Fitness Enthusiast Jack Debrabander Releases His Top 3 Power Foods Every Athlete Should Be Eating

Fitness enthusiast Jack Debrabander releases his top three power foods every athlete should be eating.

EAST LANSING, MI, USA, April 28, 2020 / — Nutrition is an essential part of fitness, and fitness enthusiasts like Jack Debrabander emphasize that some foods can be more beneficial than others. According to Jack Debrabander, recovery is one of the most important parts of a regular exercise routine, and several power foods can help bodies recover more quickly than others.

Similarly, Jack Debrabander states that some foods can provide superior lasting energy that others, allowing for longer, more fulfilling workouts. Debrabander also explains that all power foods are whole, natural foods. They're not processed and are rarely packaged. Most true power foods can be found in nature.

"Eggs are a power food many athletes consume on a daily basis. That's because eggs are rich in vitamins and nutrients, like vitamins B12 and B6," Jack Debrabander says. "They provide the lasting energy we as athletes need to power through our workouts, and if you shop wisely, they're all-natural and affordable."

Jack Debrabander explains that quinoa is another go-to power food he consumes almost on a daily basis. He explains that quinoa is jammed with more protein than other grains. Quinoa is also packed with amino acids and a variety of minerals to provide energy that can last far longer than your workout. 

"Snacking is difficult to avoid throughout the day, so if you're going to snack, I suggest choosing another power food," Jack Debrabander says. "Trail mix and seeds are energy-packed foods that are easy to snack on the go."

Jack Debrabander explains that athletes should choose peanut butter, trail mix, or seeds as opposed to chips or crackers. It's important to choose snacks that provide protein and lasting energy as opposed to those that are calorie-packed without supplying vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

"I know not everybody loves quinoa, eggs, or trail mix," Jack Debrabander says. "But while my top three power foods may vary from those of other athletes, the core concepts remain the same."

Jack Debrabander emphasizes that athletes consume whole foods without refined sugars or grains. He explains that healthy proteins, like eggs, nuts, chicken, and fish, should be chosen over fatty, less-nutritious proteins like sausage or bacon. Finally, Jack Debrabander explains that proper hydration is an essential part of keeping your power levels high throughout your workout and throughout the day. He explains that all athletes should drink two cups of water before a workout, and always replace water lost through sweat afterwards.

"The key is to eat natural foods packed with protein and nutrients for longer-lasting power," Jack Debrabander says. "And water, of course, is one of the most important elements of a healthy athletic lifestyle."

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The Preview Channel™ To Launch 2 New Channels

The Preview Channel, movie trailers, video game trailers, star and director interviews, free linear tv channel, advertiser supported

The Preview Channel™

V Previews - The Videogame Preview Channel - free linear tv channel, advertiser supported

V Previews.TV

Preview Classics - classic movie trailers and more, free advertiser supported TV


Preview Channel Classics™ and V Previews™ – The VideoGame Preview Channel™ will debut this summer..

We are launching these 2 new channels to give fans what they want – a channel devoted to the classic movie trailers we all know and love and a channel for gamers – those who love playing video games”

— William Sager, Chairman, Founder and CEO

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2020 / — The Preview Channel™ (TPC/Company) announced today that the Company will be launching 2 new, sister channels to its 24/7 OTT and AVOD streaming flagship TPC. Preview Classics™ (, which will exclusively program archival motion picture trailers featuring iconic stars and directors plus related content from the 1930’s right up to the present decade, and V Previews – The VideoGame Preview Channel™ (, which will exclusively program future, current and archival videogame trailers highlighting their eye popping CGI and gameplay simulation, as well as related audio-visual content. Both are expected to premiere this summer.

