GiftChill New Digital Giftcards for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Gains Huge Exposure

UK, January 31, 2021 / — Big named gift cards can be purchased online using four different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. No need to wait for the gift cards to be delivered, once purchased they are sent directly via email to use straight away.

GiftChill has today announced they have launched their new online digital gift card store where people can buy top named gift cards using Cryptocurrency. Gift cards can be purchased with four different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Since the news was announced, the online gift card store has received huge exposure both in the USA and the UK.

Thanks to a new partnership with Coinbase, GiftChill customers can buy gift cards securely without worrying about using their credit card details. The gift cards currently available include Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Nintendo gift cards, PSN gift cards, Roblox gift cards, steam gift cards, and Xbox gift cards to name a few. Other brands include Adidas, eBay, Domino’s, and Nike.

GiftChill is quickly becoming the leading name in Gift cards that can be bought with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With more than 206 Gift cards available, with such amazing deals, it is no wonder why GiftChill online store has become such a huge talking point on social media.

A spokesman from GiftChill said: “We are proud to be able to offer some of the leading brands and Gift cards to our customers using digital currencies. We will be continuing to add more Gift cards to our platform and will look at increasing our payment methods.”

With prices so low thanks to the current sale, some Gift Cards are selling out fast. With new Gift cards added regularly, there is always something for everyone, from eating out, buying music, ordering food in, to buying games online.

Thanks to the company focusing on digital currency, it means they do not have the high overheads of most other gift stores. That means, they can pass on the savings to their customers and provide Gift cards at the lowest price possible

To learn more about GiftChill, and all the best Gift Cards people can buy with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, please visit

About GiftChill

GiftChill was created to be the one-stop-shop for gift card purchases online. The company has quickly become one of the major players when it comes to Gift Cards.

nike gift cards
psn gift cards
xbox gift cards
google play gift cards

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The Sweetheart Month: Barebrush February Art & Videos Waltz In

 Feb 2021 Art of the Day Calendar with 28 artworks, each work Art of the Day.

Feb 2021 Art of the Day Calendar

Sculpture of spinning globe inside a heart by Robert Markey of MA.

What the World Needs Now Is …

Barebrush logo for February with twin hearts tattoo

Barebrush Feb Logo with hearts

Talking Art of the Day" videos zoomed +188% in views, and +76% in watch time. "Columpio" broke video records. Feb 1st: "What the World Needs Now Is Love"

Enjoy art like an artist. Grow your creativity muscle.”

— Ilene Skeen, artist & founder

SARASOTA / BRADENTON, FL, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2021 / — In February, time doesn't march on — it waltzes in with hot chocolate.

January was cold, even in Florida, but Barebrush is hot. "Talking Art of the Day" videos zoomed +188% in views, and +76% in watch time.

Ilene Skeen thanks all Barebrush artists for their participation and enthusiasm. Special shout out to Tony Lee of Panama. His fine art photo, "Columpio" (Swing) broke video records. Here's the easy link: To conform to YouTube community guidelines, the video is marked 18+.

February 2021 Art of the Day calendar and videos start Monday, February 1st. The sculpture, "What the World Needs Now is Love" is by Massachusetts artist, Robert Markey. Mr. Markey's videos are in this playlist:

The "Art of the Day" Method
In each art video, Ilene follows a simple method to answer three questions: What do you see? Who's the artist? What's the point? To answer these questions, Ilene creates a narrative of specific details. Then she looks at what the artist says about the work. Finally, she teases out a point. The videos are fast and fun, averaging under 3 minutes. Ilene welcomes comments and questions.

The Barebrush Art of the Day calendar
February features 28 contemporary artworks in photos, oils, watercolor, mixed media, and sculpture. On the Art-of-the-Day calendar page, you can see the current calendar art revealed over time.

The Benefits of
At, membership is free for artists and art lovers. Art may be for sale, at the artist's option. Art selected to be in the Barebrush calendars needs to be eligible to be featured in a "Talking Art of the Day" video. Artists with 6 works in calendars are eligible to be "Featured." Artists with 10 works in videos get a personal video playlist to embed on their website or pass in an email. The cost to post and sell art, and to be featured in up to 3 videos per month is $10/month.

