestseller reflects the newest developments in the evolution of human consciousness field today and teaches us how loneliness impacts every sphere of our life including our mental health, emotional states, our confidence, interpersonal relationships, the business and leadership performance, and our ability to make fast and well-informed choices and decisions.

Jack Canfield, Americas #1 Success Coach and the Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul™ “quotes: “#Loneliness is a masterpiece that beautifully demystifies the evolutionary role of loneliness, echoes a powerful existential message for mankind, and amplifies people’s faith in the power of love.”

This masterpiece that explores the fierce scientific, psychological and spiritual impact of adversity and the loneliness, rejection, and isolation that follows, was born of Tony’s extraordinary experience of child abuse, being bullied at school, atrocities of a civil war, homelessness, identity crisis, and starting a new life in London. Forced to go beyond the limits of known science (he had been made redundant from a senior technology job he loved for almost two decades) he was catapulted into a remarkable, body-mind-soul-searching and ultimately ground-breaking healing journey. Tony pioneered a unique healing technique and a methodology that guides us directly to the root cause of our loneliness from a longstanding difficulty – spiritual, mental, emotional physical, relationship, social, business or money – and then gives us the tools to resolve it.

Loneliness is a problem that has become an ironic epidemic in a world that is more interconnected than ever before. Empowering readers to redefine themselves and overcome the adversity, anxiety and stagnancy likely blighting their lives, Selimi truly breaks new ground in a volume endorsed by Jack Canfield, inspired the creation of Living My Illusion documentary series and appeared on Brian Tracey show for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and their affiliate channels. It’s also been a hit among critics, too, with one recently writing, "The worldview developed here transcends science, dogma, and belief, giving readers a new way to reconnect with their truth, hearts, and Divine within”.

At the most sophisticated nexus of body-mind-heart-spirit healing today, #Loneliness offers a simple, imaginative process that is a revolutionary way to heal our pain, connect all of the fragmented parts of our being, and prepare us for the next stages of human evolution where Artificial Intelligence becomes an integral part of our living. Selimi brings the latest findings of how to heal our being from the inevitable life adversities with a fast, effective, and easy to implement a technique that anyone from a CEO to a child can use.

Internationally renowned keynote speaker and healer Tony says, “I wrote this book to assist the lonely create life breakthroughs and learn new ways to grow, innovate, share and reconnect with their hearts infinite innate wisdom and love so they can be conscious creators of their inspired destiny. I wrote it as “A Call for Love” to help people feel more connected to one another and life in general, to create a healthy life-work balance, and be more empowered and centred in themselves. I wrote it because I believe that we are all worthy of love."

Who should read this book?

No matter who you are – a young adult, parent, a professional coach, therapist, lawyer, banker, CEO, Business Owner, HR Director, millionaire, billionaire, or merely curious and young at heart and seeking greater significance and purpose in your life – #Loneliness is the life manual that teaches you how to overcome adversity with ease, inspires you to turn your painful experiences into powerful lessons for others to use on their healing journey and empowers you to create a meaningful vision for your life consciously.

Market: Entrepreneurialship, Business Success, Leadership Development, Start-Up, Personal and Professional Development, Spiritual Development, Personal Success, Self-help, Inspirational, Evolution of Human Consciousness, Migrant Success Stories, Homelessness, Education, Healthcare, Governments.

TopShelf Magazine hosted the global author competition, and the purpose of the TopShelf Indie Book Awards is to raise awareness of the best indie authors and books––not just to readers, but to their growing list of booksellers and librarians from around the globe. Every single book that gets entered into the TopShelf Indie Book Awards will be seen by booksellers, librarians, authors, agents, publicists, reviewers, readers, and more––thousands of some of the most influential, most important people who could ever get a hold of his book.

Moreover, their ever-expanding network of social media partners currently reaches about 2,500,000 people, and their promotions fetch over a quarter of a million impressions each month, with thousands of engagements.

#Loneliness is available in print and digital formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Foyles, Kindle, iTunes and Audible.

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So Connected, We Disconnected – #Loneliness TopShelf Indie Book Award Finalist Winner 2018 by Tony Jeton Selimi

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تخفيضات وعروض وخصومات نهاية العام لاستقبال عام جديد في العديد من مواقع التسوق الالكتروني

عروض وخصومات 2018-2019

عروض وخصومات 2018-2019

في نهاية كل عام تتنافس المتاجر الالكترونية لتقديم العروض والخصومات على منتجاتها المختلفة من هذه المتاجر متجر (سوق-نون-أي هرب-جولدن سنت)

اطلب كوبون هو موقع متخصص فى تقديم العروض وكوبونات خصم Coupon Codes 2019 لأشهر المتاجر الألكترونية ومواقع التسوق الأون لاين فى شتى المجالات، لتحصل على افضل توفير ممكن على مشترياتك من اى مكان فى العالم.”

