How TikTok Can Help Athletes During the Pandemic, According to Joseph Harless of Johnson City

Joseph Harless Johnson City

With Amateur and Professional Sports Cancelled Across the US, Athletes are Struggling for an Outlet

JOHNSON CITY, TN, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2020 / — Many high school and college athletes use the spring months as a way to prepare themselves for the next phase of their sports career. They may be visited by recruiters or they may be playing in championship games. With the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes are at a loss for what to do. A former high school athlete and basketball champion, Joseph Harless of Johnson City, offers a solution via TikTok.

TikTok is a unique social media platform that is video-oriented. People can create accounts to gain followers. Some people become influencers because of the number of followers they have and the challenges that they post. Further, the platform allows people to post short videos, often with the use of filters and frames.

Joseph Harless recommends that every athlete, regardless of whether they are in high school or play professionally, create a TikTok account. It can help athletes to connect with others who are also feeling the discomfort of the pandemic’s restrictions.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City explains that while recruiters aren’t going to high schools and colleges to see players on the field, they are using TikTok. It can be a way to see who is doing what, and who has some unique skills that cannot be displayed on the field or court.

Joseph Harless also explains that using TikTok can help athletes to push themselves. There are a number of different challenges posted regularly. Some of the influencers will offer how-to instructional videos of how to accomplish a challenge. Then, athletes can figure out how to recreate the challenge in order to prove to their followers that they can accomplish it.

What’s unique about TikTok is that it brings the community together even further because there can be thousands of people performing the same challenge. However, everyone figures out how to add their own personal touch to it. Joseph Harless of Johnson City says that the creativity is key to gaining followers.

Any athlete looking to be discovered, whether it’s for the sake of a college scholarship, a chance at the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, or any other professional opportunity, needs to be visible online. Particularly during the pandemic when traditional recruiting strategies are not available, Joseph Harless suggests that TikTok can be the solution.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City continues to be creative as an athlete and encourages everyone to do the same regardless of where they are within their athletic career.

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