Barebrush is the premiere ad-free, non-porn, fine art website. Barebrush accepts all fine art genres: portraits, people clothed doing things people do, pets, landscapes, florals, abstracts, and art of the nude. No porn. No spam.

Barebrush art includes all visual media such as photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture. Founded in 2006. Daily Art of the Day videos began Sept 1, 2020. Artist and media inquiries welcome.

Ilene Skeen, MBA, is the founder of Barebrush and a member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City since 1999. She is also an artist, author, and speaker.

The past is history, and the future is open to the decisions we make and the life we grow. Proving since 2006, that it's OKAY+ to enjoy the art of the nude.

Ilene Skeen
ILS Designs
+1 917-806-7992
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Positive Americana Creative Contest to Reward Goodies Made in America By Moms

Participate in Positive America Design Contest to Win the Sweetest Rewards Made By Moms in America #madebymoms #madeinamerica #positiveamerica

Participate in Positive America Design Contest to Win the Sweetest Rewards Made By Moms in America #madebymoms #madeinamerica #positiveamerica

We Help Companies Find Talented Professionals and Generate Proceeds to Do Good

We Help Companies Find Talented Professionals and Generate Proceeds to Do Good

Shared Beliefs and Values Make US Stronger #positiveamericana

Shared Beliefs and Values Make US Stronger #positiveamericana

Staffing agency, Recruiting for Good sponsors creative positive messaging contest; and is now rewarding the most inspiring entries with goodies made by moms.

We honor passionate moms who design creative sweets in their lovely shops by rewarding Positive Americana Contest winners The Best American Made Goodies!”

— Carlos Cymerman, Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2021 / — Recruiting for Good (R4G) is a staffing agency helping companies find talented professionals and generating proceeds to fund rewarding programs and social positive contests.

The purpose of 'Positive Americana' contest is to inspire unity and love for the US. Every week, the most inspiring creative design entry wins a sweet reward 'Made in America by Moms.'

According to Recruiting for Good and The Sweetest Gig, Founder, Carlos Cymerman, "We honor passionate moms who design creative sweets in their lovely shops by rewarding Positive Americana Contest winners The Best American Made Goodies!"

How to Participate in Creative Design Contest

Launching on Valentine's Day 2021

Participants can be 5 to 105 years old and live in the US.

Participants use their creative design and drawing skills to inspire a positive message about love, peace, and unity in the US.

Participants can use iconic symbols, pictures, and words that move people….most inspiring design and message wins a sweet reward listed on our site; delivered home…anywhere in the US.

Submit creative entries to Sara(at)TheSweetestGig(dot)com (include name, age, and what city you live in). If under 18, have parent submit entry (include kid's first name, age, and what city you live in).

Carlos Cymerman adds, "How do we change for good? By inspiring fun and role modeling positive shared values…Passion, Purpose, Play. Parents inspire your creative kids to participate and use their talent for good."


Interested in Building America Back Better; then, hire talented local tech professionals first. Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has supported Save US Jobs to help companies find the best American talent, and offer cost saving staffing solutions. Join us to hire America's talented workforce first. To learn more visit

Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has been a purpose driven staffing company. Companies retain our recruiting agency to find talented and value driven professionals who love to use their talent for good in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Sales. R4G is on a fun mission; preparing kids for life to succeed thru 'The Sweetest Gig,' fun love work program.

The Sweetest Gig is a rewarding ‘Kid Love Work’ program; especially suited for ‘Grateful Working Professional Families’ that love preparing their kids to succeed in life. Sweet Creative Middle School Kids are hired on weekends to taste The World's Best Chocolate, write creative reviews (in English, French, or Hebrew), and earn meaningful perks to Do Good Deeds (Gift Mom Chocolate or Heal the World with Chocolate). The Sweetest Gig is created by Carlos Cymerman, and sponsored by Recruiting for Good. "Kids learn that anything meaningful, rewarding, and worthwhile; takes time, and effort."

Recruiting for Good Created The Goodie Foodie Club whose purpose is to help fund 'The Sweetest Gig' so more kids can learn to love work and prepare for life. Participate in our meaningful Referral Reward Program today to Enjoy The Sweetest Rewards (12 Months of Sushi, or 12 Months of The World's Finest Chocolate Delivered to Mom Anywhere in the US).

