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PANACEA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2021 / — America’s foremost golf instructor Jim Flick once said, “Ninety percent of golf is mental, and the other 10 percent is mental, too.”

Indeed, both golf and life are determined by our mindset. The game itself is a microcosm: whatever your challenge on the golf course, you are likely having the same challenge, in some form, off the course. It's you versus yourself.

Bonnie Holub is not a golf coach in the conventional sense; she won’t fix the mechanics of your swing. She is a life coach who helps women golfers improve their golf games and transform their lives. She can easily take a challenge on the golf course and apply it to life.

“If you golf, you learn a lot about yourself. You see a lot of life lessons in the activity of golf,” says Bonnie. “I realized that the principles that I use as a life coach were actually the same principles a golf coach who teaches the mental side of golf uses. I relate it because that's the language I know my golf clients can speak and it’s a fun way to approach more serious life lessons through golf lessons. When women work with me, they can improve their golf games, but more importantly, they can transform their lives.”

As a coach, Bonnie focuses primarily on mind management and self-confidence. “I help women become comfortable in their own skins, in any situation.”

“Everything we do is based on what we're thinking at the moment,” explains Bonnie. “Our thoughts cause our feelings which cause our behavior, and our behaviors cause the results in our life. The thoughts we believe about ourselves are the foundation for everything we feel, do and accomplish.” “Whether we want to experience fulfilling relationships, enjoy satisfying work or play our best golf, learning to manage our thoughts is the key.

Golf is among the most frustrating games a person can play. The game is designed to intimidate with the distance, the water, the sand traps, the rough, the trees and an outdoor environment that will never be exactly the same on any given day. Even elite professional golfers can be pushed to the point of breaking a club over their knees. Golf is often referred to as a metaphor for life.

“Circumstances are neutral. It's the meaning we ascribe to a situation that causes us to think and act in a certain way,” explains Bonnie. As a golfer, she’s often asked why we can hit the ball well on the practice range, but when we get to the course, we don’t perform as well. “One reason is because we are thinking differently about the circumstances,” says Bonnie. “How we manage our mind is more powerful than the mechanical skills of the game. How we manage our mind determines how we meet the challenges in our lives.”

Bonnie writes an advice column for the Ladies Professional Golf Association website. Her LPGA column is titled “Ask Bonnie.” She answers questions regarding the “human side” of golf. She’s addressed questions regarding the anxiety around playing golf with male office colleagues, a playing partner who is mis-counting her strokes, and worrying about what other players are thinking, among others.

If you’re ready to stop stressing about things off the course, so you can relax and keep your mind focused on the course, and if you’re ready to get unstuck and become the best driver of your life, you are ready for a Game Changer.

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