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Humidity, water and drops are just some of the unfortunate events that could ruin your expensive phone if you do not protect it with a case – thikes kiniton.

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ATHENS, ATTIKI, GREECE, August 6, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Humidity, water and drops are just some of the unfortunate events that could ruin your expensive phone if you do not protect it with a case – thikes kiniton. If you have already dropped your cell phone and watched it helplessly fall on the ground, then you know how important it is to protect your device.

From lightweight, transparent mobile cases to durable cases that offer maximum protection, our guide will make it easy for you to choose a case that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

1. Regarding the price of a mobile phone case

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2. Read comments and reviews

Read reviews about the case you are interested in. Even if you cannot find a review for your particular phone model, other reviews from the same manufacturer will give you an overall sense of quality. You can also find people discussing mobile cases in various forums.

3. Select your functions

Think about additional features that you may want in a mobile case. Some cases also offer multiple seats. For phones, you will generally find kickstands that support the back, but make sure they are secure, as they can be annoying if they protrude too much.

4. How much protection do you need?

How clumsy are you? The first thing you need to resolve is this. If you want to survive from a drop, then you will need a serious cell phone case. If you are careful and just want basic protection, then you do not need to spend so much. There is a clear difference between the level of protection provided, the volume and the weight added.

5. Durable cases

Durable cases are another option to look at, but keep in mind that they are going to be bulky and heavy. The inclusion of air pockets and reinforced corners dramatically reduces the risk of damage to your device, but inevitably adds weight. It should also be easy to hold, even with wet hands, but you may find it more difficult to put it in and out of your pocket. That said, you may need to purchase a belt clip.

Durable cases should cover every corner, including buttons and the touch screen, which can make the keys harder to press and reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen.

6. Hard cases

If you want a case that will protect your phone, but you do not want to add too much bulk or completely lose style, then you will probably want to choose one of the many waterproof cases on the market today. A common combination that works well is a layer of hard polycarbonate with an inner layer of something softer, such as silicone that absorbs vibrations.

7. Thin or transparent cases

Sometimes you do not want to cover the beautiful design of your phone, or maybe you just do not want something too bulky in your pocket. If style prevails over protection for you, then you can choose a slim case.
It will protect against scratches on the areas it actually covers, and will certainly boost your phone's chances of surviving a fall. We are seeing more and more transparent cases on the market, which means that it is easier than ever to get something that allows the design of your phone to shine.

8. Folio cases

Wallet cases can be stylish and pocket friendly. It is a very good alternative to traditional cases, if you plan to keep your phone in a bag. However, they differ in terms of fall protection, as some include a shell-type case, while others offer virtually no coverage on the sides or corners.

If you are willing to pay for genuine leather phone case – thikes – it is a very stylish choice. The majority of folio cases are made of PU (polyurethane), which is sometimes referred to as "vegan leather".

Folio cases usually support the alarm function so that your device automatically opens when you open the cover and closes when you go to bed. The type of closure is important if you do not want to run the risk of opening the case in your bag. Magnetic caps are considered to be more elegant designs, but they are not as strong as tires.

9. Cases with built-in battery

When it comes to mobile technology complaints, poor battery life is still at the top of the charts. For Smartphones, you can always look to get a case with a built-in battery. These usually have a built-in battery that can charge the Smartphone for a few hours.

10. Battery case for wireless charging

Many cases are not designed to offer much beyond protection. What they should always provide is the ability to charge your phone. In the worst case, your phone should be removed from the case first. There are also smart designs that combine wireless and contactless charging, as new models support it. There should also be a pass-through for your headphone port…

Tempered Glass

Many devices are equipped with screen protectors – Tempered Glass and at Thikishop.gr you will find the right one for every device on the market. Screen protectors help reduce the chance of scratches or cracks appearing on your touch screen, but inevitably affect aesthetics and usability.

After all, it is always better to choose a practical case. As the price of a mobile case – thiki kinitou – is quite economical, you can buy some mobile cases for different occasions. Getting a thin case for your concert from 9 to 5 and a durable one for weekend hiking trips, for example, could be a way to avoid unpleasant situations and always have a different style.

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