Innomineral Cosmetics Creates Versatile and Pure Mineral Pigments to Clean up Your Beauty Routine

The Innomineral Cosmetics Logo is characterized by a stylized Cherry Blossom flower in a copper  color

Innomineral Cosmetics Full Logo Inspired by Cherry Blossoms

Jenavie is wearing purple Innomineral pigments around her eyes. These minerals are all natural and can be used as eyeliner and nail polish color as well.

Jenavie is wearing Orchid Diamond, Periwinkle Pearl and Burgundy Smoke multiminerals as eyeshadow.

Shantal is wearing a combination of pink mineral pigments (Wine Passion, Sparkle Rose, Coral Shimmer and Pink Diamond) from Innomineral Cosmetics on her eyes, cheeks and lips.  This is a close up picture of her eyes.

Shantal is wearing Wine Passion, Sparkle Rose, Coral Shimmer and Pink Diamond multiminerals on her eyes, cheeks and lips

Innomineral Cosmetics is here to clean up your beauty routine by providing the most versatile and pure mineral pigment for eyes, cheeks, lips and nails.

Women shouldn’t have to worry about what they put on their skin, they should just be beautiful!”

— Michelle Woeckener

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, July 25, 2019 / — Innomineral Cosmetics, a Canadian Indie makeup brand, has found the solution to simplify and clean up your makeup routine. Due to innovative packaging and formulation, Innomineral provides the most versatile and pure mineral makeup on the market. Innomineral Cosmetics pigments are incredibly versatile and can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and even lip and nail color. The pigments are so versatile, Innomineral came up with a new name for them: Multiminerals!

Featuring a proprietary and ingenious sifter jar, pigments stay clean from contamination since product is tapped out into the lid for each use. Michelle Woeckener, the creator of Innomineral, had a vision to develop a low-profile sifter jar that was both functional and beautiful, and she didn’t stop designing until the product was perfect! Innomineral pigments are loose instead of pressed and no oils are added so you can choose what your makeup base will be. Instead of dipping your brush into the jar, pigments are tapped into the lid. This means the lid and brush can be easily washed so the product stays untouched and pristine for future use without any added harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. The whole theory behind Innomineral Cosmetics is to offer clean, natural makeup for women who have sensitive skin and care about what they are putting on their skin.

Any mineral pigment can now become an eyeliner just by dipping an angled brush in water. For lips, a swipe of lip balm with pigment dabbed on top creates an instant lip tint. Clear polish mixed with these amazing minerals provides manicured nails in minutes. Creativity is unlimited with how these multimineral pigments can be applied for amazing makeup looks. Innomineral is simplicity and versatility all in one small and elegant jar. Gone are the days of multiple products for your makeup routine; Innomineral offers one makeup product in a stunning range of colors for the whole face! With monochromatic makeup being all the rage, it’s really fun to use one jar of pigment to wear as eyeshadow, blush, lip tint and nail color. Innomineral is also about reducing waste, and this definitely cuts down on waste when one pigment pot can be used so many ways.

Currently the Innomineral line features a total of fifty mineral pigments for you to choose from, five of which are brow powders which double as matte eyeshadow. The colors vary from light highlighters and neutral tones, to bold, vibrant colors that are unique and hard to find. The Innomineral collection also features two incredible Glacial Marine Mineral Mud Masks. The star ingredient, Glacial Marine Clay, is sustainably sourced from the pristine coast of British Columbia, a truly Canadian product. Named for mountains in Canada; Cascade for oily or problem skin, and Columbia Icefield for sensitive or mature skin, these masks won’t burn or itch, they gently treat the skin by reducing skin sebum and tightening pores. Glacial Marine Clay is nourishing and healing for the skin: First, the clay helps to gently detox skin, and lifts away oils and dirt trapped in the skin. Next, the minerals are infused with Marine Phytoplankton. The phytoplankton provides an additional source of skin nourishment and anti-aging properties. Each box has over ten applications, and only needs to be mixed with water. These masks will refine and refresh your skin, providing the ultimate mineral experience!

Innomineral’s priority is the wellbeing of women so they don’t have to worry about what they put on their skin. Women won’t have to read long labels of ingredients that they’ve never heard of. There is a stunning simplicity to the clean and gorgeous mineral pigments that are being offered by Innomineral. Innomineral solves many problems for women with allergies and sensitivities. Innomineral makeup is clean beauty defined, and is free from: xenoestrogens (chemicals that can affect your hormones), gluten, dyes, fillers, irritants, fragrance and harsh chemicals. The pigments also last a long time because they are made only from minerals. Innomineral multiminerals are vegan and have not been tested on animals. They have tested their minerals on friends and family, all of whom love the multiminerals and look beautiful in them!

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Source: EIN Presswire