— Otlob Coupon

CAIRO, CAIRO, EGYPT, December 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — مع نهاية عام وبداية عام جديد تتنافس العديد من الأسواق التجارية والالكترونية على تقديم عروض على جميع المنتجات في كافة الاقسام الخاصة بها، وذلك للتوفير على العملاء عبئ التكلفة الكبيرة، حيث يحتفل الناس في شهر ديسمبر بليلة رأس السنة، وعيد الميلاد المجيد بشراء الملابس الجديدة والديكورات لتزيين منازلهم، فقمنا بالتوفير عليهم من خلال التسوق الإلكتروني واليكم افضل مواقع للتسوق بأكبر نسب خصومات وتخفيضات:

افضل مواقع تسوق اونلاين في رأس السنة:
موقع i Herb.com:

يلقب موقع اي هيرب بصيدلية الانترنت، موقع اي هيرب هو موقع امريكي للتسوق أونلاين كانت بداية شركة اي هيرب عام 1996 حيث كانت شركة صغيرة الى أن طورت من شأنها لتقدم أفضل خدمة تسويقية اونلاين عبر الانترنت وعلى خلاف بعض المواقع والشركات التي يكون هدفها الربح المادي فقط فإن شركة اي هيرب تولي الاهتمام الأكبر لخدمة عملائها وهذا الكلام من تجارب العملاء مع الشركة ، تتنوع منتجات اي هيرب ما بين 35 ألف منتج واصبح اهم وافضل متجر للمنتجات الطبيعية الخالية من الكيماويات،كذلك يحتوي الموقع على اعشاب علاجية وتجميلية من كل الأصناف مثل: العسل بأنواعه المختلفة، الفواكه المجففة، الشاي بأنواعه، فيتامينات ومكملات غذائية،منتجات الديتوكس والتخسيس كما أن لديهم اقسام خاصة بالمرأة ومنتجات التجميل الطبيعية، وأعشاب للاطفال.
يقدم الموقع عروض وخصومات بمناسبة نهاية العام تصل الى 30% خصم على مقتنياتك من الموقع ولا تنسى كوبون خصم اي هيرب لتستمتع بخصم اضافي على خصم الموقع.

موقع Noon.com :
تعتبر منصة نون.كوم أكبر سوق عربي في المنطقة, حيث تعمل على تشكيل نقلة نوعية في التجارة الإلكترونية من خلال إمكانيات تقنية ولوجيستية عالية . يعرض الموقع ما يفوق عن 20 مليون منتج وهي سوى كانت لماركات عالمية أو كذلك لباعة محليين موثوقين, فهي تساعد أصحاب القطاع الخاص على تقديم منتجاتهم وعرضها للبيع على نطاق أوسع . موقع نون.كوم هو موقع مضمون لشراء, ذلك بشهادة التقييمات التي يعرضها العديد ممن تعاملوا معه سابقا سواء بيع أو شراء. هذا وعدد زواره الشهري الذي يفوق 30 مليون زائر يجعل منه محل ثقة يكسبه مصداقية عالية. هذا ولا ننسى تعدد أنواع المنتجات التي يعرضها والتي عليها تخفيضات, فمنها :الأزياء، الإلكترونيات، الكتب,مستلزمات المنازل والحدائق، الرياضات والنزهات، الصحة والجمال،العناية الشخصية، الألعاب، منتجات الأطفال والمواليد الجدد، وغيرها وهي متجددة بصفة دورية، كما انه يحتوي على خانة عروض يومية تقوم بتحديث عروضها كل يوم واحصل على كوبون خصم نون واستمتع بعروض مميزة واستعد للتسوق .

موقع Golden scent:
ادخل عالم الجمال واستمتع برحلة تسوق تأخذك الى أشهر مجموعة من الماركات بكبسة زر الفرح وروح الشباب في قولدن سنت، لأننا نوفر لك كل اللي تحتاجه من منتجات ونصائح من احدث صيحات الجمال!
حقق المظهر المثالي الذي تريده واستلهم من أفضل المؤثرين المحليين وخبراء التجميل، و بمجموعة واسعة من منتجات الجمال في قولدن سنت، بالإضافة الى البرامج التعليمية الخاصة بالمكياج.
ايضا يمكنك الحصول على كوبون خصم قولدن سنت علشان تستمتع بأكثر من 300 ماركة عالمية ومحلية، بأكثر من 10000 منتج على الموقع، ستجدون في قولدن سنت المنتجات المثالية لك من العطور وصولاً إلى مستحضرات التجميل احتفالا بنهاية العام.

