Reuben Russell Donates Time And Talent To Huntsville Inner City Church Of Christ

Giving back is at the core of Reuben Russell’s business for the Huntsville Inner City Church Of Christ through mentoring and ongoing involvement.

HUNTSVILLE, AL, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — Reuben Russell is an expert at using his time and resources wisely for his business, Russell Management Group. He prioritizes his personal resources of time and expertise by giving back to the community in mentoring and ongoing involvement with the Huntsville Inner City Church Of Christ. Of particular note is the Annual Giveback Day coordinated by Reuben Russell and the mentorship role he plays for young men in the community.

As the founder and President/CEO of Russell Management Group, Reuben Russell is a notable figure in Huntsville, Alabama. He’s been an active leader in the business community for many years and was recognized as by the U.S. Small Business Administration for the 2015 Emerging Leaders Initiative. Reuben Russell’s enterprise clients include the NASA Space Launch System Project Office, where the RMG firm provides ongoing program support.

Even though Reuben Russell works with larger organizations through his thriving business, he also prioritizes serving the community and those in need. His long-standing relationship with the Huntsville Inner Church Of Christ is one example of his community service.

Each year Reuben Russell and the Russell Management Group sponsors an Annual Give Back Day for this church community. This event is hosted by the Huntsville Inner City Church Of Christ and serves to fulfill the immediate needs of the community by offering free food, free household items, and free clothes. Giving these resources for free demonstrates Reuben Russell’s commitment to helping others in the community, no obligations or strings attached.

Reuben Russell also shares his business and leadership expertise with young men in the community of Huntsville Inner City Church of Christ through ongoing mentorship. Teaching and guiding youth in the community helps to shape the leaders of tomorrow. The value and benefits are proven to create a significant change for your men. Reuben Russell’s professional experience and successful entrepreneurship offer an example of what is possible with hard work and determination.

Reuben Russell is CEO and founder of Russell Management Group (RMG). He brings almost 20 years of strategic planning and program management to this consulting firm specializing in custom web application development for municipalities and project management solutions on the enterprise level. RMG serves the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries in addition to working with government institutions.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Expressive Arts Therapist Salley-Ann Ross to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NORTH VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, September 28, 2020 / — People have always used the arts to express themselves, but music goes deeper than our conscious state. Music touches us in a way that allows us to both express ourselves and heal. Our emotions react to music. Our bodies react to music. And sometimes a song can express our deepest feelings in ways words never could.

Music has always been Salley-Ann Ross’s best friend. Now music is her co-therapist.

As clinical counsellor, Salley-Ann works with individuals of all ages and circumstances, but she says her training as a music and expressive arts therapist has allowed her to reach people faster and deeper than traditional talk therapy.

“Music is provocative and evocative,” says Salley-Ann. “We use music to access the unconscious: our memories, our pain, grief, trauma, even happiness. Let's pull it out.”

Music therapists are highly specialized. It requires extensive training.

With a Masters in Counselling Psychology, Music Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and 20 years as a Royal Conservatory Pianist, Salley-Ann’s unique combination of training has enabled her to provide clients with extensive resources to meet their unique needs.

Salley-Ann specializes in families in high conflict, working directly with children to explore different ways of expressing themselves.

“Music offers a safe platform to actually explore vulnerability. There's a quality to music that feels safe to surface the unconscious thoughts we carry with us,” says Salley-Ann. “In the therapeutic context, music is a great way to get the conversation started, to open up dialogue and open up their heart.”

Close Up Radio will feature Salley-Ann Ross in an interview with Jim Masters on September 29th at 5pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information about out guest, please visit her page on LinkedIn

Lou Ceparano
Close Up Television & Radio
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Letter written by Albert Einstein in 1943, in English, condemning racism and segregation in the U.S., is for sale

The letter is handsomely matted and framed, with a photo of Einstein. It’s also one of the few letters Einstein hand-wrote in English. German was his preferred tongue.

