"Weight of Willpower": The insightful book to building back your body and health (for life)

NOOSA HEADS, QLD, AUSTRALIA, November 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Are you in a healthy relationship with food? Does it fuel you or frustrate you? If you want to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, or perhaps you are struggling with thyroid issues, PCOS, IBS, and more, "Weight of Willpower" is the book to guide you. With the inclusion of a 21 day support challenge, it is aimed at empowering readers to achieve a good relationship with food and maintaining their goal weight.

What you can expect to gain from reading the book

Readers will be taken on a journey that will guide them to ultimate health (particularly with what they eat). The mission is to provide preventative healthcare to readers without including any advice, techniques or tools that may pose a risk to them (like so many corporations in the US do).

Proper weight maintenance methods, along with custom -easy to execute- eating plans, as well as fun activities to replace the traditionally boring exercises, can all be found in the wise words of the author, Kyah Andrea. Information is provided bearing in mind that readers may have thyroid issues, PCOS, IBS, and intolerances. It also focuses on: building a new relationship with food, stopping yo-yo dieting properly and forever, and releasing emotional eating:

1. New relationship with food

With the inclusion of its easy food group guides, readers start to build a new relationship with food. Attention is brought to restoring positive food connections. It will enable readers to choose the correct meals and know portion sizes- without weighing or measuring your food! The focus is on fresh, unprocessed, real food.

2. Stop yo-yo dieting- permanently

One of the aims of the book is to enable the readers to get out of the yo-yo dieting cycle. While it acknowledges it is not an easy thing to do (especially if you have been riding this train for years), specific tools, advice and guides are provided to form new patterns of eating. Healthy ones. It helps the readers to love themselves -and their bodies- unconditionally which in turn builds a healthy attitude towards food, exercise, meditation and body image.

3. Emotional eating release

The techniques to release emotional eating are thoroughly explained in the book. On top of this, the fun activities in the book help the reader to build good energy and release the negative. The philosophy is that exercise does not always have to be in the gym. Outdoor activities (at the beach for example) such as swimming, snorkeling and kayaking are encouraged.

The book is available for purchase in either a digital/hard/audio copy.

What was the motivation for writing “Weight of Willpower”?

Kyah Andrea is well informed about the weight loss industry and that it is a $72Bn sector. Big names such Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast and are known to be industry giants. However, she commented that the weight loss industry only focuses on, well, losing weight. Generally, guides and information about weight maintenance are placed in the background with the intention to, “keep large corporations in constant loops with their client.” Rather than enabling yo-yo dieting, “Weight of Willpower” will help you break free from it.

On top of this, Andrea wanted to create a book that would make the reader feel, “grounded, inspired and informed to transform old eating habits.” The book includes honest systems to lose weight and maintain that healthy weight for life. The vision for the books is that it will expand and inspire the full potential of anyone around the world who reads it.

About the author

If you were to take a trip to Queensland, Australia you could meet up with the author, Kyah Andrea and chat about all things “Weight” and “Willpower” related. She is a qualified and experienced naturopathic nutritionist. Her passion and specialisation rests with mindful emotional eating release and meditation. In her writing (and in everyday life) Andrea supports, discusses and raises awareness about honest and easy weight maintenance techniques that actually help long term. Her associates commend her style of working and attitude towards health, “her focus on finding and helping true cause of disease, is refreshing.”

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