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
+1 310-720-8324
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How the BLINK Art Group is Making the Art World More Transparent and Accessible to Everyone

Founder of the BLINK Art Group shares how art is becoming more accessible and transparent for everyone through online exhibitions.

LA, USA, January 29, 2021 / — Abstract artist, Astor Milan Salcedo (51), is the founder of the BLINK Art Group, an online platform connecting artists, art lovers, and art collectors. Suiting the current worldwide pandemic, which has most countries in lockdown, limiting the number of people who can enjoy an art exhibition in person, the BLINK Art Group aims to make the art world accessible and transparent to the rest of the world.

As of the 1 July, 2020, the BLINK Art Group announced their partnership with the ‘Federal Association for Independent Art Consultants’ (BVUK), an independent interest group sustaining the reputation of qualified art consultants based in the German art market. All BVUK members adhere to a code of ethics to maintain the standards associated with art consultancy and how art advisors communicate with art collectors, importantly, maintaining a level of trust and transparency in the art market.

BLINK Art Group offers anyone with a love of art and a desire to collect art pieces assistance in finding what they are looking for by consulting with an art advisor who caters to a particular, desired, art style. Art collectors are assisted in two ways, either by finding their individual approach to start a private collection or by finding a piece they need to add to their established collection.

Online Exhibitions

The BLINK Art Group has a selection of contemporary artist's work on display and secondary market pieces. Some of the contemporary artists on display, including Astor Milan Salcedo, are Verena Schöttmer, Armin Völckers, Daniel Hörner, Jelle Wagenaar, and Max Dunlop. Each artist above has a personal profile accessible on the website where more information about their individual art pieces is available.

Sharing Knowledge, Skills, and Creativity

As part of the main vision for the BLINK Art Group, to cultivate the world’s knowledge and appreciation of all forms of art, Salcedo also chose to put a group of artists together to share their wealth of knowledge, skills, and creativity with fellow artists. This is provided by means of a Newsletter and News, which explores the current art climate and goes into more depth about various artists and their selected works. Art lovers can join the Newsletter from the BLINK Art Group website.

Astor Milan Salcedo is a Spanish-born artist, but has been all over the world showcasing his unique artistic expression – he’s exhibited in prominent cities like London, Hamburg, and Palm Beach in the United States. He started his artistic career as a portrait and fashion photographer, and before that, he delved into the world of documentary filmmaking (winning a prestigious ‘Deutscher Fernsehpreis’ award for a documentary on the atomic bomb as the creative director).

Salcedo can be regarded as a multifaceted artist, claiming his seat at the table of contemporary art. His compositions depict his discovery and exploration of the sensual nature of colours, mainly using oil paints, and textures on different surfaces like primed canvases, photographs, paper, prints, unprimed canvases and his personal favourite, linen.

Describing himself as a visual documentarian, he finds inspiration from the world around him, his ‘watchful interest’ is focused on the spectrum of human emotions and expression he finds in the people he meets, nature, music, politics, history, and his own quest to find ‘existential equilibrium of the physical, mental, and spiritual’.

Salcedo is also the co-founder of Yacht Art Management (YAM), managing high-end art collections for Mega Yachts. He works alongside Tilman Kriesel, whose family founded the Sprengel Museum, one of Germany’s best museums in Hannover. Salcedo’s art pieces can be found on his personal website and on the BLINK Art Group, where he also offers maritime art advice for art collectors, additionally, his services with the Yacht Art Management are available online.

About BLINK Art Group

The BLINK Art Group is an online platform for art lovers, artists, and art collectors to meet and mingle to share knowledge, skills, and creativity about art in all its forms. Their vision is to make the art world more accessible and transparent to everyone.

Adriaan Brits (Press Agent)
BLINK Art Group
+44 20 3287 1724

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UglyFace is Finally Woke

LA, USA, January 29, 2021 / — The UglyFace collective has created music together for years in California, from Oakland to Stockton. Kevin Farpella and Aaron Temple were introduced by mutual friend Andre Mosley. They would later be dubbed UglyFace, by Aric Jones, a Bay Area kid with Chi Town roots, after some hard hitting sessions. The group then temporarily disbanded to sharpen their individual swords, singer Andre Mosley at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, Aaron Temple in Brooklyn, New York and Aric Jones in Los Angeles with only Kevin Farpella remaining in Tracy, California.