The Preview Channel™, which programs first run movie and video game trailers in themed blocks, as well as other entertainment related programming including ‘behind-the-scenes’ featurettes, is also getting a complete makeover. Starting May 1st TPC will be significantly enhancing and expanding its programming menu. In addition to all the top movie trailers it has customarily streamed it will be adding promotions for the hottest titles from Hulu, Disney+, Amazon, Apple TV, HBO, Quibi and others all offered in new themed blocks with much greater variety and rotation. Since debuting in mid-February 2019, on XUMO TV, and soon thereafter on Samsung Smart TV platforms, TPC has grown in size and popularity and is now available in 65 million homes and has over 15 million monthly users.

William Sager, CEO said “We couldn’t be more delighted with the consistent and positive performance of The Preview Channel™. We are developing a devoted and loyal fan base who we expect will be pleased with the upgraded channel that was designed responsive to their input. We felt that there was enough available videogame content to now create a standalone product, and with having access to the world’s largest library of historical motion picture trailers we believe there will be a huge demand for the nostalgic content we will be creating and presenting on”

The Preview Channel™ has carved out a popular niche with short-form, mostly Hollywood studio produced content that is updated and refreshed daily. TPC and its new channels, Preview Classics and V Previews, plan to also introduce “on command” trailers later this year using voice activation technology compatible with Amazon Echo, Apple IPhone and Google Home systems.

The Preview Channel™ is a 24/7 advertiser supported linear channel as well as an AVOD channel that features and premieres first run movie and video game trailers, most of them well in advance of their theatrical release and retail distribution for audiences worldwide. The channel provides its affiliates and consumers a constantly refreshing stream of high production value content featuring productions from the biggest film franchises and directors with the most recognizable movie stars in the world. The channel is currently available on Xumo and Samsung Smart TV's encompassing the following brands and manufacturers: Sony, LG, HiSense, LG, Panasonic, Funai, Vizio, Sanyo, Sharp, Magnavox and Phillips. As well as at GooglePlay, Apple Store, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, T-Mobile PCS 'Metro Play', TiVo (set-top), Comcast’s new Xfinity Flex streaming device, and its new Android TV app that can be accessed on devices like the Nvidia Shield, Sony Android TVs and the Xiaomi Mi Box. The channel is already launched and available in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, the UK, Brazil and Italy and in Canada. The Preview Channel™ was Trademarked worldwide July 3, 2018 under Registration Number 5,510,196 and has a USPTO Patent Pending # 69/960.805.

Press Contact:

The Preview Channel, Inc.
The Preview Channel, Inc.
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Belgium’s Top Flight Clubs And Their Fanbase

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, April 28, 2020 / — Football in Belgium is going global – as a new campaign is being launched to show where the biggest
fanbase is for the country’s top clubs.

Football in Belgium’s latest innovation shows where supporters from Belgium’s top division currently
search for their team on Twitter around the world.

The figures are staggering, showing that 24% of Genk’s followers on their official Twitter page come
from Tanzania and 68% of Club Brugge’s followers reside in South Africa.

Other fascinating figures show that 10% of Kortrijk’s followers are in Malaysia and 25% of
Anderlecht’s followers live in the UK.

These unexpected numbers show that Belgian football is getting an influx of followers from a more
global platform, thus making football in the country more popular.

Africa clearly has a distinct interest with football in Belgium, as many countries from that continent
crop up frequently on the “Highest Following Nations” list found on the site https://football- .

Egypt, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria all feature prominently in the lists. There could be many
factors but perhaps a French and Dutch influence within that region may prove to be a crucial

Clicking on one of the 16 teams from Belgium’s top league gives you all the vital statistics you need
to show how popular each team is on Twitter.

It is no real surprise that Club Brugge and Anderlecht lead the way with followers (Brugge 194,000
and Anderlecht 173,000).

Both these sides are two of the country’s most successful clubs. There is a good reason why
Anderlecht might be so well followed from the UK – former Manchester City legend Vincent
Kompany is the player-manager there so football fans in England may be keen to see how he gets

Gent has followers from 103 different countries, which is the highest number but, surprisingly,
Waasland-Beveren has followers from 100 different countries, which is the second highest number
from the 16 teams.

Such fascinating results will continue to evolve in time and the popularity of Belgian football is
definitely on the upgrade.