Writing in a neat cursive hand, Albert Einstein strongly condemns racism and segregation in the United States. The words are still relevant today – nearly 80 years later.

His words are strong and prescient, and resonate just as strongly today as when first written. The letter would be an important addition to anyone’s collection.

Einstein notes that he heard White speak ‘some years ago’. Something clearly deeply impressed him about White’s speech for him to write this thoughtful letter to White over three years after the event”

— Michael DiRuggiero

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — A letter handwritten in English in 1943 by Albert Einstein – in which he strongly condemns racism and segregation in the United States – is for sale through The Manhattan Rare Book Company at a fixed price of $85,000. The letter is especially relevant now, in today’s racially and politically charged climate, even though it was written nearly 80 years ago.

Dated September 22nd, 1943 and handwritten on his embossed Mercer Street, Princeton (N.J.) stationery, the letter is addressed to Walter F. White, the influential African American Civil Rights leader who led the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (the NAACP) from 1929-1955. Einstein praises White for his work battling racism and prejudice.

Writing in a neat cursive hand, Einstein begins, “Dear Mr. White, I have been quite impressed by the address you delivered some years ago at a meeting of the Princeton Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. I know how hard it is to awaken the conscience even of good-hearted and well-meaning people when deep rooted prejudices are in the way.”

He concludes: “It is a great work indeed which you are doing relentlessly for the betterment of the living conditions of our Colored fellow-citizens, for justice and for the accomplishment of national unity of the American people.” The letter ends, “With sincere respect and kind wishes, Yours, Albert Einstein.” The letter is handsomely matted and framed, with a photo of Einstein.

“Einstein, writing in 1943, notes that he heard White speak ‘some years ago’. Something clearly must have deeply impressed him about White’s speech for him to write this thoughtful letter to White over three years after the event,” said Michael DiRuggiero of The Manhattan Rare Book Company. “It’s also one of the few letters Einstein hand-wrote in English. German was his preferred tongue.”

According to the Princeton Herald, on April 28, 1940 Walter White was the keynote speaker at “an inter-racial meeting sponsored by the Princeton branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,” where his topic was “What Happens to Democracy When it Encounters the Color Line”. This is the speech that inspired the letter, albeit three years later.

At the time, Princeton University did not admit African Americans, and the community was debating the question as to whether to end segregation at the school. Princeton finally did admit its first African American student, but not until the fall of 1947 – seven years after White’s speech and four years after Einstein’s letter.

In his book Albert Einstein, author Walter Isaacson observed, “To protect the rights of the individual…was Einstein’s most fundamental political tenet. Individualism and freedom were necessary for creative art and science to flourish. Personally, politically, and professionally, he was repulsed by any restraints. That is why he remained outspoken about racial discrimination in America…. As a Jew who had grown up in Germany, Einstein was acutely sensitive to such discrimination. ‘The more I feel an American, the more this situation pains me,’ he wrote in an essay called The Negro Question for the January 1946 issue of Pageant magazine. ‘I can escape the feeling of complicity in it only by speaking out.’”

Even more directly, in his 1946 commencement speech to Lincoln University, the first degree-granting Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in the United States, Einstein strongly denounced segregation as “an American tradition which is uncritically handed down from one generation to the next,” noting that, “There is separation of colored people from white people in the United States… That separation is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it.”

The remarkable letter from 1943, apparently unpublished, is one of the earliest examples of Einstein’s interest in condemning racism in the United States. His words are strong and prescient, and resonate just as strongly today as when they were first written. The letter would make a fine and important addition to anyone’s collection. Or, it could also be proudly displayed in a museum.