Yet, with a strengthened brotherhood they’ve finally decided to finish what they started under the music label, UglyFace, where they write, produce and perform their own music.

Uglyface have released a series of projects and singles as they learnt how to navigate the music industry. Throughout the years they’ve opened up for various other performers, including the likes of Andre Nicatina, E-40, Too $hort and Bone Thugs n Harmony.

They’ve now decided to take things seriously and focus more acutely on growing the UglyFace collective as an independent music label. Reflecting on what the UglyFace collective has produced over the years, Kevin Farpella commented: "Your speed isn't as important as your direction’."

The group consider the direction they want their music to go in, in conjunction with the musical journey of the UglyFace collective, rather than the speed at which they are able to release new songs and albums. After staying “low key” for the majority of the group’s time together, they’ve decided it's time for a focused consistency.

Feeling 2021 is the year to bring some more music notoriety to Northern California, the UglyFace collective, made up of music producer Kevin Farpella, rapper/producers Aaron Temple and Aric Jones and singer Andre Mosley, have come together once again to kick off what they believe will be a busy year of music releases for them, starting with their latest release, “Woke Up”.

The music industry took a massive hit in 2020, suffering almost $9 billion in losses due to cancelled or grounded live performances, delayed album and music video releases, decreased album sales and not to mention the inconsiderable number of layoffs within the industry made permanent. Yet, despite the severe impact the coronavirus has had on the music industry and the challenges they will no doubt face upon their re-entry, their latest release, “Woke Up” is how they decided to set the tone for 2021.

“Woke Up” is only the beginning of what the group plans to release in 2021. Yet it is also a reflection of the direction they plan to pursue this year by bringing some fresh and new music to the world, as well as representing The Bay Area and surrounding areas. After a long slumber their eyes and ears are wide open, UglyFace is finally woke and wants to kick off 2021 with more releases than ever before.

Be on the lookout for Travis Walker’s “Without You Remix” featuring Aric Jones, 30Chalice’s “Grundy” and the solo effort “Yah” by their very own Aric Jones.

For more information or collaboration please contact:
Instagram: @uglyface.88

Kevin Farpella
UglyFace Music
+1 209-815-8983
email us here

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Signed impressions by Salvador Dali and a painting attributed to Joos de Momper headline Auction Life's Feb. 17th sale

Rare suite of ten original mixed media impressions by Salvador Dali (1904-1989), titled Imaginations and Objects of the Future (#60 of 250), signed by Dali (est. $12,500-$22,500).

Landscape oil painting with figures and a castle-like house on top of a hill attributed to Joos de Momper the Younger (Flemish, 1564-1635) (est. $25,000-$35,000).

Lovely 22kt gold wide cuff bracelet by the renowned French designer Jean Mahie, made in the company’s usual, heavy solid 22kt gold abstract figures design, signed (est. $8,000-$16,000).

Gorgeous 149-piece Reed & Barton sterling silver flatware service for 12 in the classic “Spanish Baroque” pattern, with extras (est. $3,000-$6,000).

Corum 18kt gold 10-gram .999 ingot faced watch, with a diamond on the crown and a black leather band, with a burlap leather case, box, book and original paperwork (est. $1,500-$3,000).

The 367-lot auction is packed with vintage and antique jewelry, art, porcelain, antiques, collectibles, art glass, artifacts, sculptures, perfumes, crystal.

How exciting it is to have a bona fide suite by one of the masters of surrealism, Salvador Dali. It was also interesting to see new world technology and experts try to solve an old art mystery.”

— Tarek Eljabaly

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2021 / — Auction Life’s upcoming Whimsical Worldly Wonders Winter Auction slated for Wednesday, February 17th, is loaded with 367 lots of fresh-to-the-market Florida finds, to include vintage and antique jewelry, art, porcelain, antiques, collectibles, art glass, artifacts, sculptures, perfumes, crystal and more. The sale will begin at 4 pm Eastern time.

The auction is mostly online, but with limited live seating available in the gallery (an RSVP is required). An exhibition period is to be announced, and gallery previews will be by appointment only, with strict COVID-19 protocols in place. Internet bidding will be via, and Telephone and absentee (or left) bids will also be accepted.