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COVID19 Producing An Insidious Health Crisis For Our Children

Theory of Digital Supervision for online child protection

Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Author and Global Speaker. New release “The Internet: Are Children In Charge?” – Theory of Digital Supervision for online child protection.

Children's Author David Carruthers

David Carruthers, Author and Children’s Entertainer and Motivational Speaker

Important Reads For Families

Police are sending out warnings – they have intercepted chatter among predators that children are easy prey because they have an increased presence online during isolation.”

— Charlene Doak-Gebauer

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 28, 2020 / — Police are sending out warnings – they have intercepted chatter among predators that children are easy prey because they have an increased presence online during isolation. This applies to every country in the world and is causing safety and health issues for our children, during isolation and after the pandemic ceases.

Charlene Doak-Gebauer, a global speaker, author, and considered an online child safety expert, has great concern for our children as this COVID19 crisis continues. She is alerting parents to the ongoing dangers that are mushrooming because predation is growing daily. Many parents lack the knowledge of the extent of the predation and need to listen to this author.

“I am so worried about my children and the family because of COVID19. But now, I am beginning to realize, they are online excessively. My son just punched a wall and I have no idea why. I also found pictures of him nude on our computer”, said a parent of a 13-year-old child. This type of situation is becoming a common type of issue in homes as this global pandemic continues. And, where did the child send the nude pictures??

How are children going to cope? Parents are becoming increasingly afraid of COVID19, their means of income, and worried about the future. Our children are scared. With fear of illness and possible death, comes other emotions. Doak-Gebauer, warns this situation can be a “virtual buffet” for predation. During isolation, children are online more than before COVID19. Parents are asking themselves – What do we do to protect our children? How can we supervise them?

Doak-Gebauer, a computer and network specialist in education with 25 years as an educator and global speaker, has developed a Theory of Digital Supervision for supervising children while they are on digital devices. It is written in user-friendly language for all to understand and apply. Her newest release “The Internet: Are Children In Charge?” provides parents and caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to supervise digitally.

Doak-Gebauer warns that not only are unknowns a problem, peer victimizers can escalate the dilemma. Peer victimizers can, either alone or in a virtual group, be bullying for nudes, issuing threats or hate comments, requesting inappropriate videos, and other issues. These situations will join the pandemic to escalate the developing crisis for children and families.”

Without Digital Supervision, how will parents know if their child is a bully or a victim? Wanting to commit suicide?

Doak-Gebauer cautions adults that often children are being given too much ownership for their decisions, particularly online. “An eight-year old has little choice as to what to have for dinner, and yet they are supposed to make the right choices while communicating online. They lack the life skills and maturity to do so effectively.”

This pandemic crisis and the possible long-term effects of online negative experiences, has given Doak-Gebauer an even greater determination to help parents and caregivers in their challenges to protect children online.

Charlene is an Author, Founder and Chair of the Canadian Federal charity Internet Sense First, and Founder and Chair of the AICET Council (Anti Internet Child Exploitation Team). She has teamed up with David Carruthers, a person Charlene describes as a children’s author and amazing children’s motivational speaker and entertainer. “David’s books are a great source of bonding for parents and young children as they try to overcome the many emotions associated with this pandemic and challenges with isolation”, says Doak-Gebauer.

David has written a number of books but has “Gordie the Golf Ball” and “Fat Cat, Fat Cat” in stock in preparation for parents to purchase a new type of book. His books are available directly through the author by emailing “I believe in what Charlene is doing and support her endeavours 100%. My books will help support families for quiet family time and bonding with their children. Reading is such a great way to open the imagination and creativity of our children.”, David Carruthers.

During this challenging time, Doak-Gebauer says, we have to be mindful that our children are often silent victims of the Internet, and their parents can be unaware. Children are afraid of being “villainized” because of their activities online and therefore, will rarely share negative experiences. Charlene explains, “We have to be patient with children when we become alert to their possible “poor” choices on digital devices. Dangerous choices can be caused by their naivety regarding the true dangers lurking behind a screen”. David adds to this and says “Reading can bring positivity and calm between parents and children.”