The Manhattan Rare Book Company is located at 1050 Second Avenue (Gallery 90) in New York City. The firm is always in the hunt for rare and important books, especially ones having to do with literature, history, science, art and photobooks, and illuminated manuscripts. To inquire about buying or selling a rare book, you may call them at 212-326-8907; or, you can email them at To learn more, please visit

# # # #

Michael DiRuggiero
Manhattan Rare Books
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Square Off Raises Over USD 1 Million on Global Crowdfunding Platforms

NEWARK, DELAWARE, USA, September 28, 2020 / — After successfully building and marketing the world’s first-ever smart & automated chess board, Square Off has launched the next stage of product development with the introduction of Square Off NEO and SWAP. Crowdfunding immediately began first on Kickstarter followed up with Indiegogo to find backers who love the product concept and want to support its production.

A tremendous success, the Square Off crowdfunding campaign for NEO and SWAP officially ended on September 8, having raised a total of USD 1,042,117 from 5,745 backers across 70 countries.

Just like their predecessors — the Kingdom Set and Grand Kingdom Chess Set — Square Off NEO and SWAP make use of AI technology and feature automated movements and online connectivity via the Square Off App to enable users to play chess and other board games wherever they are in the world.

Compatible with other Square Off boards, both NEO and SWAP come with cool new features that differentiate them from the Kingdom series.

NEO is described as “compact, faster, and so much smarter” as it executes 1.5x faster movements than the older models. NEO’s built-in AI automatically adjusts to the player’s level of expertise. The game packs in 30 difficulty levels.

It also comes with Viktor, a personal chess coach that helps players learn chess and improve their skills through customized lessons. Novice chess players, especially, can benefit and advance to higher levels with the real-time coaching provided by Viktor.

NEO comes in three colors: ebony, wood, and stone.

SWAP, meanwhile, takes multiple gameplay up by a notch. It has all the features of NEO, plus four built-in board games: Chess, Chinese Checkers, Draughts, and Connect 4. Selecting and switching between games is seamless, and players can challenge anyone for a game, on the board or even the app.

They can play Blitz, too, as SWAP pieces technically “zoom” across the board, enabling energetic, speedy chess play. SWAP can support 4 games – Chess, Chinese Checkers, Draughts, and Connect 4 and comes in a brushed metal finish and dark tones. These boards are revolutionising board gaming and thereby innovating the experience altogether.

Both NEO and SWAP are lightweight and rendered in a minimalist, modern style. The company is committed to delivering quality products to its backers at the earliest.

The successful crowdfunding campaign of Square Off for NEO and SWAP indicates people's growing interest in chess and other board games. The lockdowns have motivated people to rediscover their passion and connected gaming has seen tremendous growth which can be seen by the success of the Square Off crowdfunding campaign.

Anjali Hamirwasia
Square Off
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A Second of Whimsey Releases Signature Line

Sneak Peek Blush Collection Moving Backgrounds by A Second of Whimsey

A Second of Whimsey – Sneak Peek Blush Collection Moving Backgrounds

3 Ways To Using Your Moving Backgrounds by A Second of Whimsey

3 Ways To Using Your Moving Backgrounds

A Second of Whimsey - Brand Logo and Power Statement

A Second of Whimsey – Brand Logo and Power Statement

Artist renowned for dreamy animated templates designs “Blush” collection

I wish someone had told me I was enough as I was. I wish someone had encouraged me to break free, to go for my dreams sooner in life. I want to do for others what I wish someone had done for me.”

— Susan Andrea Mariscal

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — Graphic designer Susan Mariscal, creator of A Second of Whimsey animated templates for social media, has released a new signature collection titled “Blushed.”

Mariscal’s whimsical cinemagraphs (moving backgrounds or animated templates) are popular among content creators, bloggers, and small business owners seeking to enhance their digital platforms. Her downloadable products combine dreamlike photography and video, using subtle motion in looped footage while the rest of the image remains still.

The artist’s latest “Blushed” collection spotlights the seasonal beauty of peonies in 15-second videos. The collection will be exclusively sold at for a limited time.

To capture the essence of the perennial peony, Marsiscal’s collection “features simple and romantic, hand-drawn-illustrations that help celebrate peony season all year round,” she said. Several products feature watercolor and neutral colors “with a hint of rawness to capture today’s simple living trends,” she added.