موقع souq.com :
يقدم المتجر مختلف السلع والمنتجات من الماركات المحلية والعالمية تمامًا بذات الطريقة التي تقدمها أمازون في متجرها الأساسي، ، كذلك يوفر المتجر لعملائه إمكانية بيع المنتجات الخاصة بهم أيً كانت عبر عرضها في الموقع ليحصل على عمولته بمقابل عمليات البيع التي تتم عبره، احصل على كود خصم سوق واستمتع بأفضل العروض للتسوق.
صحيح هو من المتاجر الإلكترونية الموجهة للدول العربية فقط، ولكن برغم ذلك يحسب من ضمن قائمة مواقع تسوق عالمية شهيرة، وخاصة بعد أن استحوذت عليه أمازون مؤخرًا مما جعله فرع أمازون في المنطقة العربية.
كما ان الموقع يوفر خصومات وعروض كبيرة بمناسبة نهاية العام فاغتنموا فرصة التسوق بتكلفة أقل.

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موسم رأس السنة هو موسم قوي تقدم فيه المتاجر عروضها القوية وفي هذا الفيديوا سنتعرف علي اقوي العروض التي قدمتها المواقع الشهيرة

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Micah Raskin Offers Tips on Finding your Passion

Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin has traveled around the world chasing his dreams. He offers advice on how to find your passion and live a more fulfilling life.

NASSAU COUNTY, NEW YORK, USA, December 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a public speaker, author, business owner, and professional poker player, Micah Raskin has never been afraid of taking risks in his personal and professional life. Micah has spent his life searching for joy in the most unexpected places and wants everyone he meets to experience the same thing.

“As a motivational speaker, I get asked all of the time how I have found passion in my life, explained Micah Raskin. “I encourage everyone to ask themselves what they love to do, and chase that down.”

Micah Raskin encourages people to think if they could be doing anything in the world, what would it be and why? Understanding the emotional hurdles that come with changing your life can be a daunting task, but not asking the questions means you will stay where you are, and that’s not a great place to be.

If the work you are doing now does not fulfill you, or you struggle through it and do not enjoy the challenge it provides, then chances are you are not living up to your full potential.

“I get asked often about why I love what I do,” explained Micah Raskin. “I challenge people to ask themselves why are you here, and what do you want to leave behind.”

If you can focus on answering why you are here, you can figure out how to find your true calling. Start by writing down a mission statement for your life. Get connected with who you are on a core level, and start writing down what you want to leave behind. Thinking about your legacy and your mission statement for your life have a way of grounding you and helping you channel the energy and frustration you have inside.

Micah Raskin also encourages people to really think about where they want to go next. Part of building a life for yourself that involves your true passion is laying out a path with goals in front of you that challenge you to keep going.

It’s never easy finding your passion, but when you do, you see the world in a different light and it makes every challenge you face on a daily basis worth overcoming.

Micah Raskin is currently working on a book and loves to help people find their true calling. To learn more, connect with him by clicking here.

Chris Hinman
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You’re Invited to the House Party

The best-kept secret by Streamers is the House Party game.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eek! Games today announced its House Party video game is a favorite amongst streamers who are posting videos and seeing their audience impressions sky-rocket, with some seeing an average viewership increase of over 150%.

Whether it’s a video game streamer or not, having a video of this zany game with its side-splitting humor, engages audiences like none other. While House Party is banned on Twitch due to sexual content, on YouTube, streamers are enjoying over-the-top engagement and impressions from grateful audiences, both male and female, alike.
Whether it’s a streamer with tens of millions of subscribers or tens of thousands, videos of the House Party game have proven to more than double their average video impression, episode after episode. No wonder it’s the best kept secret in gaming….who wouldn't want such numbers to their own.

The gaming community has embraced House Party as an intelligent and challenging sexy PC sim game and a refreshing and stimulating game for male and female gamers, alike. House Party is this generation’s American Pie™ meets Porky’s™ set in modern-day suburbia with a zany cast of therapy-needing guests, including eight girls and four guys. No surprise that the latest version of the early access game has been receiving over 90% VERY POSITIVE reviews on Steam.

Here’s what gamers are saying…”This is the most messed up game I have ever played in my entire life, and I mean that in the best way possible. I laughed so hard throughout the game. I've only gone through one play-though, but there’s a bunch of different endings to get. If you want to have a hard laugh and hard-on at the same time, this game is totally recommended!”

YouTube streamers such as "PewdiePie", "JackSepticEye" and "MessYourself" have all covered the House Party game and seen their impression numbers boosted significantly versus their average videos. Others, such as "MattShea" are also re-engaging their audiences with multiple episodes of the game and seeing strong retention and consistently high viewership.

According to Bobby Ricci, the CEO and Founder of Eek! Games, "It’s a real complement the many daily requests we receive from streamers wishing for a key to the House Party game so they can stream it for their audiences. It’s no surprise that audiences appreciate a new kind of game experience to watch, and a break from the usual shooting, hacking and slashing. Streamers are spicing it up a little with House Party and they are reaping the rewards. Across the board, streamers are creating entertaining videos and posting episode after episode of the game and seeing consistent and repeat impressions!”

