The World's First Coding Kit Learnt by Creating Animation, PICK&PLAY

A Storytelling-type coding Kit that process commands sequentially once the cards are placed

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 27, 2020 / — Grinrise has developed the world's first storytelling coding Kit (product name Pick&Play) and succeeded in their first Kickstarter funding in January this year. Since then, Grinrise has decided to continue crowdfunding on Indiegogo's InDemand for those who wish to make extra purchases. InDemand is a pre-order platform that allows additional purchases to be made only for campaigns that succeeded in crowdfunding.

Unlike the other coding kits, PICK&PLAY offers an experience to learn coding through storytelling. With word cards and a mobile device, this special kit that can code 5 million stories. With word cards and a mobile device, anyone can code 5 million different stories.

There are five types of word cards, each consisting of ‘who, when, where, what, and how,’ which is the basic components of sentence construction. Each card can be combined to create a sentence, and an animation is created according to the sentence shown on the mobile device.

When a child creates a sentence by choosing a card he or she wants, the cards from the left will start processing the commands sequentially. From this process, children can learn the basic principles of coding by watching the animations and creating condition statements themselves. During the story development process, children go through a variety of trials and errors, and this process naturally helps children to think logically.

Furthermore, PICK&PLAY is a special coding kit that allows the word cards to be arranged in any combination, thereby allowing children to think creatively beyond their wildest imagination. It not only stimulates children's curiosity but also helps them improve their storytelling skills and creativity.

"Rather than simply instructing the programming language to children, I wanted to help them to understand the process of the algorithms system and produce the results through play." Said Seung Eun Kim, Founder of Grinrise. “I wanted children to learn through this process so that they could naturally learn the computer thinking process."

Grinrise: We aim to develop various cultural and educational content, focusing on enriching children’s minds.

For more information, please refer to the Pick&Play page on the Indiegogo InDemand website.

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The World’s First Coding Kit Learnt by Creating Animation

Source: EIN Presswire