The Best Cheat Code For The Covid Season: The Comprehensive Guide To Start A Thousand Dollar Side Hustle

Flipping 4 Profit

MJ Harris Provides the Blueprint to Starting A Successful Product Flipping Business in His E-Book “Flipping 4 Profit”

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, October 14, 2020 / — MJ Harris is proud to announce the release of his e-book Flipping 4 Profit, a comprehensive guide to help you start your own successful product flipping business, and how to scale it using his easy-to-follow method.

It is no secret that 2020 has thrown near everyone for a loop. Millions are out of work, struggling to make ends meet, or stuck at home with nothing to do. MJ Harris saw this as an opportunity to share his experience, knowledge and expertise with the masses to aid individuals and businesses in building wealth through flipping product for profit.

Whether you are looking to turn product flipping into a full-time career, or you are looking for a lucrative side hustle for supplemental income, MJ Harris walks you through the process step-by-step, providing the blueprint and foundation for success.

In Flipping 4 Profit you will learn:

How to identify and find your niche
Developing a flipper mentality
The art of haggling
Where to find your product for the highest ROI
Where to sell the items
Pro’s and Con’s of different platforms
Which products are the most profitable
Shipping and more!

MJ sets the roadmap to help anyone, anywhere earn thousands in supplemental income every month with his 5 step method. Unprecedented times have resulting in job loss worldwide. Oddly enough platforms like Ebay, Etsy and Amazon are seeing numbers like never before, meaning there is really no greater opportunity to start in this market with the right tools.

“Over my 4 years of flipping I've learned a lot, good and both bad, I've wasted money and time on products that didn't sell and the purpose of the flipping 4 profit eBook course was to really give users an easy to read simple cheat code into the flipping business that I wish I had.” – MJ Harris

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About MJ Harris

MJ Harris is a successful content creator and entrepreneur based in Brisbane, Queensland. MJ has dedicated his time to mastering the craft of flipping; spending countless hours, dollars and resources on boiling the art of product flipping down to a science that follows a method. Through developing this method, MJ saw a lack of guidance in the product flipping space and saw that as an opportunity to share the wealth, mentor and partner with individuals and businesses to guide them down a path to success following his unique and purpose driven method. Clients all over the world have either started or scaled their flipping business through MJ’s expert training. This tried and true method is exclusively available through the Flipping 4 Profit course.

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