GoodLeks now Offering its Premium Quality Eco-friendly Bread Bags

Goodleks Bread Bag

Goodleks Bread Bag

Goodleks Red Linen Bread Bag

Goodleks Red Linen Bread Bag

Goodleks bread storage bags

Goodleks bread storage bags

Rising brand GoodLeks has revolutionized the bread bag category in all of the best ways. The brand has expanded its reach by featuring products on

USA, November 30, 2020 / — For bread lovers and foodies of all stripes, there’s few things as disappointing as being left with stale or even moldy bread. Unfortunately, the traditional solution, conventional bread bags, helped a bit but not dramatically. In exciting news, an answer is out there that not just meets these needs but goes way beyond them. Ukraine-founded brand GoodLeks offers breakthrough bread bags made from its founder, a simple girl from a village near Kiev’s, innovative eco-friendly three layer technology, that keeps bread fresher for much longer than old-school choices. GoodLeks recently announced its bread bags are available both at its online shop and the new GoodLeks Amazon Store. The enthusiasm surrounding the brand is high and rising.

“Bread storage bag is designed using a unique, Patented Technology that allows retaining the freshness of bread three times longer than regular cotton or linen bread bags,” commented a spokesperson from GoodLeks. “We are very happy to see the response to our bags from our valued customers. We know being available on Amazon will certainly expand our visibility and reach.”

According to GoodLeks, the three layers of these exceptional bread bags are: The outer layer, which is either 100% cotton or linen, natural materials that add a visual appeal and traditional-style charm to the product; The middle layer, which is designed to be moisture-retaining layer and include a PE food membrane with holes for air circulation; and The inner layer, 100% made from calico (a natural cotton fabric, that is in direct contact with the product).

At the GoodLeks online store, bread bags, cheese bags, sandwich bags, vegetable bags, and much more ate featured. All orders of $100 or over include free, quick shipping.

GoodLeks new Amazon Store currently features two of the brand’s most popular choices, with two more on the way soon. The bags are all part of the Amazon Prime program giving members free and fast shipping within the United States.

The feedback for GoodLeks products has been outstanding so far.

B.D., recently said in a five-star review, “I started to bake my own bread during this lockdown and was using regular linen bags to store my loaves, but my bread turned dry and hard on the second day. This 3-layer technology became a finder for me! I am glad I don't have to worry about my bread storage anymore, because even after 5 days, my bread is fresh and soft. I recommend this product for every home made bread lover.”

For more information visit Check out the Amazon store at here.

About GoodLeks
GOODLEKS is a young, fast-growing company that produces products for organic food storage. Our storage technology is patented and is of high quality. The production of our products is located in Ukraine.

We have been around for a little over a year, but we already have strong partners, such as large retail chains, bakeries, grocery stores and grateful customers, but we have higher ambitions. We want our wonderful product to reach every home in the world.

Our dream and mission is to show the world our ecological products worthy of the best hostess. We are sure that people from all over the world will appreciate our product.

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