An expected headliner lot is a rare suite of ten original mixed media impressions by Salvador Dali (1904-1989), titled Imaginations and Objects of the Future (est. $12,500-$22,500). The set is a limited edition (#60 of 250), printed on Arches paper in 1975-1976, and each work is hand-signed and numbered in pencil by Dali. The suite has been in a box, untouched, since the 1970s.

Included in the lot is a unique custom wooden Dali case with hard-to-find Dali stand. Everything is original and all sheets are loose as issued. The first one measures 30 ½ inches by 22 inches. A few titles are Liquid and Gaseous Television, Breathing Pneumatic Armchair, Cybernatic Lobster Telephone, Intra-Uterine Paradesiac Locomotion and Liquid Tornado Bathtub.

“How exciting it is to have a bona fide suite by one of the masters of surrealism, Salvador Dali,” said Tarek Eljabaly, owner of Auction Life. “It was also interesting to see new world technology and experts try to solve an old art mystery.” He was referring to another artwork in the auction, a figural landscape oil painting attributed to Joos de Momper the Younger (Flemish, 1564-1635).

The work was previously ascribed to the Dutch landscape painter Jan Van Goyen (1596-1656), but recent inspection and research by I.F.A.R. in New York City concluded the painting's style, materials and composition were consistent with a Dutch or Flemish landscape executed in the first quarter of the 17th century, and that it bore a greater affinity with the works of Joos de Momper. “Our consignor recalled that her late mother, Holocaust survivor Edith Alexander, was told the same thing some years before when she submitted the painting to Christie’s,” Tarek said.

After a month-long search, the consignor was able to find a letter from Ian Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Old Master Paintings at Christie’s, dated December 19th, 1985, in which he was seeking to include the painting in their April 1985 sale. “Concerned that someone was trying to cheat her out of her ‘Van Goyen’, Mrs. Alexander chose to decline the invitation,” Tarek said.

In 2010, Mrs. Alexander sought professional services to sell her artwork collection and was visited at her Queens, New York home by one of the Keno brothers and a friend from Sotheby’s. “Her daughter is unsure as to which Keno brother, but recalls that he had allergies and requested that no perfumes be worn the day of his visit, a tough feat for Mrs. Alexander,” Tarek remarked.

While the two were not interested in the majority of her artwork (which was later sold at Hudson Valley Auctioneers), they were very interested in featuring this piece (but not as a Van Goyen). Unfortunately, even their $30,000 estimate would not shake Mrs. Alexander of the feeling that someone might be trying to get her for her “Van Goyen” and she declined that invitation as well.
Finally, Mrs. Alexander contacted Auction Life, prior to her passing in 2016, wishing to feature her remaining collection (including the “Van Goyen”, as it was inscribed). With the recent research and discoveries, the family felt an obligation to feature it to the world once again. The painting, nicely contained in a 20 inch by 29 inch frame, has an estimate of $25,000-$35,000.
Tops in the jewelry category is a gold wide cuff bracelet by the French designers Jean Mahie, made in the team’s usual, heavy solid 22kt gold abstract figures design. The bracelet is signed and hallmarked, and comes in a Neiman Marcus button suede pouch. It was made in 1982 and is titled Dentelle de Milled (French slang for “a banknote of 1000 francs”). (est. $8,000-$16,000).

Watches sure to please include a Corum 18kt gold 10 gram .999 ingot faced wind-up watch, with a diamond on the crown and a black leather band, complete with a burlap leather case, box, book and original paperwork (est. $1,500-$3,000); and an extremely rare vintage men’s Hamilton “Piping Rock” watch with all-original black enamel bezel, dial, movement and hands, housed in the original 14kt solid gold case and having a 979 movement and 17 jewels (est. $1,000-$3,000).

A 149-piece Reed & Barton sterling silver flatware service for 12 in the classic “Spanish Baroque” pattern, with extras, is expected to fetch $3,000-$6,000. Also, a Bernhard Rohne for Mastercraft wooden dining table detailed in acid-etched brass, 84 inches long by 47 inches wide, with the original purchase receipt from 1978 (The Interior Shop, N.Y.) and originally paired with the Karges Chinoiserie lacquer chairs that are also in the auction, should finish at $1,000-$3,000.

