Introducing PIQO, The Word’s Smartest and Most Powerful 1080p Pico Pocket Projector

PIQO one of the most portable projectors ever, measuring only 2 inches on each side.

Enjoy PIQO anywhere – Perfect especially for those bedtime screenings.

PIQO’s portability means that you can be ready for a professional presentation anywhere you go.

PIQO is a state-of-the-art entertainment system that features Android, a 240” HD screen, universal connectivity and much more – all while fitting in your pocket

We had a crazy idea of designing the world’s most powerful projector that could fit in the palm of your hand. PIQO achieves that through a perfect harmony of smart features, HD video, size and price.”


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 5, 2018 / — PIQO is the latest innovation in portable projection technology. Measuring barely 2 in. tall and wide, this pocket-sized cinema comes packed with features such as 1080p HD picture quality, a built-in Hi-Fi speaker, seamless Bluetooth pairing, offline storage, and an incredible 50 hours of battery life. Whether at home, work, or virtually anywhere else, PIQO brings media to life like never before.

PIQO may be small, but it’s already making big waves across the web. Within three days of its launch on Indiegogo, funding had already exceeded $100,000 —this amounts to over 1,000% of its goal. And it isn’t stopping there. As the word spreads about PIQO’s incredible capabilities as an all-in-one smart multimedia player, funding and support from the community is growing exponentially.

PIQO isn’t just a standard projector. Because it has Android Operating system and apps, screen mirroring support (AirPlay, Miracast, eShare), WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, and built-in storage, it’s more like a full-fledged smart entertainment system. Users can connect to the internet and access their favorite apps like Netflix and YouTube from anywhere, without their phone. Navigation is easy thanks to the responsive touchscreen and included remote control. PIQO is also universally compatible with all mobile devices, gaming systems, and computers and can seamlessly cast shows and games on any surface via screen mirroring. As PIQO is meant to be taken everywhere, a lack of internet isn’t a problem. Movies and songs can be loaded directly onto PIQO’s hard drive, and users can even download their next Netflix binge right from the app for offline viewing.

When it comes time to turn PIQO on, users can enjoy hours of HD quality picture and audio without the need for a single wire. The powerful 200-lumen projector delivers twice the brightness of most competitors in the premium $500-800 price range such as Sony and Philips and guarantees rich colors and sharp images at 1080p HD. PIQO can project at up to 240” without a loss in picture quality for a truly cinematic experience.

One issue with other portable projectors is that they require external speakers, bringing into question how “portable” they really are. PIQO solves this problem with its state-of-the-art built-in speaker. Designed by audio engineers from leading audio brands, PIQO’s surround-sound speaker booms with crystal clear Hi-Fi sound.

PIQO can be placed on any type of surface and still deliver flawless video thanks to its automatic keystone angle correction. With the touch of a button, PIQO automatically adjusts the projected image using advanced gravity sensors. PIQO can be put on tables, beds, tripods, lawn chairs—anywhere.

Looking at the hardware, PIQO is extremely powerful. In fact, it’s as powerful as your iPhone. With its 16 GB of memory, quad-core processor, and battery capable of up to 5 hours of video and 50 hours of music playback, PIQO isn’t just the most powerful portable projector. It’s one of the most powerful devices. Period.

PIQO was developed by leading audio-visual engineers who set out to create the first portable entertainment system. As PIQO is a projector that has its own smart computing and storage capabilities yet is also universally compatible with all other devices, users will enjoy limitless possibilities for entertainment, education, business and more. And, with the most advanced speaker, projector, and battery in the industry, PIQO looks and sounds better (and lasts longer) than most phones, tablets, and computers, and other projectors out there.

About PIQO
PIQO was founded by a group of dedicated audio-visual specialists who had the crazy idea of designing the world’s most powerful projector that could fit in the palm of your hand. After months of research and development, the PIQO projector was born. By packing every multimedia feature imaginable into this project (and designing brand new, cutting-edge technology), the team at PIQO has realized its dream of creating the first pocket-sized entertainment system.

More information about the World's Smartest and Most Powerful Pico Projector is available at and on Indiegogo including information on how to pre-order now at special early-bird pricing.

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