C Larboard Partners with ID Discount to Offer Teachers & Students Deep Discounts on Gifts & Gadgets Galore

The founders of C Larboard, Zoé and Rich Coulcher

The founders of C Larboard, Zoé and Rich Coulcher

Defiance Tools

Defiance Tools

Defiance Tools Skull Design 8-in-1 Multi-Tool

Defiance Tools Skull Design 8-in-1 Multi-Tool

C Larboard Offers Teachers & Students in The United States a 25% OFF Discount Via ID Discount on All Gifts, Gadgets & Tools To Navigate Life

Leading brands like Under Armour, Ford, Fanatics, Lenovo, LinkedIn, and SeaWorld have seen the value in the ID Discount platform and C Larboard is proudly leading the way in our industry.”

— Zoé Coulcher, Founder, C Larboard

ORLANDO , FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — C Larboard, founded by Zoe' & Rich Coulcher, is a community of life-enthusiasts who thumb their nose at convention and look to the best bits and pieces of the past to guide their future. They admire the quest for discovery and pay tribute to the thirst for exploration for new places and things.

Fueled by a passion for travel and the love of cool, innovative and unique products, CLarboard.com is the retail arm of the community. The Coulchers travel the world in search of unique gifts to offer in the C Larboard gift, gadget, and online general store.

On CLarboard.com, consumers can shop, share products in the C Larboard Booster Affiliate program and read up on new product offerings, travel tips, and life hacks highlighted in the Gift and Gadget Blog.

Sourced from the world and shipped to your door from their headquarters in Orlando, Florida, CLarboard.com is a gift shop full of unique collections inspired by the passion for adventure, innovation and living life on "your" terms.

The Coulcher's trademarked brand, Defiance Tools® offers “Tools To Navigate Life” and a brand committed to redefining the meaning of tools. CLarborad.com proudly offers Defiance Tools' EDC gadgets and products to help consumers defy the difficulty of the day and complete any task: from turning a screw or keeping your family safe on the road and off to making a delicious cup of coffee or mixing a drink and so much more.

With a 25% off discount on the best gifts, gadgets for men and women, and Tools To Navigate Life, C Larboard is awarding students, who are the future of our country, and all of those hard-working teachers that help make them great.

With over 19 million university students enrolled in the United States during the 2018–19 school year, colleges and universities are expected to award 1.0 million associate‘s degrees, 1.9 million bachelor's degrees, 780,000 master's degrees, and 182,000 doctor's degrees.

The Coulchers have partnered with ID Discount to offer a 25% off discount, on all items online in their shop, to all teachers from the pre-K to the university level and all students attending a university in the United States with a valid .edu e-mail.

Receiving the 25% discount is easy. Teachers and students can simply visit the Teacher Discounts or Student Discounts pages on CLarboard.com and click to sign into their partner, ID Discount.

After verification, teachers and students will receive a one-time discount code to apply during checkout. For future purchases, they return to the same CLarboard.com discount page, for another code.

ID Discount's technology, a part of the ID.me discount shopping experience, enables retailers to verify in real-time customer eligibility for exclusive gated discounts while preventing fraudulent attempts and abuse.

ID Discount verifies the identity and group affiliation of customers against the industry’s most comprehensive and authoritative data sources. Their verification process simplifies the customer experience and increases access to discounts.

Once a user has verified their identity with ID.me, they never have to re-verify again anywhere that ID.me is integrated.

"ID.me provides a seamless verification solution that empowers retailers to rapidly verify customer eligibility and give back to vital customer segments, all while driving revenue growth. Our team has worked hard to create an award-winning verification platform, upping the ante with every new partner and product launch,” said Blake Hall, ID.me CEO.

ID.me’s technology is used by more than 7 million individuals and 200 organizations.

C Larboard founder and retail consultant, Zoé Coulcher shared that, "Leading brands like Under Armour, Ford, Fanatics, Lenovo, LinkedIn, and SeaWorld have seen the value in the ID Discount platform and C Larboard is proudly leading the way in our industry."

Find more information on the educator and student discounts at CLarboard.com.

About C Larboard:
C Larboard, LLC is a worldwide marketer of innovative gifts, cool gadgets, and Defiance Tools branded products in the following categories: Transportation Tools, Mobile & Communication Tools, Food & Beverage Tools, Fun & Fashion Tools, and Gadgets, Tools & EDC (every day carry). Many in the C Larboard community are also focused on bringing cool and innovative products to market. In addition to their online store, C Larboard also offers independent consulting and advisory services in all aspects of product development and product sourcing. Find more information on their "Gifts, Gadgets & General Store to Your Door" at CLarboard.com.

About Defiance Tools:
Defiance Tools is redefining the meaning of tools with Tools To Navigate Life. Defiance Tools is a brand inspired by breaking out of the expected norm, thinking and living in your own unique way…to defy the difficulty of the day. Defiance Tools' products are designed to provide quality, productivity and value to end users and are sold and distributed direct to consumers via e-commerce and retail store shelves. Consumers and retailers can find more information at DefianceTools.com.

About ID.me:
ID.me is simplifying how individuals prove and share their identity online. ID.me's next-generation identity platform provides identity proofing, authentication, and group affiliation verification for organization across sectors – retail, automotive, telecommunication, government, healthcare, financial services, and more. For more information, visit www.ID.me.

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Meet Zoé and Rich Coulcher, Founders of C Larboard and Defiance Tools

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