An 18th or 19th century Russian oil on canvas religious painting of God in the sky amongst parted clouds, overlooking five religious figures below, each with an inscription in Cyrillic, 31 ½ inches by 38 inches (sight, less frame), has a pre-sale estimate of $1,200-$2,400; while a 19th century French Napoleon III tantalus or cave a liqueur (either way, a decanter set), in an ebonized wood oxbow cabinet containing four decanters and sixteen glasses, should top out at $1,000-$2,000.

To schedule an appointment, or to RSVP for limited seating at the live venue in the West Palm Beach area, please call Auction Life at (561) 757-1551; or, send an email to For more info, log on to

Auction Life’s team of consulting specialists has over 50 years of combined experience in the
fields of estate jewelry, fine art, sterling silver, diamonds and antiques. Tarek Jabaly has been
heavily involved in the South Florida auction industry for years, as an auctioneer, estate buyer,
manager, auction coordinator and consignor liaison. He is also a licensed Florida real estate sales associate.

Auction Life, Inc. is currently seeking quality consignments for future auctions. To inquire about selling an item, an estate or an entire collection, you may call them at (561) 757-1551; or you can email them at To learn more about Auction Life and the February 17th Whimsical Worldly Wonders Winter Auction, please visit

# # # #

Tarek ElJabaly
Auction Life, Inc.
+1 561-757-1551
email us here

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PCG Edutainment Provides College Courses for Artists Attending Accredited Universities; Partners with Kennesaw State

New company offers a social media/digital marketing course at KSU College of Professional Education to help music artists become successful in their careers.

KENNESAW, GA, USA, January 29, 2021 / — Owner of Digital Science Media, Matej Harangozo, and CEO of PCG Artist Development, Bernard Porter, launched their joint venture – PCG Edutainment in the fall of 2020. The company provides college course curriculum and instruction in the fields of music, social media, digital marketing, and artist development. The latest partnership is with Kennesaw State University’s College of Professional Education as part of the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program.

The course “Social Media and Digital Marketing for Music Artists” will include two modules. The first module runs from June 1 to August 6, 2021 and the second runs from August 9 to October 8, 2021.

Sessions will be taught by the two music industry veterans – Harangozo and Porter – and focuses on the ever-changing music industry and social media platforms. This course explores the science behind building a strong artist brand online and strategies to master all the possible ways to monetize your music.

Students who enroll in the course at Kennesaw State University can expect to learn:

How to build a successful and engaging online brand;
How to identify and dissect the psychology of your target superfan;
An understanding of social media algorithms and how to exploit these platforms; and
How to master digital marketing skills and how to monetize your music brand.

This is the second official accredited program for PCG Edutainment. The pilot program launched this fall under the official name of: PCG Artist Development at Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee. Harangozo and Porter have a common goal of being America’s leader in artist development and education. More courses will be offered at various schools throughout 2021.

For more information on PCG Edutainment, or if you’d like to enroll in a program, email

About Matej Harangozo

Award winning entrepreneur, music enthusiast, and innovative technologist. Matej Harangozo is a driver of disruption with a track record of developing cutting-edge platforms and automation protocols. A serial entrepreneur and web/software systems visionary, he is currently co-owner and managing partner of Codaemon, an e-commerce solutions provider. Through his quest to help independent artists get noticed, he additionally created Open Source Entertainment, a music business incubator, and Digital Science Media, its digital marketing arm. These two organizations are disrupting the music industry – representing breakout artists including Hello Sister, China Mac, the gospel record label Black Smoke Music, and many others under the hip hop industry legend Wendy Day to name a few. Once recognized by the SBA as a Maryland Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Harangozo lectures at college universities and is a keynote speaker for TEDx and the Musician Mastery Summit. His companies have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Baltimore Sun. Visit to learn more.

About Bernard Porter

CEO and founder of PCG Artist Development and CEO and co-founder of PCG Theatrical, Bernard Porter is a seasoned entertainment executive with 27 years of experience. His A&R prowess is nationally recognized. Porter was instrumental in signing superstar Jason Aldean to Broken Bow Records. A successful business entrepreneur, Porter has spent his career developing and securing high profile joint ventures within both corporate and private sectors, guiding them in all phases of creative media, production, marketing, and national product launches. In addition, he has served as an entertainment consultant to many record labels, broadband networks, major recording artists, large corporations, state tourism boards as well as to specialty venues, including the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Simon Mall properties, Dave & Buster’s, and Marriott Hotels. Visit to learn more.

