US Ghost Adventures navigates COVID Halloween Season by turning your phone into a ghost tour guide in 24 cities

Haunted Ghost Tours on Junket

Haunted Ghost Tours on Junket

Junket Virtual Augmented Experiences

Junket’s virtual augmented experiences turns your phone into a tour guide

Junket Ghost Tours

Enjoy ghost tours at your fingertips through Junket

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2020 / — US Ghosts Adventures, a national ghost tour and entertainment operator, created smartphone guided ghost tours in over 20 cities available on the Junket app, a platform for the creation and distribution of virtual augmented experiences, which turns your phone into a tour guide.

US Ghost Adventures saw significant reductions in bookings when the pandemic struck in March. The company began working with the Junket platform before coronavirus but doubled down on their efforts when all operations came to an abrupt halt, highlighting the importance of virtual options and social distancing.

US Ghost Adventures Junkets allows a user to turn their mobile device into a tour guide, allowing them to navigate through ghost tours in 25 different cities, narrated by voice actors and aided by location-based triggers and navigation. Guests can enjoy the tour on location, using the app to guide them through the streets and stories on their schedule, or from the comfort of their home.

The Junket experiences have been popular for visitors and locals alike, who have found a new and safe way to get out of the house and take a ghost tour.

US Ghost Adventures had been exploring virtual tour ideas for a while as a way to expand the reach and options for their customers. The Junket Platform lets ghost tour guests have the same high-quality experience, but on their own terms by turning their phones into a tour guide that delivers spooky images and an engrossing audio narrative to bring the atmosphere of the tour to life: anytime, anywhere.

About Junket:
Junket is a new app and platform for creating and sharing virtual augmented experiences. It started as a way to liberate guided tours from the restrictions of time, place, and availability. It grew to incorporate decision driven location-based games, like scavenger hunts.

Food tour operators in Las Vegas and Philadelphia created tasting tours of the best dining venues in their cities, and a brewery tour company in Seattle launched a self-guided beer tasting experience. Guests are guided at timed slots around downtown to waiting tasting plates or drinks.

Junkets are easy to create and use. They range in cost from $5 to $10 per person and can be purchased either directly from a partner’s website, or in the app. Participants can take tours or adventures, where they can earn points on a leaderboard and compete for trophies, which may be redeemed for prizes. Adventures are themed multi-path decision-based games taken outside, similar to a scavenger hunt, in which users search for clues to be the first to complete the journey.

About US Ghost Adventures:
The national ghost tour and entertainment operator started on the East Coast. They offer nightly in-person tours in 25 cities across the United States. Tours are open, with safety measures in place, and guide and guest safety are a priority. With a focus on history, not scaring guests, the in-person tours are popular with destination visitors as well as locals, families, and school groups.

Tours across America:
From Salem, and its witch trials (not the only ghosts in Salem) to Greenwich Village, Chicago, Las Vegas and Seattle you are never far from a US Ghost Adventures tour.

Ask Alexa or Google to tell you a ghost story:
The US Ghost Adventures Voice App enables people to listen to ghost stories from any device equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The app delivers over 100 voice actor narrated ghost stories from over 20 cities.
Invocation words to say:
Google Assistant: Hey Google, talk to Ghost Adventures
Amazon Alexa: Alexa, Open Ghost Adventures

Lily: Host a ghost:
Staff at US Ghost Adventures were sent a haunted doll by someone who contacted the team following a blog post on haunted dolls, complaining that it moved on its own and turned lights off and on. After videos captured it moving on its own and research behind the doll, demand grew for people to host Lily at home. Thus was born, a Halloween season tradition used to scare friends and family, or to ward off other ghosts around Halloween. This year everyone can use Lily in their home: on a porch, by a nightlight, or put her on a shelf.

GhostFlix: Ghost tours from home
This Halloween season, sit back, eat some snacks, and enjoy both live streaming and pre-recorded guided ghost tours at home with GhostFlix, a streaming platform that lets viewers join tour guides through the streets of 25 cities across the US while listening to their eerie ghost stories and haunted histories. Social distancing has never been more fun, and viewers no longer have to travel across the country to experience their favorite haunted destinations.

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