House Party is about crazy real-world situations without the hangover the next morning or a trip to the local clinic. Players dictate the gameplay and story direction with the choices they make, and a robust AI allows the characters to respond to any stimuli and choices throws at them.

Consistently, streamers are generating impression numbers that rival the leading games in the market, doubling their average reach versus other game or general videos they post. The reason is obvious to players and savvy streamers are starting catch on. House Party is hysterical to play and watch and it has global appeal. Certainly, House Party comes with all the debauchery you’d expect, however, virtually all videos posted of the game have no sexual content at all and streamers can use the in-game nudity censor too.

The House Party game is available on Steam, at https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/611790/

About Eek Games!

Eek! Games was started in 2015 by Bobby Ricci who programmed and launched the “House Party” video game.
In 2017 House Party was launched on Steam, as an Early Access game. Even though it was still very premature, the initial reception was surprising and the community built quickly. The game sold over 30,000 copies in the first few weeks and over 300,000 purchased downloads in its first year, alone.
Bobby and Eek! Games have many more game ideas brewing with a new title in the works for a tentative 2020 Early Access release.

Contact Us
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Drawing Holds Clues to Better Long-Term Memory

After nine weeks, participants were five times more likely to remember words they had drawn than words they had written.

Drawing linked to improved retention of knowledge compared to writing

The person appears to automatically turn the act of drawing into long-term memory”

— Unnur Ottarsdottir

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, December 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — It seems the kids who doodle and draw in their notebooks during class might be onto something.

In a study recently published in the journal ATOL: Art Therapy OnLine, 134 subjects were asked to draw the content of certain words and write other words down. Some participants recalled what they had written and drawn after three weeks, and others after nine weeks. In both cases, words that were drawn were more successfully recalled than words that were written. After three weeks, the median number was two to one in favour of drawn words. After nine weeks, that ratio grew to a staggering five to one in favour of drawing.

“The person appears to automatically turn the act of drawing into long-term memory,” says study author and art therapist Unnur Ottarsdottir. “This is the first time this type of research on such a long-term memory has been conducted worldwide prior to now, as far as we are able to tell, and the findings are very intriguing.”

Ottarsdottir began practising and researching art therapy in the early 1990s. She has published, spoken and taught at conferences and universities around the globe on the subject. Not only is drawing more effective than writing at stimulating long-term memory, says Ottarsdottir, but it is also useful for processing and working through emotions. Ottarsdottir also conducted another related research study with five children who had experienced stress or trauma and had specific learning difficulties. The children drew pictures partly to memorize coursework material, but Ottarsdottir found indications that the drawing could also relate to processing of emotions associated with difficult or traumatic experiences.

“It appears that in drawing, the children often manage to express vulnerable and complex feelings more easily than they do when speaking,” says Ottarsdottir. “Art therapy theories and methods are important in order to understand this process, and we hope that we can learn more about how art making can help us make further breakthroughs in this area in future studies.”

Ottarsdottir is available for interviews about the study and its findings by clicking on the contact information included in this release. The full paper on the experiment, “Processing Emotions and Memorising Coursework through Memory Drawing,” was published in ATOL: Art Therapy OnLine, and can be viewed at http://journals.gold.ac.uk/index.php/atol/article/view/486/pdf.


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Scientist Reveals Easy Way to Improve Memory 500%

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GoWin is Launching as an Affiliate Site

GoWin is a brand new affiliate site that’s just been launched in the UK market by Fable Media.

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM, December 27, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — GoWin is a brand new affiliate site that’s just been launched in the UK market by Fable Media. Splitting away from GoWin Casino (which continues to operate), GoWin will now focus exclusively on making online and mobile casino recommendations.

To avoid any further confusion and to clearly distinguish two sides of their business, Fable Media will now run the online casino and the affiliate site GoWin separately. As such, the new and completely revamped GoWin site provides exclusive news, casino and game reviews, bonus and promotion alerts, as well as guides and data driven industry analysis.
Since it already is a firmly established brand, regular visitors have welcomed the change. Plus, the total revamp of the site and the boost in content quality and quantity both ensure that more visitors are attracted too. With more than a hundred casino partners, GoWin is a one-stop-shop for online gamblers looking for quality information. From new game releases, playing tips, current bonus offers and everything in between – players from beginner all the way to pro can find something to sink their teeth into.

All of GoWin’s partners are fully licenced and regulated UK casinos, building relationships on trust and full transparency. Add to that the top priority of player safety and gambling addiction awareness, and GoWin is truly a socially responsible business.