Matej Harangozo
Digital Science Media
+1 513-520-1958
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Source: EIN Presswire Top 14 Antiques & Collectibles Searches in 2020

kovels, antiques, collectibles, wedgwood, haeger, satsuma, nippon, mccoy, lefton

Kovels Top 14 antiques & collectibles searches for 2020

kovels, antiques, collectibles, prices, holiday gifts

Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2021 examined their most searched-for items of 2020. Here are 14 antiques and collectibles categories that collectors are looking to buy or sell.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, US, January 29, 2021 / — The Kovels’ Top 14 list is based on hundreds of thousands of searches that took place on in 2020. The searched-for categories offer a glimpse into what collectors are looking to buy or sell. With more than 1 million prices, collectors go to, the Internet’s best source for expert-reviewed antiques and collectibles prices and information.

Kovels’ Top 14 list reflects a year in which collectors had time to value old collections and maybe find some new passions. Depression glass is the top search, followed by colorful McCoy pottery. Remember, a search can either be for buying or selling. Collectors look for ceramics, glass, bottles and toys that they want to identify as valuable. Common everyday pieces, especially those with any flaws, are hard to sell. But the rarities such as Flambe Red or other specialty Wedgewood, Satsuma vases more than 18 inches tall, working vintage or antique stoves, 18th-century or earlier Delft (most modern Delft isn’t made in Holland) and old working toys in good condition sell well. Interest in newer collections is reflected in Pyrex being in the top 14.

Kovels’ Top 14 list for 2020:

1. Depression glass
2. McCoy pottery
3. Wedgwood
4. Lefton
5. Occupied Japan
6. Ironstone
7. Nippon
8. Haeger
9. Satsuma
10. Dinnerware
11. Stoves
12 Delft
13. Pyrex
14. Toys

For detailed information on specific types of antiques and collectibles such as furniture, pottery, glass or toys, visit and view the specialized “Identification Guides.”

About Kovels
Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel provide collectors and researchers with up-to-date and informed information on antiques and collectibles. The company was founded in 1953 by Terry and her late husband, Ralph. The Kovels have written over 100 books, including their annual Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, now in its 53rd edition, as well as dozens of leaflets, and three series about antiques for television., online since 1998, offers a bird’s-eye view of the market through latest news, advice, and more than 1 million prices. Readers will find auction reports, answers to thousands of readers’ questions, a marks dictionary, and antiques & collectibles identification guides covering antiques from 1750 to 2010. Also included is the digital edition of Kovels On Antiques & Collectibles Newsletter including 46 years of archives. To stay in touch, subscribe to Kovels’ free weekly email, Kovels Komments, at

Liz Lillis
+1 216-752-2252

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The Fan-Brand and University of Wisconsin Sign Home Décor Licensing Agreement

Wisconsin Badgers: Original Oval Rotating Lighted Wall Sign

Wisconsin Badgers: Original Oval Rotating Lighted Wall Sign |

Wisconsin Badgers: Bottle Cap Wall Sign

Wisconsin Badgers: Bottle Cap Wall Sign |

Wisconsin Badgers: Branded "Faux" Barrel Top Wall Clock

Wisconsin Badgers: Branded “Faux” Barrel Top Wall Clock |

Deal Allows for the Manufacturing and Sales of Wisconsin Badgers-branded Lighted Signs and Wall Décor

We are honored to have been selected as a licensee and look forward to bringing our products to those proud Badger alumni and fans, both far and wide.”

— Harrison Grimm, Founder & CEO

MADISON, WI, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2021 / — The Fan-Brand is proud to announce they have obtained a license agreement with the University of Wisconsin to develop and sell officially licensed lighted wall signs, pool table lights, and an assortment of wall décor products bearing the school’s iconic colors and logos. These products are immediately available on The Fan-Brand direct-to-consumer website ( and through various online retailers.

“The University of Wisconsin is a pillar of the BIG 10 Conference, with an incredible athletic and academic pedigree,” says Harrison Grimm, Founder & CEO of The Fan-Brand. “We are honored to have been selected as a licensee and look forward to bringing our products to those proud Badger alumni and fans, both far and wide.”