Mariscal’s “Blushed” collection also includes peony-themed digital stickers and Instagram highlight/cover icons. Downloadable bundles range in price from $1.87 to $25.00.


For more information about the “Blushed” collection or to interview Mariscal, please write to Media high-res photos and animation samples are available upon request.

About A Second of Whimsey

A Second of Whimsey began as just that: a fleeting moment, a wish, a dream. Born and raised in Guatemala City, Mariscal aspired to launch her own business. But that dream seemed far out of reach. Now an American citizen, Mariscal’s “second of whimsey” has become a permanent reality.

After creating cinemagraphs for her personal Instagram account, Mariscal’s spellbinding designs gained notoriety among content creators, bloggers and small business owners. Her original Instagram handle by.susan.mar has amassed more than 32,000 followers.

A Second of Whimsey products allow users to instantly download and use animated templates to enhance any social media campaign, including sponsored ads, coupons, announcements, blog posts, and more.

Mariscal believes in using her God-given talents to help women with dreams thrive. “I wish someone had told me I was so ready, that I was enough as I was. I wish someone had encouraged me to break free, to go for my dreams sooner in life,” she said. “I want to do for others what I wish someone had done for me.” Marsical happily resides in Lancaster, PA with her husband.

Susan Andrea Mariscal
A Second of Whimsey
+1 717-344-4713
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A Second of Whimsey | 3-Ways-To Using Your Moving Backgrounds for your Social Media

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Newlyweds are stranded for 109 days aboard a cruise ship and record a Christmas album

Album Navidad Con Jesus

Album Navidad Con Jesus

12-time Grammy-nominated music producer, 4-time winner (and his wife) believe that this album is the ideal gift you can give to any loved one this Christmas.

Don't miss the opportunity to have a copy of this beautiful album in your hands and enjoy it this Christmas. We hope you support us and share this project with your friends.”

— Rosamil Molina

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, September 27, 2020 / — Freddie & Rosamil had been working as a latin duo on a cruise ship when the pandemic began. Shortly after receiving the notification that the cruise company had stopped operations due to the pandemic, they decided to start pre-producing this album.

It was made in the employee cabin of the cruise ship where they had been working. The vocal arrangements were made on a laptop computer, using the on-screen keyboard as a piano, and listening to the musical notes through the tiny speakers of the audio card. Rosamil recorded her voices in the ship's Casino because it was the quietest place they could find throughout the entire cruise.

But at the same time, the traffic of people was constant. Several of the interruptions were:
• Workers were vacuuming
• Every day there was a waiters meeting
• An electrician came in to fix a lamp
• Refrigeration employees came in to repair the air conditioning
• Several times they used the bar tables to fill out worksheets
• A couple of friends came in to use the Casino as a space to do aerobics.

In those days, there were still no musical arrangements. Vocals were recorded using a metronome and chord mockups. To record the voices, they used the cell phone's earphones: Rosamil with one earphone in her left ear, and Freddie with the other earpiece in his right ear, working together, shoulder to shoulder (because the length of the cable was short)

Rosamil recorded 16 voice channels in each song (the vocals arrangements were made for 4 voices and each voice was quadrupled) to sound like a choir of 16 singers.

Freddie & Rosamil spent 109 days on the cruise ship without being able to get off. Some voices were recorded traveling between South Africa and Barbados, and others between Barbados and Cape Canaveral, Florida, passing near Puerto Rico (the island could be seen clearly) but could not disembark due to restrictions from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Already in Puerto Rico, working with the final musical arrangements and mixing, 2 storms passed through the island (Isaias and Laura). On many occasions, there was no electricity. Sometimes they worked with the laptop battery, and sometimes they moved to one of their parent's house (where several times the electricity also went out).

The musical production was made by Freddie Méndez, an arranger nominated for the Grammy Awards 12 times, winner of 4.