Frederik Falbe-Hansen, the CEO of Fable Media said: "Today is an exciting day as we launch GoWin. We've worked very hard at making it the very best resource out there for every UK gambler looking to place an online bet. We've got plenty of tips and tricks to give them an edge."

The team behind GoWin are experts with years of experience in writing about remote gambling, analysing industry data and making well-measured recommendations in terms of slots and table games, sports betting and more.

About Fable Media
Fable Media is a Copenhagen-based iGaming company that has been in operation since 2015. In just a few years, it's managed to build a reputation as a trustworthy business that delivers value to their audiences and players, be it through their affiliate sites, casino sites and their respective affiliate programmes, and affiliate networks.

Kristoffer Holten Madsen
Fable Media ApS
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Players get a deeper taste of Madison and dozens of new features

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 27, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eek! Games today announced the release of House Party V.0.12.3 adding volumes of enhancements to the House Party game, including a complete character engagement and storyline behind the Madison character, wowing sex scenes, and plenty of new enhancements designed to engage and entertain players more than ever.

The players have spoken and are loving the new House Party experience, with a whopping 90%+ VERY POSITIVE reviews on Steam. As one gamer wrote, “The company keeps coming up with improvements on everything, from the stories to the graphics to the general atmosphere. Additions have so far come regularly and have been significant. Modders are also active adding their own content.”

The gaming community has embraced House Party for the refreshing game it is…an intelligent and challenging sexy PC sim game, acknowledging it as ”One of the most fun dating/hookup sims they've played.” House Party has come a long way since its Early Access debut in 2017 and has evolved into a fun and crazy real-world situation for gamers to enjoy without the morning hangover, guilt or trip to the local clinic.

According to Bobby Ricci, the CEO and Founder of Eek! Games, "This release is our biggest update to date, and we're happy to be bringing players more story, more fun, and more choices than ever before!".

The House Party game is certainly intentionally risqué in nature is this generational “American Pie™” meets “Porky’s™”, but it’s executed in a smart game about choices, which doesn't insult your intelligence. Fun for males and females, alike, House Party delivers a unique gameplay mechanic through an advanced AI system where the player’s every choice influences the reaction and outcome of the game.
In October Steam also opened the way to a DLC patch allowing gamers to unlock the censorship in the core game and experience House Party in the way it was originally intended. Eek! warns its players that “terrible things are happening” when they unlock this ‘explicit’ version of the game, unleashing plenty of debauchery, sex and comedic fun between player and the zany, therapy-needing cast.

Eeek! has also added Spanish and German language subtitles, so we are about to see House Party expand into new territories to entertain millions of new gamers.
They have also evolved the Custom Story Creator, which allows players to create their own stories for the game. This feature enables players to create and share their stories with others who can play through new experiences and new character reactions for tremendous and fun replay-ability.

The community is also looking forward to new updates in 2019, when we can expect the in-game debuts of The Game Grumps and Lety Does Stuff as new cast members set to spice things up at the house.

The House Party gamer is available on Early Access on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/611790/

About Eek Games!
Eek! Games was founded by Bobby Ricci, an experienced programmer, in 2015, with re “House Party” as its first release. n 2017 House Party was launched on Steam, as an Early Access game. Even though it was still very premature, the initial reception was surprising and the community built quickly. The game sold over 30,000 copies in the first few weeks and over 300,000 in its first year, alone.

Eek Games
Eek! Games
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Larise Kia Presents Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Bindupoint: Center for Presence

Join Larise Kia and the Encino Chamber of Commerce as they present Bindupoint, a brand new meditation and yoga center in Encino, CA.

ENCINO, CA, USA, December 26, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Larise Kia will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony for her brand-new meditation center, Bindupoint. Located in the heart of Encino, Bindupoint will bring meditation and yoga into the lives of many. And what better time to find your center than right after the chaos of the holidays? Join Larise and the Encino Chamber of Commerce as they officially present Bindupoint to the public!

The event will take place on Wednesday, January 9 at 12pm. It will be held at Bindupoint, 17547 Ventura Blvd #106, Encino, CA 91316. Hor d’oeuvres and refreshments to follow. There will be exclusive membership discounts available to those who attend as well as a chance to get to know some of Bindupoint’s amazing teachers.

“I’ve taken classes at Bindupoint, and I especially love the Opening class series and the Sound Bath. I can feel the sound resonating throughout my whole body, and the insights I gain during the session are incredible. My wife loves the classes too, and I can see a real difference in her. I can sincerely say that I highly recommend these classes to all who are interested.” -Q

Bindupoint is a center dedicated to the illumination, nurturing, and development of one’s most inner being. Bindu is the source of cosmic potency. It is a point that we orient ourselves towards by learning stillness through guided meditation. Stillness nurtures our peaceful nature. It helps us to rejuvenate and integrate the restless and fragmented mind, promoting inner peace.

