Planet Ants Is an Exciting New Smartphone Game Involving Colony-Building, Teamwork and Competition

LONDON, UK, September 22, 2020 / — Those who have ever marveled over the way ant colonies establish and expand themselves are sure to love Planet Ants. This new smartphone game sets the player as the leader of a burgeoning ant colony. The player must make decisions to help the ants develop and grow their colony to become the most powerful in the Planet Ants world.

Players begin the game with a small ant colony. They must then guide the ants in gathering food and other supplies, forming nests, enlarging the colony, and expanding their territory. While some ants are roaming around to find necessities, the other ants in the colony will still require care, including feeding and defense. Players must balance expansion goals with caring for their existing ants in order to progress through the game.

Planet Ants is a free-to-play game and the app is free to download. There are opportunities to pay for expedited construction, additional food and other resources and materials etc. with an in-game currency and it will also be possible to use this to protect the colony and avoid any natural reduction in nest resources if you are unable to play for a particular period. However, it will never be possible to buy your way to success!

This innovative game makes use of smartphones' GPS capabilities to help players find resources, as well as identify friends and foes. Planet Ants is designed to be a social game. Through social media, players can team up with their real-life and virtual friends to create alliances to make taking on challenging enemy colonies a bit easier.

At the time of this release, the Planet Ants team has already established the infrastructure of the game and completed the overall game design. Initial graphics are ready to go, and the team is working with one of England's leading game developers to furnish the necessary software.

To help bring Planet Ants to smartphones around the world, the game's creators plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign will bring in the funds needed to finalize development and get the game ready for players to enjoy. Campaign backers will be eligible for a series of perks and rewards based on the amount they contribute. The gem in the reward lineup is a guaranteed spot in the beta testing group for the game, enabling backers to contribute to its development and finalization.

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Source: EIN Presswire