First-of-its-kind Free Bedtime Story Email Subscription Launched by Story Tyke

Story Tyke releases a new subscription service for busy parents who need bedtime stories for their children.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, November 30, 2020 / — History has proven that storytelling at bedtime has positive effects not only on bonding time between parents and children, but also on child development. However, the fast-paced nature of modern life means that busy parents have trouble experiencing this with their children. As a result of this struggle, Story Tyke was developed so that even the busiest of parents have the opportunity to spend this valuable time with their kids.

The free online subscription includes having a unique story emailed on school nights (Monday – Thursday) promptly at 6 pm. For most parents, it’s nearly impossible to find the necessary time to search for new stories to engage kids sufficiently, or to identify and download new story apps. With this in mind, Story Tyke was born to offer kids fun and engaging stories professionally written by critically-acclaimed children’s authors so that children never get bored.

There are various types of stories on offer: ongoing adventure series which feature multiple chapters focusing on one character, traditional stories with changes to keep the kids intrigued (for example – Three Little Pigs Have a Party), and single stories which are unique. For something a little bit different, they also provide stories which use kids’ and family member’s or friend’s own names. That way, children really feel that they are a part of the story that they are hearing.

All of the stories are apolitical and free from controversial topics as Story Tyke believes that children should be able to travel the world through the characters and stories they hear without overt political intent. Instead, every story is suitable to kids of all ages, backgrounds, and genders.

Although the stories are written with 4-8 year-olds in mind, users have reported that other ages appreciate it too and there is really no limit to who can enjoy it. The reason for this age group as the focus is that they are the ones who are most intrigued by bedtime stories and the ones who are most likely to request a bedtime story without being prompted.

The benefits of bedtime stories cannot be understated. It’s been proven that storytelling without the use of images has immensely beneficial results on memory recall, the sparking of creative thinking, and early literacy development. Bedtime stories have also been demonstrated to amplify language development on various levels and improve vocabulary so that they will have a much better chance at being well-spoken.

More than that though, storytelling at bedtime provides parents with invaluable bonding time which strengthens their relationship with their kids. The long-term benefits of this cannot be understated, as at the same time, children are able to push the limits of their imagination with their parents by their side for support.

“We want parents focusing on quality bonding time with their children versus focusing on where to find that story to tell (or what to create from scratch),” says Jacob Merkley, Founder & CEO at Story Tyke.

Merkley, who is a parent himself, finds that his true job doesn't end when he gets home, but rather begins. The idea for Story Tyke arose when his daughter asked for a story that she’d never heard before. Unfortunately, this request came at a time when he was particularly mentally drained from a difficult day. Creativity was at an all-time low, so he turned to Google. However, even after a thorough search which took 20 minutes, most of what he found was apps which were difficult to navigate, poorly-designed websites, an excess of ads, and so many stories that it was difficult to pick just one. By the time he found one, his daughter was already asleep and he had missed that special bonding time.

In this visual and digital world, children require the ability to expand their imagination and Story Tyke’s purpose is to make this experience all the easier. Through uncomplicated incorporation into everyday life, parents don’t have to waste time trying to find a method of bonding with their kids, and rather spend their time doing the actual bonding. This shared experience is one that will stay with both parents and children.

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Source: EIN Presswire