For more information, please visit our website www.bindupoint.com or contact us at (818)616-4779.

Larise Kia
+1 818-616-4779
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Robert Indiana's letter 'B' painting, one of just three rendered, will headline Weiss Auctions' January 23rd-24th sale

One of three known acrylic on canvas paintings of the letter ‘B’ by Robert Indiana (est. $60,000-$90,000).

Rare, unusually shaped coffee table by American designers Philip and Kelvin Laverne (est. $20,000-$30,000).

Mint / near-mint first edition copy of Knaves of Hearts, illustrated by Maxfield Parrish (est. $1,000-$2,000).

International Pop Festival (Dallas, Texas) rock poster from 1969, featuring Led Zeppelin.

Deck plan of First Class accommodations from the doomed ocean liner the Titanic (est. $5,000-$7,000).

The auction will also feature a group of Philip and Kelvin Laverne pieces, to include a rare unusually shaped coffee table, and items pertaining to the Titanic.

The letter ‘B’ painting is fresh to the market and comes with impeccable provenance. The work was supposedly one of only three done by the artist, all in honor of people whose names begin with B.”

— Philip Weiss

LYNBROOK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 26, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — LYNBROOK, N.Y. – One of just three acrylic on canvas paintings of the letter ‘B’ by renowned Pop Artist Robert Indiana (American, 1928-2018), plus several lithographs signed by the artist, and a group of Philip and Kelvin Laverne pieces, to include a rare, unusually shaped coffee table, will be part of Weiss Auctions’ sale planned for Wednesday and Thursday, January 23rd and 24th.

The auction will be held in Weiss Auctions’ gallery located at 74 Merrick Road in Lynbrook, at 10 am both days, as well as online, via Proxibid.com and Invaluable.com. Phone and absentee bids will also be accepted. Hundreds of rare and important items will come up for bid over the course of the two days, but the Indiana and Laverne pieces are the sale’s undisputed headliners.

“The letter ‘B’ painting is one hundred percent fresh to the market and comes with impeccable provenance,” said Philip Weiss of Weiss Auctions. “The work was supposedly one of three done by the artist, all in honor of people whose names begin with B, to include himself (Bob). It was signed and inscribed to the consignor, a personal friend, on the reverse.” (est. $60,000-$90,000).

The auction will also feature other Robert Indiana signed pieces, to include an artist’s proof serigraph of his most famous work, LOVE (1968); a signed and numbered (IX/XXV) silkscreen titled Polygon #3 Triangle (1975); and a signed and numbered (VII/X) artist’s proof serigraph on Arches paper titled Brooklyn Bridge from New York (1983). All are in the January 24th session.

Robert Indiana (real name: Robert Clark) produced artworks that consisted of bold, simple and iconic images, especially numbers and short words like EAT, HUG and, of course, LOVE, which first appeared in a series of poems written in 1958 but was later created for a Christmas card for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1964 and later put on an 8-cent U.S. postage stamp in 1973.

The rare and unusually shaped Philip and Kelvin Laverne coffee table carries a pre-sale estimate of $20,000-$30,000. Other pieces from the collection include a large bronze and enamel plaque titled Venus Contemplating and a bronze and pewter plaque titled Women in Despair. Philip and Kelvin Laverne were a father-son design team whose creations are highly coveted by collectors.

Day 1, on January 23rd, will feature Hollywood and rock ‘n’ roll material, plus historical items. Included will be over 3,000 vintage movie magazines (1930s-1970s), vintage movie photos, high-end rock ‘n’ roll posters and autographs, signed presidential material, documents, photos, and the final part of the Jerry Winevsky collection of postcards, books, photographs and more.

Day 1 highlights will feature a deck plan of First Class accommodations from the doomed ocean liner Titanic (est. $5,000-$7,000); two important letters written about the Titanic and the death of the Hickman brothers, to be offered as one lot (est. $3,000-$5,000); a signed Grateful Dead 1988 Spring Tour poster (est. 8,000-$10,000); a signed Grateful Dead mirror (est. $4,000-$5,000); and an important archive of material pertaining to actor Joan Crawford, including a 1930s guest book signed and inscribed by many Hollywood stars, an annotated manuscript of her book and more.

Rare books will be led by a mint/near mint first edition copy of Knave of Hearts, illustrated by Maxfield Parrish (est. $1,000-$2,000). Additional Day 1 highlights will include an International Pop Festival poster (Texas, 1969), featuring Led Zeppelin; a 19670 Jimi Hendrix handbill; a rare 1932 Davos for Health and Support travel poster by Otto Baumberger; a Join the Red Cross poster by Anna Milo Upjohn; and a WWII-era American Airlines poster by Melbourne Brindle.