Carruthers and Doak-Gebauer believe their books together are excellent for parents, grandparents, and all caregivers during this crisis. The books are useful in households to help combat the challenges families are facing. While in self-isolation, the authors agree it is an opportunity to learn how to digitally supervise children for online protection, and have a reading activity with children.

Doak-Gebauer’s AICET Council is international, comprised of Canadian and American speakers. Members on the AICET Council contribute their expertise regarding the three parts of Digital Supervision. When the pandemic is finished, the AICET Council will be available for half- or full-day conferences for various organizations, school boards, corporations, religious organizations, and more. If a full-day conference is attended, the attendees are eligible for a Certificate of Completion For Digital Supervision Training. For shorter presentations, Charlene presents alone or contributes to various conferences, educating about her Theory of Digital Supervision. Additional information is on the charity website.

Charlene Doak-Gebauer
Internet Sense First
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Two Authors Working Together For The Safety of Children and Families Globally

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Skip Drish of Tampa's Tips on How Best to be a Responsible Gun Owner and User

Skip Drish Tampa

It is important that owners do their best to be responsible, Skip Drish of Tampa offers tips to help.

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2020 / — Gun ownership is a right that all Americans (of a certain age) are granted, but in a way, it is also a privilege. Someone who is dangerously irresponsible with their firearms, or even goes as far as to commit a crime with one, may find themselves losing that right. Depending on the area, gun ownership rights can also be stricter, such as restricting gun ownership for people convicted of domestic violence. To be a better gun owner, Skip Drish of Tampa has prepared some helpful tips for you to employ.

Skip Drish of Tampa: Valuable Gun Handling Tips

If you are in an open carry state, lord knows that you have the right to take it about; however, that does not mean that you must do it, at least not at all times. Using common-sense for when and where you exercise this right is paramount. Just because you have it doesn't mean you need to use it. For instance, if you're going around a grocery store or restaurant, you may cause people to feel uncomfortable, Skip Drish of Tampa points out.

Taking training courses and practicing your aim are also important things to do. There are a number of small, simple things that a lot of people, unfortunately, neglect; Skip Drish of Tampa has seen all too often people who keep their finger rested on the trigger while carrying their firearm, which is a huge no go. Another important thing is to consider what you may do if there is a dangerous person around. If you point your firearm at that person, Skip Drish of Tampa explains, you should be prepared to shoot. And do be careful when and where you discharge your firearm; it is all too easy to miss and hit an innocent bystander, even for those with training. Make sure to keep your wits about you in these high-intensity situations, Skip Drish of Tampa recommends.

Skip Drish of Tampa Recommends Safe Gun Storage

Beyond how your gun is handled in and out of a high-stress situation, responsible storage of your firearm when not in use. There have been many a tragedy involving improper storage of a firearm leading to someone accidentally shooting themselves or someone else, or it being stolen and used in a crime. Make sure that your firearm cannot be easily accessed by someone who should not be handling it. The best way to do that would be to put it in a safe, and locking it using a passcode that only you and people you trust to handle it know, Skip Drish of Tampa suggests.

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"Don’t Shoot Your Helicoptering Husband,” says Author of New Mother’s Day Book

Wickedly Funny Book!

Wickedly Funny New Mother’s Day Book Will Keep Mothers From Going Crazy!

Dapper Author Jake McGuire Looking Like Tom Wolfe

Jake McGuire

News Reports Pile Up of ‘at-Home Husbands’ Driving Wives Crazy

This is not your mother-in-a-rocking chair book!”

— Jake McGuire

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, April 27, 2020 / — “This is not your mother-in-a-rocking chair book,” says Washington, DC photographer Jake McGuire, “my readers are millennials who now wonder, as their helicoptering husbands hover at home, ‘Why did I marry HIM?’”

