Ingress Prime’s First Global Event of 2020 and the Challenge Coins You’ll Find There

Players of Ingress Prime create their own custom challenge coins in honor of special events and gatherings.

Custom Challenge Coins Designed for Players of Ingress Prime

Anomaly events, like Darsana Prime 2019, bring thousands of people together across the globe and challenge coins like these are created in honor of the event.

Custom Challenge Coins Designed For Darsana Prime 2019

Players from all over the country create their own Ingress Prime coins. These challenge coins were created for events in Houston and Arkansas.

Ingress Prime Coins for the Resistance and Enlightened Teams

Creating Challenge Coins That Inspire Exploration and Adventure With Signature Coins

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2020 / — Niantic, Inc., the developer of Pokemon Go, is hosting a global event later this month for its second mobile game, Ingress Prime. The event is called Perpetua Hexathlon, and it will take place on February 29th in 15 cities around the globe, including San Antonio, Buenos Aires, Chiang Mai, Miami and Milan, among others. Ingress Prime players from all over the world will converge at these locations to compete for in-game medals and gear, as well as to enjoy the local culture and history.

Ingress Prime is a similar type of mobile game as Pokemon Go. Both games encourage players to go outdoors and use their cell phones as a guide to explore the natural world. Using a “scanner” (smartphone app) with GPS capabilities, players of Ingress Prime visit designated historical sites, art districts and nature parks to complete in-game missions and earn experience.

The game has brought people together from all backgrounds and nationalities, and in celebration of those friendships, many players have started collecting and trading challenge coins. Just like traditional military challenge coins, custom coins designed by players of Ingress Prime are awarded to friends and teammates during special events like this month’s Perpetua Hexathlon, and even larger “anomaly” events like last year’s Darsana Prime, which occurred in places like Atlanta, Bristol, Ho Chi Minh City, Las Vegas, Nuremberg and Tokyo simultaneously.

The challenge coins that players design for global events like last year’s Darsana Prime and the upcoming Perpetua Hexathlon are often based on the in-game medals awarded to skilled players. However, some players design unique coins representing their faction or home state. These coins are collected at events throughout the year and sometimes traded between players from different teams as a sign of friendship and respect.

The custom challenge coins used by Ingress Prime players are often compared to geocaching coins because the game is focused on outdoor activity and exploration, just like geocaching. However, the main purpose of the Ingress Prime coins is to celebrate the camaraderie between friends and to create a token that players can take home as a reminder of the event for years to come.

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