Day 2, on January 24th, will be an estate sale, featuring paintings, jewelry and more. In addition to the Robert Indiana and Philip and Kelvin Laverne lots, the session will also include a small group of carved Black Forest pieces, jewelry offered on behalf of the New York County Public Administrators office, and some high-end Nippon, including Moriage, Blown Outs and Coralene.

Day 2 artwork will feature a limited-edition lithograph signed by Marc Chagall, a lithograph signed by LeRoy Neiman titled Views of Napoleon, a bronze by Guillaume Coustou titled Cheval de Marly, an alabaster bust by Joaquim Angles, an oil on canvas landscape by Bob Ross, two oil on Masonite works by Symcho Moskowicz and an oil on canvas Paris Scene by Charles Cobelle.

Also offered will be an oil on canvas Paris Street Scene by Andre Gisson and three paintings (two oil on canvas, one pastel on paper) by Nahum Tschacbasov. Posters will feature a 1902 Clement Cycles & Automobiles poster by Rene Leverd, a 1960s TWA Philadelphia poster by Swanson, a 1950s TWA Germany travel poster by William Ward Beecher, and a 1937 Paris International Exposition poster by French artist Jean Carlu. Day 2 will also contain a collection of Bronze Buddha heads from the 16th-18th century, and a 34-inch diameter cloisonné charger.

Weiss Auctions is always accepting quality consignments for future auctions. To consign an item, estate or a collection, you may call them at (516) 594-0731; or, you can send an e-mail to Philip Weiss at Phil@WeissAuctions.com. For more information about Weiss Auctions and the big auction planned for January 23rd and 24th visit www.WeissAuctions.com. Updates are posted often.

# # #

Philip Weiss
Weiss Auctions
+1 516-594-0731
email us here

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تعرف على مواقع التجزئة الموثوقة اون لاين و استمتع باقوى الخصومات – الكوبونات

كود خصم نون - الكوبونات 2019

كود خصم نون – الكوبونات 2019

كوبون سوق كوم - الكوبونات

كوبون سوق كوم – الكوبونات

كود خصم وادي - الكوبونات

كود خصم وادي – الكوبونات

كوبونات و اكواد خصم نون و سوق و وادي 2019 ، بجانب معلومات جديده عن سوق و نون و وادي دوت كوم، ابرز المتاجر اون لاين في السعودية و الإمارات.

Elcouponat (NASDAQ:AMD)

استمتع بالتسوق من وادي و نون و سوق دوت كوم، واستمتع بأقوى كوبونات واكواد الخصم المتجدده على الكوبونات. لدينا المزيد من المتاجر الموثوقة و التي توفر الشحن مباشرة او عن طريق شوب اند شيب للشرق الأوسط.”

— Elcouponat

RIYADH, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, December 25, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — إذا أردت التسوق اون لاين من مواقع موثوقة خاصة في دول الخليج العربي، اقرأ هذا المقال، حيث نقدم لك نبذة عن أشهر مواقع التسوق العربية في دول الخليج العربي، والتي تمتاز بالموثوقية، و ضمان منتجاتها.

اولا : موقع نون دوت كوم:

موقع نون دوت كوم تأسس في الإمارات، و يقدم خدماته داخل الإمارات و السعودية، فقط، في الوقت الحالي.
يتميز موقع نون بأنه يحظى بثقة مئات الألف من المستخدمين، و يعتبر المنافس الأقوى لموقع سوق دوت كوم، والذي سنتحدث عنه لاحقا.
بعض المعلومات التي تهمك عند التسوق من نون دوت كوم:
كما ذكرنا سابقا، موقع نون دوت كوم احد المواقع الموثوقة، والتي توفر ضمان استرجاع المنتجات أيا كان البائع، في حالة العيوب الصناعية، أو غير المطابقة للمواصفات.

من النقاط المهمة عند التسوق من نون دوت كوم :

جميع الاجهزة و الإلكترونيات، التي يكون البائع فيها هو موقع نون دوت كوم، يتوفر ضمان صيانة المنتجات لمدة عامين، في اماكن يحددها موقع نون دوت كوم.
جميع الأجهزة والإلكترونيات للبائعين الآخرين، يكون الضمان حسب شروط وأحكام البائع.
عبارة "مميز" على بعض المنتجات، تعني أن المنتج متوفر في مخازن موقع دوت كوم، وجاهز للشحن فورا، مما يوفر عليك الكثير من الوقت في إنتظار مشترياتك.
الدفع على موقع نون دوت كوم، متاح اون لاين عن طريق الفيزا او الماستر كارد، او عن طريق الدفع عند الإستلام.
استمتع بالتسوق من نون دوت كوم، ولا تنسى الحصول على كود خصم نون من موقعنا الكوبونات، لتستمتع بأفضل توفير متاح على مشترياتك.

