Candy and Tots is releasing their Fall Collection of Mommy and Me Matching Headbands

Fall Leaves Print of a Mommy and Me Headband set with decorative background

Fall Leaves Print Mommy and Me Set

Buffalo plaid print bow headband for children, toddlers, and babies

Buffalo Plaid Print Bow Headband

Candice and her daughter Tatiana

I am beyond excited about this fall collection, the colors and prints will make it easy to mix, match, and pair with various outfits for both mom and the little ones”

— Trusted Customer

ASHBURN, VA, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2020 / — Candy and Tots, a business that designs and makes Mommy and Me Matching Headbands, will be releasing its fall collection on September, 8. While making the announcement, Candice Kelly, the shop owner and designer, said that they were making it easy for mom and daughter duos to match headbands. “Our fall collection is perfect for moms to match with their little ones in a fun and easy way,” she said, adding that the fall line will feature prominent fall colors and iconic symbols tied to the season.

Candy and Tots makes Mommy and Me Matching Headbands to the sizes that individuals need for their little ones with a personalization option in their shop, Candice believes that customers can easily select the sizes they need and have perfectly fitting headbands to match.

The brand-new business has been operating for a couple of months, with their products receiving a huge reception in their Etsy shop. So far they have made over 60 sales of headband sets and are getting a lot of positive feedback from their customers — “We can't wait to see more and more happy girl-moms and little ones rocking our headbands!” exclaimed Candice.

One customer that has previously bought Mommy and Me Matching Headbands from the store proclaimed her excitement about the fall collection: “I am beyond excited about this fall collection, the colors and prints will make it easy to mix, match, and pair with various outfits for both mom and the little ones,” said the customer, also pledging that she will be among the first to order when the products are released.
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About Candy and Tots
Candy and Tots is a brand-new business that started in May of 2020. Initially, Candice, the founder was thinking of making masks for people but instead, stumbled into making headbands with bows. She could not get over how adorable they were and started making a version for herself to wear, so she could match with her daughter (and also have a little excuse not to deal with her hair). Out of that a business was born, which she called Candy and Tots—a combination of her own name and her daughter, Tatiana’s. They put this together in a fun way and created a cartoon logo that depicts mother and daughter.
The business aims at providing super cute styles for the mom and daughter duos.

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New Words With Friends Cheat Offers More than a Path to Victory

The online application finds the best words to play and enables users to learn new vocabulary, strategy tips, and word game information.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2020 / — Crossword Solver has designed and engineered an all-in-one Words With Friends help platform that enables users to explore and win the social word game.

The easy-to-use online application automatically unscrambles letters, highlights the best words to play, and supports better gameplay.

While the tool is officially called Words With Friends Cheat, it’s about much, MUCH more than helping users cheat their way to the finish line. The application is also an educational tool that can be used to explore the game rules, top strategy tips, and new vocabulary.

When to Use Words With Friends Helper

Words With Friends Cheat is a great “backup” tool whenever users need some external assistance. Everyone—even logophiles—sometimes have trouble conjuring up high-scoring words in Words With Friends from time to time. Some users also enjoy playing the game late at night when they’re a bit sleepy or not 100% focused.

Words With Friends Cheat tool bridges the gap between the need to unscramble letters and finding the best words to play. This end-to-end WWF solution is particularly beneficial for users experiencing a mental block, pressure, or stress that hinders recall or retrieval of words, as well as anyone who just wants to play the game casually.

It’s also a great tool for newbies learning how to play as Words With Friends may be a bit intimidating at first. Feeling nervous or intimidated can cloud one’s thinking and hinder the ability to determine the best words to play.

The free, online Words With Friends helper addresses this need directly, providing outside assistance whenever and wherever it’s needed. Plus, the tool factors into account any changes to the Words With Friends lexicon so users can always find the best word to play based on the current WWF word list ENABLE.

How to Use Words With Friends Cheat

The Words With Friends cheat application allows users to specify the number of wildcards, the words already on the board, as well as how words should start and/or end. All users have to do is enter the information in the search tool.

After entering the letters in the rack, the words already on the board and any wildcards, Words With Friend Cheat then identifies and organizes all possible words to play including the highest scoring and longest words. It even keeps track of the letters in a user's rack.

It’s Not About Cheating to Win

Words With Friends Cheat is not a tool to simply help users cheat their way to victory. It also provides need-to-know word lists and definitions so users can become better strategists and wordsmiths. If players are unsure of the meaning of a word, they can click on it to view the definition, part of speech, and related word game information (e.g. any relevant crossword clues, anagrams, and the word’s score in Scrabble).

Winning Words With Friends also requires a bit of luck on top of good strategy. While it’s incredibly beneficial to know where and when to place words on the board, it’s equally beneficial to have a good mix of letters to form playable words. But words don’t always jump out clearly to the naked eye. It can be quite difficult to instinctually see a playable word. That’s where Words With Friends Cheat application comes into play. It gives users the assistance they need and keeps the game light, fun, and educational.

Crossword Solver’s Scrabble Word Finder

In addition to the Words With Friends Cheat, Crossword Solver also has a Scrabble Word Finder application designed specifically for English language Scrabble games. While the Scrabble word solver is similar to Words With Friends Cheat, it finds words to play based on the Scrabble dictionary specified in the search bar instead of the ENABLE WWF lexicon.

About Crossword Solver

Crossword Solver is an online word game help platform with applications to solve crosswords, Scrabble, anagrams, Words With Friends, and other word board games. The resource center also includes helpful word lists, definitions, and how-to information that enables strategy and vocabulary development.

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