"Don’t Shoot Your Helicoptering Husband,” says Author of New Mother’s Day Book

Wickedly Funny Book!

Wickedly Funny New Mother’s Day Book Will Keep Mothers From Going Crazy!

Dapper Author Jake McGuire Looking Like Tom Wolfe

Jake McGuire

News Reports Pile Up of ‘at-Home Husbands’ Driving Wives Crazy

This is not your mother-in-a-rocking chair book!”

— Jake McGuire

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, April 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — “This is not your mother-in-a-rocking chair book,” says Washington, DC photographer Jake McGuire, “my readers are millennials who now wonder, as their helicoptering husbands hover at home, ‘Why did I marry HIM?’”

“The great thing about a digital book,” says McGuire, “is that it can appeal to new and distinct readers by the minute, as digital books allow prompt content and audience appealing adjustments.

McGuire’s entertaining book, originally designed for mothers on their big day, has taken on a new life providing laugh-out-loud moments for moms overwhelmed not only by, home-bound husbands, but by underfoot kids, in-laws, barking dogs, 24-hour cable coverage, and he says, remembering his youth, “Little Johnny cascading toilet paper rolls down the stairs……Look, mom, Niagara Falls!”

The book is a nice gift for all mothers: yourself, girlfriends, or sisters as it is short, sweet, and easy-to-read, making it a simple substitute for a therapy couch, or chasing helicoptering house husband out the door with a 12 gauge!

The wickedly entertaining book is full of “out-side-the-box-mother, raising-five-kids-inside-the-house” tales and anecdotes so it provides comic relief from the current corona chaos, says McGuire. It covers his childhood years where his mother was an artist by day, and a prankster who played tricks on their neighbors by night.

“She was a rebel who distrusted politicians, clergy and anyone wearing a robe–even on Halloween,” he says, “and–amazingly¬–she still surprises us with an occasional visit from the grave. Really, see page 55!”

And, McGuire has a straightforward pitch for home-bond moms:

“If you are going 'husband bonkers', It’s OK, to buy yourself a Mother’s Day gift,” says McGuire. The low-cost book is available on Amazon ($4.99) for easy digital downloads and can even be purchased in quantities as gifts for friends and family stuck at home. (A print version is now available, too). For more details, visit’s McGuire’s website: www.dcjakemcguire.com

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