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Book Cover "Seven Waves"

Book Cover “Seven Waves”

Author Valeria Lopes

Author Valeria Lopes

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Seven Waves by Valeria Lopes: A Beautiful Novella About the True Joys of Life.
Perfect Gift for Holiday 2019. The New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Keep.

BOCA RATON, FL, ESTADOS UNIDOS, November 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Seven Waves:

Strikingly beautiful and poignant, this is the gift for Christmas stockings; celebrating the true spirit of the holiday.
Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, read and gift Seven Waves… you’ll make the changes in your life that YOU WANT!!!


Our tormented protagonist arrives at a beautiful beach. He finds a large and comfortable rock, upon which he sits and watches the seagulls, the clouds, and the waves, as they start out far off in the distance, and become more powerful until they hit the shore with a force thundering and harsh. It is an odd beach in a very peculiar world where time and space don’t seem to exist. What’s stranger still is when the waves stop in midair….

And in a voice loud, but comforting, they tell our “hero” a story….

Even with the surrounding beauty, all that exists are waves. The waves and their stories gently force our lead to contemplate his own life and how he lived it.

After the waves pummel the shore, they become soft, and smooth and calm as they lap onto the sand. And they become very revealing.

He sits and watches and listens as Seven Waves come in, stop, and break, uncovering the lies he has told himself, and exposing the shadows of his empty soul.

Only the waves can deliver to him the inner peace, the joyous, connected life of love and forgiveness, instead of the place he had been in, the life he had lived, where fear and pain and lies once reigned.

Told as a series of seven stories within one thematic tale, Seven Waves offers a path that is inside all of us, to inspiration, reflection and ultimately, love. It tells the mystery of a man who is lost, physically, emotionally, spiritually. The Seven Waves help him to open his heart, expand his horizons so that he may truly live an honest and authentic life filled with the seven gifts the waves bring.

Seven Waves is a beautiful novella that could very well be considered a self-study course on the path to love and forgiveness—though the story is fictional, the universal message lifts, enriches and nourishes spirit and soul.
It is an always timely story, particularly so now, in light of the United States Presidential candidacy of Marianne Williamson, the author, teacher, speaker who brought “A Course in Miracles” and its message of love and forgiveness to a huge audience around the world through her book “A Return to Love.”

Seven Waves is a perfect present to give this holiday season; a book to turn to each day of each week to remind ourselves of the true gifts and joys of life.

Written by Valeria Lopes, the Brazilian author of Brazil’s best-selling Curse of the Werck Family, Volumes 1 and 2, Gypsy Love, When Nothing Matters, Seven Waves was channeled to Ms. Lopes by one of her spiritual guides, “Old Friend.”

Valeria Lopes was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the help of her friends in the spiritual world, she developed her mediumship, learning how to use this gift to aid others.

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