Brandon Anderson Combats the "Pressures" of Work with Fishing

Brandon Anderson has a Different Way to Decompress from His High-Pressure Success.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, USA, June 29, 2020 / — The business of medical gas systems is a serious one, and it is also a high-pressure one, both literally and figuratively speaking. Just ask Brandon Anderson, who is in the business of installing these vital systems. It is a job that can be life and death, and not only for those who use these important and vital systems. 

Most people go to work, and if it is a bad day, it isn't necessarily a big deal. Brandon Anderson works in an industry where a "bad day" isn't an excuse, and perfection is a requirement, not a goal. When Brandon Anderson does it right, his name is never mentioned. When Brandon Anderson does his job properly, lives are made better and sometimes lives are even saved. And when it works the right way, ER doctors and trauma surgeons are heralded, as they should be, and that is just the way, Brandon Anderson wants it.

So in such a high-pressure position like installing vital medical gas systems for medical facilities throughout Florida, what does Brandon Anderson do to relax? He fishes. But Brandon Anderson simply may not be geared for that much relaxation because it isn't just fishing, but competition fishing that takes much of his spare time.

If he isn't engaged in fishing and offshore fishing tournaments, then you might find Brandon Anderson on the golf course. Of course, that is often where he can be found playing in a tournament for some charity, because golf without competition just might be too relaxing. If his Instagram pics are any indication, however, it just might be the thrill of competition or the excitement of the catch that helps him relax.

From Sarasota FL and now serving medical facilities throughout the Sunshine State, Brandon Anderson obviously doesn't shy away from pressure but thrives on it. For the hospitals and medical offices that rely on med gas systems, that is a good thing. For the patients who benefit from these services, it is a great thing, and for Brandon Anderson – it is just another day at the office.

Staying sharp is a key aspect of what med gas systems are all about, accuracy and detail. That might sound a lot like draining that birdie putt or setting the hook of the big catch. And that sounds like a relaxing time to Brandon Anderson.

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