“The great thing about a digital book,” says McGuire, “is that it can appeal to new and distinct readers by the minute, as digital books allow prompt content and audience appealing adjustments.

McGuire’s entertaining book, originally designed for mothers on their big day, has taken on a new life providing laugh-out-loud moments for moms overwhelmed not only by, home-bound husbands, but by underfoot kids, in-laws, barking dogs, 24-hour cable coverage, and he says, remembering his youth, “Little Johnny cascading toilet paper rolls down the stairs……Look, mom, Niagara Falls!”

The book is a nice gift for all mothers: yourself, girlfriends, or sisters as it is short, sweet, and easy-to-read, making it a simple substitute for a therapy couch, or chasing helicoptering house husband out the door with a 12 gauge!

The wickedly entertaining book is full of “out-side-the-box-mother, raising-five-kids-inside-the-house” tales and anecdotes so it provides comic relief from the current corona chaos, says McGuire. It covers his childhood years where his mother was an artist by day, and a prankster who played tricks on their neighbors by night.

“She was a rebel who distrusted politicians, clergy and anyone wearing a robe–even on Halloween,” he says, “and–amazingly¬–she still surprises us with an occasional visit from the grave. Really, see page 55!”

And, McGuire has a straightforward pitch for home-bond moms:

“If you are going 'husband bonkers', It’s OK, to buy yourself a Mother’s Day gift,” says McGuire. The low-cost book is available on Amazon ($4.99) for easy digital downloads and can even be purchased in quantities as gifts for friends and family stuck at home. (A print version is now available, too). For more details, visit’s McGuire’s website:

Or go directly to Amazon books at:

James McGuire
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Fifth WAX Blockchain Meetup announced featuring Dallas Rushing from Karma app

wax blockchain meetup # 5

wax blockchain meetup # 5

Join the live-stream at

Fifth WAX Blockchain Meetup announced featuring Dallas Rushing from Karma app! Join the live-stream on 5th of May, 2020 at 7 pm Central Time!”

— Michael Gucci

CHICAGO, IL, USA, April 27, 2020 / — The fifth WAX Blockchain Meetup organized jointly by Malta Block and EOSphere is scheduled for 5th of May, 2020 at 7 pm Central Time.
Our guest speaker for the meetup is Dallas Rushing – co-founder of Karma app.
The meetup will be live-streamed via CrowdCast!
Karma is social media for good. Karma incentivizes users to have beneficial interactions in the world, post them and receive Karma by other users upvoting their posts.

Karma was one of the earliest projects to launch on EOS. Karma app recently migrated to WAX.
The goal of Karma is to focus the spotlight on people doing good things in the world.
Karma app is available on iOS and Android.
Dallas has also promised to giveaway few NFTs for those who attend the live-stream!
We look forward to seeing you all at the meetup!
Don’t forget to join our telegram group at and create a free WAX account for yourself using @waxmeetupbot!

About Malta Block
Malta Block is a guild on the WAX blockchain. In addition to maintaining a top-notch block production infrastructure, we offer a wide range of services – from token smart contract design and creation, to managing the resources needed for an airdrop such as RAM and CPU, as well as taking care of all the details that go into conducting a successful airdrop.
Malta Block also offers services as a DAPP Service Provider (DSP) on WAX.

Michael Gucci
Malta Block
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Swab-its® Announces the Global Launch of Six New Retail Cleaning Kits

Swab-its® by Super Brush LLC

Swab-its® by Super Brush LLC

Swab-its New Retail Cleaning Kits

Swab-its New Retail Cleaning Kits: Craft and Hobby, Cosmetic, Printer Cleaning, Household, Auto Detailing, Pet Swabs

Swab-its Craft and Hobby Swabs

Swab-its Craft and Hobby Swabs

USA manufacturer Super Brush LLC is proud to announce that Swab-its® specialized retail cleaning kits are available around the globe.