The world is full of lovers of classic Christmas carols that touch our soul every time we hear them:

• Alegría, Alegría
• Arbolito, Arbolito
• Cascabel
• Casitas de la Montaña (Villancico Hosanna)
• El Tamborilero
• El Villancico Yaucano
• Noche de Paz
• Venid Pastores, Venid

With this list of songs, along with others making a total of 14 songs, they present an album called NAVIDAD CON JESÚS. All recorded in the voice of a great performer, Rosamil Molina.

Freddie & Rosamil got married last year. This is their first album together as a married couple.

To reach their financial goal on the Kickstarter platform is All-or-Nothing. No one will be charged for their commitment to this project unless they reach the goal. In this way, only if all the necessary budget is achieved, then they can move on.

“As you have seen so far, the content on this album has been enthusiastically produced, recorded, and edited by ourselves. From the first day, we feel that it is a special product and that is why we are 100% committed. We have made a good choice of songs and we have taken care of quality and details at all times. Now with your support, we will be able to complete each of the following stages that are in our plans.” — Freddie Mendez

Freddie Mendez
WhatsApp: +1 (787) 279-4181

Freddie Mendez
+1 787-279-4181
email us here
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Album Navidad Con Jesus

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Emil Malak Pens an Op-ed: Could Continuous Rapid Testing Eliminate the Need for Lockdowns?

Emil Malak, CEO Voip-Pal, well versed in global politics, culture and health


CEOCFO Magazine logo

Emil Malak presents his Testing Plan that Would Allow all Businesses to Reopen Inc. (OTCQB:VPLM)

We need to accept the fact that the coronavirus is not going to disappear the way MERS and SARS did. COVID-19 is a completely different animal and it will be with us for years.”

— Emil Malak

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN, US, September 27, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent investment publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced it has published an op-ed ( by Voip-Pal CEO Emil Malak. Inc., Voip-Pal (OTCQB: VPLM), a Bellevue, Washington based company is an inventor and pioneer of the switching technology now being used by many of the world's largest telecommunication and social networking companies, without which they could not connect Landline phone calls to Internet phone calls. Mr. Malak has other business ventures and is well versed in global politics and culture.

In this most recent article Mr. Malak urges businesses to think “outside the box” and come up with solutions to keep the economy open. Malak wrote, “Businesses can provide their own solutions, by thinking outside the box and leaving cumbersome government bureaucracy behind. Business owners need to take matters into their own hands while abiding by the law. I have proposed a way to accomplish widespread rapid testing by placing converted ambulances as mobile testing centers on every corner.

Since the start of the pandemic, Emil Malak has advocated for widespread rapid testing as the way to keep the economy open and allow people to freely go about their business. Adding to his previous proposal of converting ambulances into mobile testing units, Mr. Malak has a new proposal for rapid result COVID-19 testing booths. Malak suggests, “Rapid results self-testing machine booths can be placed in business establishments and public buildings so people can regularly test themselves for the virus. These booths would be equipped with testing machines that deliver instant results to the person’s mobile phone within 2 to 5 minutes.” He continues, “Additionally, rapid results self-testing machine booths can be placed in business establishments and public buildings so people can regularly test themselves for the virus. These booths would be equipped with testing machines that deliver instant results to the person’s mobile phone within 2 to 5 minutes.”

Mr. Malak also discusses the recent rise in Coronavirus cases throughout Europe, saying, “On September 17th, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning about the recent spike in coronavirus cases across Europe, calling the new surge in cases “alarming.” They labeled it as a "very serious situation" unfolding across the continent. In recent days, Europe has experienced the biggest rise in daily coronavirus cases since the virus began. France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Belgium are seeing record numbers of new cases. Even Israel is now imposing a second lockdown after seeing 4000 new cases in a single day last week. French President Macron has also raised the possibilities of forcing another nationwide lockdown. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the coronavirus pandemic is likely to worsen in coming months. Enforcing a draconian style lockdown is not as easy to do in western democracy as it is in autocratic China. We need to accept the fact that the coronavirus is not going to disappear the way MERS and SARS did. COVID-19 is a completely different animal and it will be with us for years.”

