Personalized Your Wines 3D Voice and Text.Craxy for you

Crazy For You Wines – Personalized Your Wines 3D Voice and Text.Craxy for you.

Create your own love story with our wines. Crazy For You.”

— Jose A Tony Habet

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, July 23, 2020 / — "Crazy For You" Combines Wine With 3D Augmented Reality

Wine Brand Set to Take on the wine Industry with New Tech Experience. Consumers will share more exciting time while enjoying different flavors

For thousands of years, humankind has enjoyed the sweet taste and health benefits of drinking wine. It played a significant role when sharing good times, connecting with friends and family, and celebrations.

Now, Crazy for You and Loco por ti Wines is taking on the ancient culture of wine drinking and sharing into a whole new level. The idea involves using three apps, including Nvivo, Mas Vivo, Bvivo apps, to send 3D augmented reality message to loved ones, while sharing a sophisticated glass of wine. Wine drinking mixes with technology to deliver a whole new experience to everyone.

Through this technology, Jose A. Harber, the inventor of the project, and his team hope to attract more people to participate in the art of drinking different flavors of wine and enjoy a blissful relationship with their lovers.
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Jose A. Harber started in the wine industry in 2009, as a wine and spirits brand representative, where he learned the art of making wine that has been passed down through the generations. His natural gift for writing led him to express his creativity in a couple of Spanish books so that he realized that he wants to improve his skills, so he decided to take classes in English and creative writing in college.

His idea has reached its peak, with the three apps that accompanying his wine brand. He is currently working on two virtual simulation projects, one involving augmented Reality that will aid visitors at bars when deciding on what to drink.

"It’s an application where we scan a bottle—we’re doing it with gin—where the label is a barcode," said Haber.
The label will prompt a virtually augmented AI system to come out of the bottle. Haber explains, "It’ll say: 'Hi, my name is Ana, what would you like to drink?". This AI system is programmed to help you make drinks with the spirit of your choice and even advise what kind of food order goes well with the wine.

To develop his projects, Haber has decided that the school's students where he had his great idea would be the right people to work with since he knows how important it is to help young people who will be masters of the future. In this way, he becomes a mentor for many students, such as Adriana Diaz that understood how this experience would change her life forever.

That's how the Crazy for You brand has become not just an innovative way of seeing the wine culture, but also an excellent opportunity for students to start their careers with the help of an experienced businessman with an artist's soul passionate about love and helping people

This 3D augmented reality project will be launched on the market together with its peer for boxes of chocolates, to ensure memorable romantic evenings for all his clients.

Download the three apps (Nvivo, Mas Vivo, Bvivo) on the AppStore, share the beautiful message that each bottle of wine has, with loved ones and continue fanning the flames that reside in the heart of each other.
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