Belgium’s Top Flight Clubs And Their Fanbase

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, April 28, 2020 / — Football in Belgium is going global – as a new campaign is being launched to show where the biggest
fanbase is for the country’s top clubs.

Football in Belgium’s latest innovation shows where supporters from Belgium’s top division currently
search for their team on Twitter around the world.

The figures are staggering, showing that 24% of Genk’s followers on their official Twitter page come
from Tanzania and 68% of Club Brugge’s followers reside in South Africa.

Other fascinating figures show that 10% of Kortrijk’s followers are in Malaysia and 25% of
Anderlecht’s followers live in the UK.

These unexpected numbers show that Belgian football is getting an influx of followers from a more
global platform, thus making football in the country more popular.

Africa clearly has a distinct interest with football in Belgium, as many countries from that continent
crop up frequently on the “Highest Following Nations” list found on the site https://football- .

Egypt, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria all feature prominently in the lists. There could be many
factors but perhaps a French and Dutch influence within that region may prove to be a crucial

Clicking on one of the 16 teams from Belgium’s top league gives you all the vital statistics you need
to show how popular each team is on Twitter.

It is no real surprise that Club Brugge and Anderlecht lead the way with followers (Brugge 194,000
and Anderlecht 173,000).

Both these sides are two of the country’s most successful clubs. There is a good reason why
Anderlecht might be so well followed from the UK – former Manchester City legend Vincent
Kompany is the player-manager there so football fans in England may be keen to see how he gets

Gent has followers from 103 different countries, which is the highest number but, surprisingly,
Waasland-Beveren has followers from 100 different countries, which is the second highest number
from the 16 teams.

Such fascinating results will continue to evolve in time and the popularity of Belgian football is
definitely on the upgrade.

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Source: EIN Presswire