ثانيا: موقع سوق دوت كوم:

أول موقع للتجارة التجزئة اون لاين في الشرق الأوسط، بدأ عمله عام 2005، البداية كانت في الإمارات، ثم مصر والسعودية والكويت، وحاليا يتوفر شحن لجميع دول الخليج العربي.
في عام 2017 أصبحت سوق دوت كوم الامارات، إحدى شركات أمازون العالمية.
يملك موقع سوق دوت كوم خبرة كبيرة في مجال التجارة الإلكترونية، مما أكسبها ثقة ملايين المستخدمين في الشرق الأوسط، فيبلغ حجم الزوار سنويا 23 مليون مستخدم.
سوق دوت كوم حلقة وصل بين المتسوقين و البائعين، ويضم متجر سوق دوت كوم، آلاف المنتجات، والتي تغطي احتياجات الفرد، من : الالكترونيات و الازياء و الأثاث المكتبي، مستلزمات المنزل و المطبخ والأجهزة والمعدات الكهربائية، ألعاب الأطفال، ومستلزمات السفر و التجوال.

بعض المعلومات التي تهمك عند التسوق من سوق دوت كوم:

الضمان: يوفر موقع سوق دوت كوم ضمان استرجاع الاموال، في حال المنتجات غير المطابقة للمواصفات، أو التي بها عيوب صناعة.
ضمان الصيانة: يتوقف حسب البائع ، لذلك عليك التأكد من صندوق المعلومات على يسار صفحة المنتج، والتي توضح حالة المنتج، الضمان، اسم البائع، تقييم البائع.
"تشحن من قبل سوق" تلك العبارة، تعني أن المنتج متوفر في مخازن سوق دوت كوم و قابل للشحن فورا، بالإضافة أن مشترياتك المشحونة من قبل سوق دوت كوم إذا بلغت 300 ريال سعودي، ستحصل على شحن مجاني.
في موقع سوق دوت كوم الامارات و السعودية، يتوافر قسم خاص بـ "متجر أمازون العالمي" ، والذي يتيح لك شراء منتجات محددة ( المعروضة) على موقع سوق دوت كوم، دون تحمل أي تكاليف إضافية عن سعر المنتج و مصاريف الشحن الإعتيادي ( لا يوجد رسوم جمركية أو أسعار شحن دولي).
يتيح سوق دوت كوم الدفع اون لاين من خلال البطاقات الإئتمانية، او الدفع عند الإستلام.

استمتع بالتسوق من سوق دوت كوم و استخدم كوبون سوق كوم ، لتستمتع بأفضل توفير متاح على مشترياتك، من سوق دوت كوم.

ثالثا: موقع وادي دوت كوم:

واحد من مواقع التجزئة اون لاين في السعودية والإمارات، يحتوى على تصنيفات أقل من المتجرين السابقين سوق دوت كوم و نون دوت كوم.
منتجاته مضمونه و أصلية 100%، سواءا كانت من الإلكترونيات والأزياء والعطور ومستلزمات العناية بالاطفال، الجديد في موقع وادي دوت كوم أنها ستقدم منتجات البقالة لعملائها قريبا.

معلومات قد تهمك عن موقع وادي دوت كوم :

يقتصر موقع وادي السعودية على تقديم منتجاته للسعودية والإمارات فقط.
عبارة "إكسبريس" تعني أن البائع هو موقع وادي إكسبريس، والمنتجات متوفرة في مخازنه، مما يتيح شحن أسرع، قد يستغرق أقل من 24 ساعة.
يتيح موقع وادي إرسال مشترياتك كهدية، حيث تستكمل اجراءات الدفع اون لاين، و تختار الإرسال كهدية، حيث تقوم وادي بتغلفها و ارسالها للمستقبل.
يوفر وادي دوت كوم الدفع اون لاين او عند الإستلام.

استمتع بالتسوق من موقع وادي دوت كوم السعودية ، او وادي الإمارات و لا تنسى إستخدام كود خصم وادي، المتجدد على موقعنا الكوبونات.

نوفر على موقعنا الكوبونات، احدث عروض و تخفيضات متاجر التسوق اون لاين، فور صدورها، وكذلك احدث و اقوى اكواد خصم مواقع التسوق العربية و العالمية.
لدينا عروض و تخفيضات أكثر من 250 متجر اون لاين، موثوقين للإستمتاع بشراء أمن، مع إمكانية الشحن المحلي أو الدولي لدول الشرق الأوسط، سواء مباشرة أو غير مباشر من خلال شركات شحن وسيطة، مثل : ارامكس المتمثلة في خدمة شوب اند شيب، و ادفعلي، وغيرهم.

fatema farag
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إجابة لأشهر أسئلتكم لموقع نون. كوم! – و استخدم كود خصم نون من موقعنا الكوبونات

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