Malak also pointed out how lockdowns have failed and have society. “Lockdowns have proven to be mostly futile as evidenced by what is taking place in Europe right now. They are going back to the same numbers they had at the beginning of the pandemic. People’s lives cannot be put on hold any longer, especially knowing the virus will be back. The economy must keep moving.”

Bud Wayne
CEOCFO Magazine
+1 570-851-1745
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Classic Poster Auctions to Sell the Finest Known FD-26 Grateful Dead Skeleton & Roses Poster on Sunday September 27

The Finest Known Original 1966 FD-26 Grateful Dead Poster – CGC Certified as 9.9. A beauty of incomparable quality that is destined to set a world record price.

Famous and Rare AOR 3.116 Grateful Dead Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa poster. Signed by the artist, Rick Griffin.

Ultra-Rare 1968 Big Brother Janis Joplin Poster. The finest of only two pieces known to exist.

The Classic Posters Fall Rarities Sale includes the legendary and finest known FD-26 1966 Grateful Dead concert poster estimated at $100,000-$200,000

Whether buying or selling, Classic Posters and Classic Poster Auctions is the premier source for the finest in rare and vintage 1960's concert posters and Acid Test items.”

— Michael Storeim

EVERGREEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Michael Storeim and Classic Poster Auctions are pleased to announce the 2020 Fall Rarities Auction, which will include over 300 lots of rare and desirable original concert posters and handbills from 1960's rock concerts promoted by Bill Graham at the Fillmore Auditorium, the Family Dog at the Avalon Ballroom, Russ Gibb at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit and many other important venues worldwide.

This auction can be viewed at Classic Poster Auctions and is currently open for bidding. Lots will close on Sunday September 27, beginning at 6pm MT.

Over 300 items in all price ranges are featured in this auction, including such famous rarities as:

– The finest original FD-26 Grateful Dead concert poster ever sold at public auction. Certified by CGC as 9.9. This legendary poster is destined to set a world record price.

– A signed Grateful Dead Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa poster

– A superb Miami Pop Festival poster featuring Jimi Hendrix; one of 3-4 known to exist

– The finest of only two known 1968 Big Brother posters featuring Janis Joplin

– A gorgeous original BG-105 Jimi Hendrix Flying Eyeball poster certified by CGC

-An ultra-rare 1972 Pink Floyd poster from the University of Denver

– A wonderful selection of high grade posters and handbills graded and certified by CGC, the world’s most trusted third party grading service

In addition to our famous quarterly auctions, the Classic Posters website has the world's largest selection of vintage 1960's concert posters and handbills from Bill Graham, the Fillmore Auditorium, Family Dog, the Avalon Ballroom, Grande Ballroom and many other venues. We specialize in and feature original vintage concert posters from around the world. Included in our catalog are vintage posters used to promotes concerts by Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Big Brother & the Holding Company, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Who and many others.

You can view our current inventory offerings at

Mike Storeim
Classic Posters, Inc.
+1 303-903-9932
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Nene Musik Launches Phase 1 of Their Official T-Shirt Line Featuring La Bouche, The Mad Stuntman, Veronica & Biagio

La Bouche Official T-Shirt

The Mad Stuntman Official T-Shirt

Nene Musik Official T-Shirt

The Official Nene Musik T-Shirt Collection Is Available Online to Over 40 Countries

The pandemic has made it difficult for fans to attend music concerts or meet and greets. Fans still want to connect with their favorite Artists, TV/Film Celebrities and Sports Entertainers.”

— Ruben Dario Martinez

PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Nene Musik, a thirty-year leader in the Music Industry has partnered with Music Industry Legends to launch Phase One of its official T-Shirt Line. The Nene Musik T-Shirt collection is now available online to over 40 Countries.

