Among Us on PC by NoxPlayer: Update and Gameplay to be a Success Imposter

By downloading the mobile version of Among US on PC via NoxPlayer for free, people can utilize the keyboard to check the map, move the character, and so on

BEIJING, 中国, November 25, 2020 / — Among us, the wildly popular game in 2020, is available on both mobile phones( for free) and PC. With the social attribution and friendly chatting, Among Us also triggers plenty of funny moments or memes. By downloading the mobile version of Among US on PC via NoxPlayer for free, people can utilize the keyboard to check the map, move the character, and so on. Here is full gameplay:

Note: Only the mobile version is free(including ads), so please download the mobile version via NoxPlayer on PC, which allows users to run mobile games or apps on PC as an Android emulator.Download Among Us on PC here.

Here is the Among Us update in the future as below:

1.The new map is up-coming.

In the Beta version, InnerSloth announced a Henry Stickmin themed map, which seems bigger than Polus, which contains a number of new tasks to unlock and explore.

2.Vote anonymously.

The imposters don’t need to disguise themselves anymore, which means they can work with other imposters and vote for the innocent crew. It greatly improves the winning rate of imposters in this way.

3.Brand-new taskbar mode(invisible) is supported.
The original taskbar shows the progress of tasks by default and the new options support hiding the progress, which means the imposter can’t make sure whether the crew completes the task or not.

4.Match wires by symbols.
The game is more user friendly by matching wires by symbols, which means that colorblind players don’t need to feel difficult to match the wires by color,

The full gameplay to be a successful imposter:

1.Pretend to complete the task as the crew

There are some regular tasks like fixing the wire, swiping the card, cleaning the O2 filter, unlocking manifolds, calibrating the distributor, and so on. Find the related location like storage, electrical, and pretend to complete the task. Try to leave after the taskbar fills up.

2.Avoid monitoring and don’t kill the crew in this situation.
There are some rooms equipped with the monitoring camera, which can be checked by crews, so avoid exposing yourself in this situation.

3.Discuss the task or the vote with other crews, take participate in their talking and be a part of them.

When you kill others on the left side of the map, try to sabotage something on the right side.

4. Utilize NoxPlayer to control your character

NoxPlayer, an Android emulator that allows users to run Android games or apps on a PC with better hardware performance, a bigger screen, and easier smart keyboard control. By running Among Us with NoxPlayer, players can take full use of the smart keyboard to control the direction of your character and chat with your crews on a bigger screen.

How to Download Among Us (Mobile) on PC with NoxPlayer
1.Download NoxPlayer
2.Click Tools→Google Play→Sign-in your Google account3. Download Among Us(mobile) on PC
3.Here is a video:

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