The Fan-Brand provides fans everywhere of NCAA schools and their athletic teams with unique and attractive ways to express their team spirit, decorate their home theater, bar or man cave, or show their school pride while at work. Its high-quality licensed products are conversation starters and are perfect for fans’ looking to express school pride or share in the gameday experience with fellow alumni or fans.

Founded in 2018, The Fan-Brand is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grimm Industries, Inc., an acknowledged leader in innovative, plastic-based, signs and retail displays. Located in Fairview, PA, The Fan-Brand is family owned and operated with all products being made in the United States. Current licensing partners include more than 70 NCAA universities, the NHL, U.S. Army, Mossy Oak, and NASA.


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Six Activities Travelers Are Clamoring To Enjoy Along SC’s Hammock Coast in 2021

A shelling tour along the Hammock Coast may offer an unforgettable view of a rainbow

When vacationers return to the road and skies, destinations like South Carolina’s acclaimed Hammock Coast will be more attractive than ever

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC, US, January 29, 2021 / — With 2020 mercifully in the rearview mirror and multiple Covid-19 vaccines being distributed, there is hope some semblance of normalcy will soon begin returning to America, including the resumption of leisure travel.

When vacationers return to the road and skies, destinations like South Carolina’s acclaimed Hammock Coast – where stunning natural beauty and abundant outdoor activities have long been at the heart of the area’s appeal – will be more attractive than ever.

Comprised of six coastal communities – Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, Pawleys Island, Georgetown and Andrews – in Georgetown County, the Hammock Coast is the destination of choice for savvy Palmetto State travelers. Located to the south of Myrtle Beach and just north of Charleston, the Hammock Coast offers the best of both destinations in a more casual environment.

With spring on the horizon, here are six Hammock Coast activities sure to be at the top of to-do lists for travelers itching to take a trip.

• A shelling and lighthouse cruise can create memories that last a lifetime. The unforgettable tours ferry passengers on pontoon boats, passing by the site of a Civil War wreck en route to North Island, a barrier island at the point where Winyah Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. The quality of the shelling is matched only by the undisturbed views of the Atlantic Ocean coast.

• Speaking of the Atlantic, a spring fishing trip will be on the list for outdoors-inclined travelers. The Hammock Coast is home to great in-shore fishing and has access to the Gulf Stream, where everything from bluefin tuna and dolphin (mahi-mahi) to a marlin might be on a happy angler’s line.

• The Hammock Coast is home to the Waccamaw Trail, a collection of 12 unforgettable courses, and in the spring there are few layouts in America as pretty as Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. When the azaleas are in bloom, the Mike Strantz design is at its stunning best. If you don’t play golf, you can still enjoy the drive through a ½-mile alley of oak trees and have lunch on the clubhouse deck, which overlooks the 18th green and the marshy waters of the Waccamaw Neck.

• Brookgreen Gardens isn’t just one of South Carolina’s most popular attractions, it’s one of America’s premier botanical gardens. Brookgreen offers a selection of tours, programs, and exhibits for all ages. Guests may stroll through the gardens on a guided tour or explore the beautiful spaces on their own.

• Huntington Beach State Park (HBSP) is one of the premier bird-watching destinations on the East Coast and that’s just the tip of the popular park’s offerings. With three miles of pristine beach, Atalaya, the Moorish-style winter home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington, a nature center and miles of bike trails, HBSP is one of the area’s landmark attractions.

• The Marshwalk, a ½-mile wooden boardwalk that is home to seven restaurants and endless live music, is one of South Carolina’s most popular dining and nightlife destinations. The views of Murrells Inlet and the accompanying marina are spectacular. Here is to hoping the walkway is again teeming with people enjoying the best of the Seafood Capital of South Carolina.

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About South Carolina’s Hammock Coast
Georgetown County’s casual charm and Southern hospitality earned it the nickname Hammock Coast. Adventure and relaxation blend together in perfect harmony, like the flowing and ebbing of waves on the county’s famed beaches. With six communities – Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, Pawleys Island, Georgetown and Andrews – comprising the pristine coastal area between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, visitors can experience South Carolina’s Hammock Coast like never before.

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