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The World is Full of Assholes

The World is Full of Assholes

The ultimate book on A-Holes is here.

SIERRA MADRE, CA, US, March 20, 2020 / — This isn’t your typical coming-of-age story about first crushes, first kisses, and unexpected boners. It’s about assholes, unlawful partying, emotional torment, and getting even. Benjamin Dover was six years old when he realized his father wasn’t a decent man. He was nine years old the first time he jumped on his drunken father’s back to stop him from hurting his mom. Benjamin grew up bathed in asshole behavior and spent the rest of his life trying to scrub it off.

If you’ve ever had to tolerate assholes, partied your brains out, had a humiliating first sexual experience, or enjoy getting even, then you’ll love this book.

JT Hackshaw knows assholes, not the stinky kind: the people kind. But in reality, they both smell the same. JT walked away from a 35-year career in operational turnaround and executive management, because he could no longer tolerate inffectual executives in leadership positions whose core-competency was incompetent decision-making. When JT crossed paths with the most comprehensively inffectual boss he’d ever met he said, “Screw it, I quit!”

The World is Full of Assholes is available in both paperback and digital versions. The book can be found on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Apple Books and Google Play. Global distribution available on IngramSpark.

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I write because the world is full of assholes. ~ J.T. Hackshaw.

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