Swab-its brand foam swabs replace old outdated cotton swabs”

— Misty McGinnes, General Manager at Super Brush LLC

SPRINGFIELD, MA, US, April 27, 2020 / — USA manufacturer Super Brush LLC is proud to announce that Swab-its® specialized retail cleaning kits are available around the globe on its e-commerce website and

Swab-its has created six unique cleaning kits that cover a wide-range of industries. The new cleaning kits include Auto Interior Detailing, Household Utility, Cosmetic Precision Applicators, Craft & Hobby, Printer Cleaning, and Pet Care. Each kit includes 24 premium quality foam swabs for $9.99.

“Swab-its brand foam swabs replace old outdated cotton swabs,” said Misty McGinnes, General Manager at Super Brush LLC. “Our foam swabs are lint-free, durable, reusable, and while conceptually simple, they become the tools of choice for all kinds of tasks.”

Swab-its new retail cleaning kits are available today at and for an MSRP of $9.99, which includes 24-cleaning swabs.

Super Brush additionally provides Swab-its brand-new cleaning kits in case quantities to all retail outfits. Swab-its products offer a generous margin, repeat buys and a superior user experience. To learn more about our dealer programs contact us today at

About Super Brush and Swab-its:

Super Brush LLC specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of foam swabs and applicators. From cosmetic applicators to cleanroom compatible swabs, Super Brush provides industries with technically advanced foam swabs for precision cleaning of laboratory equipment and delicate surfaces, collecting samples, removing excess materials, applying lubricants, solvents, adhesives, topical antiseptics, and a host of other solutions. ISO 13485:2016 certified, FDA registered.

Swab-its® is a trademarks Super Brush LLC in the United States and/or other countries.

For more information, press only:
PR Contact Name: Michael Lecrenski
Phone number: 1.413.543.1442

For more information on Product:

Michael Lecrenski
Super Brush LLC
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Material Culture goes online-only with an International Ethnographic Arts auction slated for Wednesday, May 6th

Fine Old African Mami Wata Figure. Carved and paint decorated wood with raffia. Collection of Allan Stone, New York. Size: 30.5” x 19” x 8.5” (77 x 48 x 22 cm).

African Guerre Mask. Carved and paint decorated wood, leather, fur and bullet casings. Provenance: Collection of Allan Stone, New York. Size: 14.5” x 15” x 9” (37 x 38 x 23 cm). Height on stand: 15.5″ (39 cm)

Pre-Columbian Mayan Incised Blackware Vessel, Mexico (700-850 CE). Size: 4.25” x 4” (11 x 10 cm).

Pre-Columbian Jalisco Pottery Seated Female Figure. Ameca style, 200 BCE – 200 CE. Provenance: The Miles and Shirley Fiterman Collection, Minneapolis, MN. Size: 13.5” x 8.5” x 7” (34 x 22 x 18 cm)

Chinese Li People Antique Silk Embroidered Dragon Tapestry. Fine antique ceremonial banner with phoenixes, “Long Bei”, cotton, silk thread, Li people, Hainan, China. Size: 79” x 50” (201 x 127 cm). Provenance: Apsara Arts of Asia.

The auction will center around several important collections gathered from across the United States and features rare cultural artifacts of the highest quality.

Online bidding is available via the platforms, and Telephone and absentee bidding is also available.”

— Matthew Wilcox

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2020 / — Material Culture’s upcoming International Ethnographic Arts auction will be held online-only, on Wednesday, May 6th, starting at 10 am Eastern time. The sale will center around several important collections gathered from across the United States and promises to provide buyers with an opportunity to purchase rare cultural artifacts of the highest quality.

The Miles and Shirley Fiterman Collection of Minneapolis, Minnesota contributed an array of fine, museum-quality Pre-Columbian artworks, including beautifully preserved Nayarit, Jalisco, Michoacan and Colima pottery figures.

Originating from the famed Allan Stone Collection of New York is a sizable group of old African shrine figures, masks, drums, power figures and fetishes. Fine Indonesian and Malaysian artifacts are also included.

