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No.1 Gift For Woman

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Crystal Water Benefits

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Bottle, Tumbled Crystals, Neoprene Sleeve and Lifetime Warranty Included

Buzzfeed recognized Elixir2Go Crystal Water Bottle by Gemstone Well as the #1 gift of 2020.

Our team is super excited to get recognition from such a site like Buzzfeed. Each team member has worked tirelessly to create such an amazing product that the Buzzfeed writers love.”

— Paula Yates

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 / — Gemstone Well is leading the game in the gift market after one of its products, "Elixir2Go Crystal Water Bottle," got featured on Buzzfeed as the 2020 most popular gift for women.

"Our team is super excited to get recognition from such a site like Buzzfeed. Each team member has worked tirelessly to create such an amazing product that our customers adore and now the Buzzfeed writers love." Says Paula Yates, Head of Marketing at Gemstone Well.

How has this crystal bottle made it to the Buzzfeed 2020 gift list?

Below are the few features that will help to answer the question:

Healing: Crystal healing is an ancient technique used to ward off negative energy and illness. Elixer2Go bottle uses Safe Crystal Energy Infusion — the stones do not touch the water due to the two-chamber concept. There is no risk of contamination of water, and you can get the crystal energies simultaneously.

Beauty: Made with high-density borosilicate glass and polished stainless steel caps. The water and the gems are separated by a glass barrier with such perfection that it is the energies only that can pass to your water. You are getting an alluring design with a premium feel at the same time.

Real Crystals: What's better than having genuine, natural crystals? Hand-picked crystals from Brazil after various tests are used in your bottles to ensure the benefits while avoiding the harmful effects of non-natural glass or plastic crystals.

Lifetime Warranty: You are getting a lifetime warranty for an unbeatable price and a premium quality product. It's a one-time investment, and the benefit is for the lifetime. For a broken or damaged bottle, you will get a free bottle replacement.

A Perfect Gift: What's better than gifting something to your loved one that is beneficial to their health? Elixir2Go crystal water bottle is a perfect gift satisfying the urge of gift-giving and showing your care towards your loved ones.

Elixir2Go Crystal Water Bottle is available with 10% OFF if you buy it through the BuzzFeed page. This product is also available on Amazon and Gemstone Well website.

About Gemstone Well:

To help spread the fantastic benefits of gemstones and crystal healing, Chris and Erin Leake implemented the idea of crystal bottles and started Gemstone Well. The idea came with a small conversation between Chris and Erin while standing in the kitchen.

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