Phase One of this must get T-shirt line includes International multi-platinum recording artists:

La Bouche – known for their hits “Be My Lover”, “Sweet Dreams” and “Falling In Love”.

The Mad Stuntman – known for his hits “I Like To Move It, Move It” (As heard on the Madagascar hit movies, tv shows and video games) and “It’s Your Birthday”.

Veronica Jackson – known for her hits “Someone To Hold”, “Release Me” and “Outta Control”.

Biagio – known for his hits “Shaddap You Face”, “One Night” and “C’e La Luna”.

There are nine shirts in the launch including Official Nene Musik brand shirts to promote its business line aimed at music fans of all ages worldwide. The designs have been fashioned implementing the current trends of casual wear.

After this initial launch, Nene Musik will launch Phase Two (Fall 2020) featuring International multi-platinum recording artists, TV/Film Celebrities and Sports Entertainers:

Grant Fuhr – NHL Hockey Legend.

Richard Kline – best known for his character Larry Dallas of the hit TV show Three’s Company.

Sin With Sebastian – known for his hits “Shut Up And Sleep With Me” and “Golden Boy”.

Grupo Extra – Latin/Tropical Bachata greats known for their hits “Me Emborrachare”. “Hoy Se Bebe” and “Lejos de Ti”.

“We are super exited for this new venture with our exclusive clients. It is a difficult time in the world with the Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has made it difficult for fans to attend music concerts or meet and greets. Fans still want to connect with their favorite Artists, TV/Film Celebrities and Sports Entertainers. The Official Nene Musik T-Shirt line gives fans an authentic way to support the entertainment industry which is not doing well in today’s climate” says Ruben Dario Martinez (CEO of Nene Musik).

Phase Three of Nene Musik brand will feature additional International multi-platinum recording artists, TV/Film/Podcast Celebrities and Sports Entertainers with the aim of the company to gradually increase the number of personalities in this new collection.

About Nene Musik:
Nene Musik Productions, Llc. ( was established in 1989. Today, it is a boutique Artist Management and Consulting Agency that services Multi-Platinum Recording Artists, International DJ's and Celebrities. La Bouche, The Mad Stuntman, Grant Fuhr, Bruce Buffer, Dennis Rodman, Michael Buffer, Jenny Berggren of Ace of Base, Cascada, Frank Reyes, Milly Quezada and the production team Tune~Adik's are just of few on Nene Musik's client roster. Nene Musik's experience and commitment to excellence have earned them the reputation as one of the best Artist Management / Consulting companies in the World.

Ruben Dario Martinez
Nene Musik Productions, Llc.
+1 772-882-7029
email us here
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Abstract Expressionist paintings lead Shannon's fall fine art auction, which totaled over $3.3 million; 82% of lots sold

Untitled, #30 (1970), an acrylic on paper by Adolph Gottlieb (American, 1903-1974), signed, dated and numbered, 23 ¾ inches by 18 ¾ inches ($162,500).

Ink and gouache on light blue paper by Jackson Pollock (American, 1912-1956), Untitled (1952-1956), 3 ½ inches by 12 ½ inches ($112,500).

Oil on panel by George Bellows (American, 1882-1925), titled Farmer and Chickens, Woodstock, October 1922, signed, 20 inches by 24 inches ($106,250).

Etching with drypoint on Van Gelder Zonen paper by Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973), titled Le Repas Frugal (1904), from La Suite des Saltimbanques, etching with drypoint on Van Gelder Zonen paper (1913), from an edition of 250, published by A. Vollard

Oil on canvas board by Charles Courtney Curran (American (1861-1942), titled Wind on the Cliff, signed and dated, 30 inches by 40 inches ($100,000).

Leading the auction was the highly-anticipated sale of Abstract Expressionist art from the Jeanne and Carroll Berry Collection. The results did not disappoint.