The Apsara Arts of Asia, an important collection of ethnographic arts and textiles, contributed a fine assortment of antique and vintage hand-woven articles from myriad Eastern cultures.

Dr. David W. Fraser, past head the Social Welfare Department at the Aga Khan Secretariat, and his wife Barbara Fraser of Yardley, Pennsylvania contributed items from their personal collection of ethnographic baskets, jewelry and textiles acquired across Southeast Asia and Africa.

Online bidding is available via the platforms, and Telephone and absentee bidding is also available. Pick-up of sold property must be scheduled to conform to new safety measures enacted due to the current situation with Covid-19.

For more information contact: or visit Material Culture online at

# # # #

Matt Wilcox
Material Culture
+1 267-809-6378
email us here

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Clan Gaming Giant Releases New 1v1 Application

Rival1v1 Announcement

Rival1v1 Announcement

Carnivore, Inc., the company behind ClanHQ, releases a new 1v1 competitive gaming application for Apple that brings new elements to competitive mobile gaming!

As a $70B global market, mobile gaming is approximately as big as both console and PC gaming combined and is growing rapidly.”

— Carnivore, Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2020 / — Carnivore Inc, the team that delivered the first professional clan management application for mobile gaming, is working to further redefine gaming with the Release of Rival ( Rival allows players to battle head to head against other players in games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Clash Royale, PUBG, and 50+ more. Each gaming instance allows users to wager, using gems, on their chances as winning the contest with their fellow players.

In a world of gaming, fragmented between console, PC, and mobile markets, Rival is the future of gaming integration. With an initial focus on mobile gaming, Rival is set to redefine how the world plays and wins. As an initial target, mobile gaming is now by far the largest segment of gaming, surpassing both console and PC segments in 2016. As a $70B global market, mobile gaming is approximately as big as both console and PC gaming combined and is growing rapidly.

This was initially explored with ClanHQ, the world’s best clan management application, but is being massively expanded with Rival. This massive market presents unique challenges to traditional video game developers and marketers. Unlike the PC and console-based models, revenues within mobile gaming are traditionally overwhelmingly driven by the free-to-play business model. As such, the revenue in mobile is driven by an incredibly small segment of users – 3% of players ever pay, 1% drive 80% of the revenue and an incredible .19% drive half of the topline. The competition for these gamers is intense. To get a new game into the top-25, you’d better have at least $50M to spend on performance marketing – and the top games spend much, much more.

At the same time, the industry is evolving quickly. First, developers learned the power of group play in mobile gaming. Many of the highest revenue generating games have learned that if gamers are playing because they are working as a team and counting on each other vs. just leveling up themselves they play more often, longer, spend more money – all key metrics go up. The investment in clan-based play greatly increased, and in that model, games with relatively smaller player bases (and even smaller payer bases) were king. But that’s changing.

Newer games that have launched over the last few years have been rising quickly up the charts, often supporting cross-platform play. Games such as Fortnite (250M total WW users), PUBG (had 50M PC installs which increased by 600M! when they launched mobile), and most recently, Call of Duty Mobile (100M installs just a week after launch, currently 150M) have been dominating installs, opening mobile to an entirely new segment of highly engaged gamers.

Enter Rival. A wagering and competition platform built specifically for these gamers. Through Rival, a player can join with friends (and enemies) to compete and wager against one another. Our robust chat system allows users to connect, chat, and wager with one another, either in competitive 1v1 play, or eventually to place wagers on the outcomes of other friends’ games. It also allows users to play for both cash and bragging rights, with Rival’s 1v1 esports league, open to all, which will run on a monthly basis. As more and more players begin to play mobile games from home, Rival steps up to help raise the stakes and make their mobile gaming more interesting. Rival is completely free to use and incorporates chatting, a unique matchmaking system, and uses AI to determine match results.

More information on Rival can be found at, and the application itself can be downloaded from the App Store. While it is currently only available for Apple, an Android version is currently under production.

Carnivore, Inc
+1 415-500-6699
email us here
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