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Gamedrops by Blockchain XYZ.

CoinFabric, a subsidiary of, has officially launched the first of its kind Gamedrop™ platform, Agareum.

VALLETTA , MALTA, August 23, 2019 / — After 6 months of development CoinFabric, a subsidiary of (a Blockchain Consultancy and partnership network), has officially launched the first of its kind Gamedrop™ platform, Agareum, as one of the first ventures to launch out of their venture and incubation studio BlockchainXYZ.

Airdrops have been an industry standard, and an extremely popular service, used by many crypto and blockchain enabled businesses over the past couple of years. An Airdrop is when a company or project allocates a portion of its total token supply toward their marketing efforts to fuel rapid community growth and awareness of their project. Airdrops also allow for a broad distribution of tokens to ensure an ecosystem remains diverse, as well as incentivizes individuals to assist with distribution and sharing of the project’s posts and content throughout their marketing campaigns. Although an effective tactic used for new blockchain and crypto projects, the airdrop model as been primed for

Dean Cannell, Founder and General partner at BlockchainXYZ, went on to say:

“Granted Airdrops have provided a lot of growth for projects in this space, but the previous offering has left quite a bit to be desired from an engagement perspective. Our goal is to service both stakeholders – projects and bounty hunters – with a brand new, and more engaging approach.“

A Gamedrop™, or gamified Airdrop, takes the concept of an airdrop one step further. The process of creating true and authentic community members is based on their commitment to go that extra mile. Creating a multiplayer space for individuals to play competitively for tokens, as opposed to merely signing up, is an extremely impactful tactic for creating longer lasting impressions on community members – and ensuring a successful campaign.

BlockchainXYZ have essentially created a two-sided online multiplayer marketplace between projects and bounty hunters, where projects are able to expand their communities in a fun and engaging manner, while community members are provided an addictive and appealing gaming environment where they are able to play against each other head-to-head, and collect the tokens provided by these projects during actual game play.”

The first multiplayer game to utilize the Gamedrop™ technology is Agareum. The Agareum game itself is based on a traditional game but the platform itself plays host to a plethora of additional features such as Ethereum Wallet integration (ERC20), crypto-oriented player skins, and the ability to pick up / collect tokens within the game which can be used to gain access to additional features and later be transferred to exchanges for trading.

On the 2nd of September 2019 the first ever official Gamedrop™ will be launched, using Agareum’s utility token AGR. AGR will play a significant role throughout the Agareum ecosystem, including access to future game features and staking for access to third-party project Gamedrops™.

Casual gaming has been honoring a rather bullish trajectory over the recent years, and although blockchain gaming has yet to enter the mainstream market, there is a gap for brands and projects to connect and engage with consumers in a fun and competitive environment.

BlockchainXYZ have recently completed their Agareum test phase, with Dean Cannell reporting back stating that:

“It could not have gone any better. Thousands of people from around the world took part in the testing phase providing invaluable feedback and suggestions. As a community-first platform it was great to receive such genuine interest, and this confirms the direction as a medium of engagement for brands and bounty hunters (or gamers) to connect for real value exchange.”

There are loads of exciting announcements and community driven initiatives lined up for 2019 and beyond, with new Gamedrops™, modes, and features to be rolled out on a monthly basis.

Visit Agareum to get involved and join the world of crypto rewards though casual gaming.

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