The long-anticipated Berry Collection finally came to fruition as well as many other works we have been holding since April. We had strong results across the board and have many happy consignors.”

— Sandra Germain

MILFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Shannon’s seamlessly transitioned to their “new normal” hosting an exciting online auction September 17th with lively bidder participation despite the absence of live attendees. In the saleroom, 20 phone bidders sat at socially-distanced six-foot tables and managed to generate the excitement, buzz and results of an in-person auction. Active online participation and aggressive absentee bidding helped drive strong results. Overall, the sale achieved over $3.3 million in total sales with 82 percent of all lots sold.

Leading the auction was the highly-anticipated sale of Abstract Expressionist art from the Jeanne and Carroll Berry Collection. The results did not disappoint and listeners could feel the competition as auctioneer Peter Coccoluto fielded bids from the phones. Leading the group was Adolph Gottlieb’s Untitled #30 from 1970 that sold for $162,500, exceeding its presale estimate. Two lots later, Jackson Pollock’s Untitled from 1952-1956 sold for $112,500. Overall, 11 of the 22 lots hammered down above their pre-sale high estimates, a testament to the quality of the works offered.

Other notable sales from the Berry Collection include Mark Rothko’s Untitled from 1968 that sold for $78,000 and a pair of Hedda Sterne drawings that set a new record at $13,750. Sterne is the only female painter in the Irascibles and competition for her work was aggressive. Harry Weldon Kees, whose work has never before been offered at auction, sold for $8,750. And, the cover lot, a work on paper by Richard Pousette-Dart, sold for $37,500.

An Abstract Expressionist painting by Michael (Corinne) West from a separate collection sold for $52,500. West, a female artist, chose a masculine name to remove the bias of gender in the interpretation and sales of her work.

There was success in all categories at Shannon’s and there were no dull moments during the nearly four-hour auction. Sandra Germain, managing partner, commented “We are thrilled with the results of the sale. The long-anticipated offering of the Berry Collection finally came to fruition as well as many other works we have been holding since April. We had strong results across the board and have many happy consignors.”

A George Bellows painting from his time in Woodstock sold for $106,250 after enthusiastic bidding from five phone bidders. Charles Burchfield’s Steel Mill Homes sold for $75,000 to the Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon, Michigan. Charles Ethan Porter’s Peonies led the 19th century American Art category, selling to a California institution for $55,000.

Notable sales in European art include Montague Dawson’s yachting scene, The Needles, that sold for $93,750; and a Hugues Merle, Young Woman in Blue, that sold for $50,000. Modern European art did well with a Kurt Schwitter’s collage from his Merz series selling for $50,000; a Jean Dufy of Les Champs-Elysees that sold for $57,500; and a Marie Laurencin, Jeune Femme, that tripled the low estimate selling for $45,000 with international bidder participation. A painting by contemporary British artist Patrick Hughes found a new home on the West Coast for $45,000.

American Impressionism was led by Charles Courtney Curran’s Wind on the Cliff, a sweeping view from a cliff with two young women, probably the artist’s daughter and a family friend, that sold for $100,000. Other highlights in this category include Woman in a Silk Robe by Frederick Carl Frieseke, which sold for $57,500; and Guy Carlton Wiggins’ Winter at the Library that also sold for $57,500.

A regionalist work by Thomas Hart Benton of the Louisiana rice fields, Threshing Rice, sold for $87,500. Winter Stream by Southwestern artist Victor Higgins quadrupled the low estimate selling for $40,000 to a buyer in New Mexico. There were three paintings by New England artist Eric Sloane, led by Last Hay of the Season, a large 24 inch by 36 inch painting that sold for $47,500.

Prints were led by Picasso’s Le Repas Frugal, one of the artist’s first print compositions, that sold for $100,000. A Robert Rauschenberg silkscreen with iconic figures from the 1960s, Signs, sold for $27,500, while a group of prints commissioned for the Jimmy Carter inauguration fund sold for $30,000 to a museum collection.

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