Umbrella manufacturer steps up custom umbrella production to meet the increasing demand

custom umbrellas China

custom umbrellas China

umbrella china

umbrella china

Umbrella manufacturer Huifeng Umbrella has implemented measures for clients to take part in the production of their specialty umbrellas from start to finish.

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, CHINA, May 16, 2019 / — The global umbrella market has been on a steady rise since the slight slump after the 2009 financial crisis. Custom umbrella consumption has particularly quadrupled in the period between 2010 and 2019. Huifeng Umbrella is determined to clinch this market by offering clients creatively personalized products.

The umbrella manufacturer is geared to greet unpredictable weather patterns with an array of new products. The customization options enable companies to take part in the design and production process, to the point where their logos are imprinted on the umbrellas for promotional giveaways.

“We have seen an increase in demand for custom umbrellas as businesses become more aware of the marketing potential in them,” said Justin Zhang, Manager at the Huifeng Umbrella Company in China. “In the competitive nature of today’s business environment, more companies are interested in providing customers with personalized products that solve their problems. We are increasingly investing in innovation and research into custom umbrellas to help our clients stand out in the market.’

China is the leading Global Exporter of Umbrellas, with a figure standing at over $2.4bn of umbrella each year according to IndexBox. As the market snowballs, it is becoming increasingly difficult for buyers to navigate. At a given time there are hundreds of thousands of products from different suppliers. There are dozens of conflicting information and sales pitches that consumers have to sift through to find their best buy.

Huifeng is changing the narrative by involving customers from the word go. Brands can get in touch with the manufacturer and state their design, materials and marketing needs. The umbrella maker then gets into action to produce prototypes, keeping the client on the loop every step of the way. Once approved, final umbrellas that excel in finesse are manufactured to the client’s specifications.

On the other hand, consumers can use a web interface on Huifeng website that lets them design their umbrellas. There is a rainbow of color options to choose from. Canopy options include double canopy, multi-panel canopy, and Pantone matched canopies. Businesses can then upload a custom logo to install on their umbrella’s exterior. After that, the company’s creative team goes through the design, enhancing it and providing recommendations to make sure the final product is a success. Production starts after the client’s final approval.

“Our style of business challenges the status quo in the umbrella industry, all in a bid to make pieces whose functionality and aesthetics the end user can appreciate,” added Justin. “Every business carries out research and studies to understand their consumer tastes and preferences. The umbrella industry owes it to you to be the one to decide how your products look like if they are going to generate any traction in the market.”

Custom umbrellas imprinted with logos and brand tag lines have become a cost-effective marketing approach. Most businesses realize that these giveaways generate more traction per dollar of advertising budget than any other promotional product. It's because umbrellas are an everyday use item with ability to last long.

Nonetheless, umbrellas have not been immune to the technological wave of change. There have been upgrades from steel and aluminum frames for instance, to fiberglass ribs. The latter is more user-friendly, rust proof and wind and rain resistant. It is also more durable compared to the steel frames used before. Huifeng sits on top of this trend, helping businesses pick out the most durable retail products and corporate gifts for their clients.

Huifeng has not been one to settle, and in the company’s pursuit for excellence, they have recently found a new frontier including Anti-UV umbrellas, raindrops color changing umbrellas and an umbrella with a fan for those scorching summer days.

Apart from double canopy umbrellas, children’s umbrellas and those with wind and rain resistant fabrics for all kinds of weather, Huifeng is also introducing a niche product with LED for an even better promotion experience. “The LED is either on the frame or in the canopy fabric. In the dark or under heavy rains, your brand message will still stand out in clarity and interestingly.”
Huifeng Umbrella Ltd. also offers a curated selection of superior quality umbrellas manufactured from frame to tip that they sell straight to the end-customer. Ten units are the minimum order. That allows them to give shoppers custom umbrella options at a lower price.

About Huifeng

Huifeng Umbrella specializes in all kinds of umbrellas including parasols umbrellas, rain umbrellas, golf umbrellas, folding umbrellas, beach umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, children’s umbrellas, mini umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, patio umbrellas, transparent umbrellas, and wedding umbrellas, among others. These products are mostly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Our company’s philosophy is ‘high quality and excellent service.' Since Mr. Tan founded the company in 1987, our achievements have always been as a result of the collaborative effort of every individual involved in the company. Our success is contingent on our client’s success.

Irrespective of the direction the industry takes, our one commitment remains to be customer satisfaction. We are always striving for consistency in the quality of our products and services. We work as a team to deliver innovative solutions with quick turnaround for all our clients, regardless of the size of their orders.
We champion integrity and honesty; our teams maintain the highest ethical standards in all their dealings. Our umbrella manufacturing company respects individuals and big businesses alike. The same boils down to our employees from the seniors to the juniors that help to materialize our company objectives.

We take social responsibility with all seriousness. We are an eco-friendly brand that produces more sustainable umbrellas by conserving environmental resources, taking care of our employees and building communities. We have superb working conditions, and our products are usable for long without falling apart. We maintain a state of transparency, allowing customers to be part of the manufacturing process so they can see what it entails.

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