IZON AMERICA to Release the “Sing Along with Gina D” Song Collection for Christmas


ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, September 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — IZON AMERICA to Release the
Sing Along with Gina D” Song Collection for Christmas

Orlando Florida September 9, 2020 EIN Presswire – Because parents have had to find things to entertain their children at home because of the recent pandemic, the producers of “Gina D’s Kids Club” a favorite television program for children and their parents that has been on the air continuously throughout the world for the last 16 years, is making a first time offer to parents.

“Over the years parents have asked us how can we get the positive G Rated songs like “You will always be my Friend”, “Good Manners”, “Christmas Cuddle Bug Love”, “Que Pasa” and “Gina’s Christmas Wish” from these programs for our children?” stated Joseph DiFrancesco, CEO and publisher at IZON AMERICA INC. in Orlando Florida. Mr. DiFrancesco has been a successful music publisher for over 40 years and is a lifetime member of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

The company announced today that Allied Media Partners, LLC of Washington DC will be syndicating the “SING ALONG WITH GINA D” music package to television stations for the first time ever as a “Special Christmas Gift” of 140 original G-Rated songs.

“This is a perfect way to keep children occupied with these fun filled songs”. stated Joseph DiFrancesco. www.singalongwithginad.com

For syndication information contact Ed Baruch at (571) 723-9328 or ebaruch@vacoxmail.com

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