We Make Movies to Live Stream Basquiat Inspired "3 Way Lovve" as a Zoom Theatrical Piece

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We Make Movies is the tech savvy film collective that has your back.

Following the success of Tom Cavanaugh's "Now, Now, Now…" We Make Movies streams another online theatrical piece to it's community.

It's an intriguing and ambitious play. The cast all give committed performances…”

— Cherry and Spoon Blog Minnesota Fringe Festival

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — We Make Movies, the independent film collective and studio, debuts "3 Way Lovve" to over eight thousand viewers.

DURATION: 1 hour 20 min. 

January 30th, 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific,

We Make Movies will present the premiere of Maatology Production’s virtual stage play, 3 Way Lovve.

live streaming at:

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wemakemovies)


YouTube: (https://www.youtube.com/wemakemovies)

Told from a flash forward-to-flashback-to-present perspective, the production is a modernized Shakespearean tragedy about a street painter who is entangled with his art and the personal relationships in his life.

Directed by former Los Angeles talent agent Andrea Jacobs–who also co wrote–and co written by regional Emmy award nominee Maat Atkins (co creator) and Los Angeles based publicist Keith L Underwood (co creator), "3 Way Lovve" is loosely based on the life of the late, renowned painter, Basquiat and his relationship with a then-unknown upcoming singer, Madonna, and his mentorship with pop art icon Andy Warhol. It also has Shakespearean dialogue from the lead character, Willie Kenwood aka “Lovvespear” to give it "an Othellowean flavor” to help tell this virtual, provocative tale.

"3 Way Lovve" has been a labor of love for Maatology Productions since 2003 when Atkins, who is the founder of the company, helped to write the first draft of the stage play with his former journalist colleague Underwood. After a few false starts to produce it over the years, Atkins felt during COVID -19 was the time to produce it.

"We thought it was time to dust off the pages of the script and try to create something during this trying time with the Pandemic," Atkins said. "Now that everything is virtual, it was that much easier to put on a show."

The stage play made its live theater debut June 2020 during Hollywood Fringe Festivals’ Fringe at Home to give artists an opportunity to create during The Pandemic. Soon after, "3 Way Lovve" received rave reviews from viewers and critics and was showcased at virtual festivals for Minnesota and Orlando Fringe respectively.

It was through happenstance how Maatology Productions landed a premiere slot with We Make Movies. When Maatology Productions team member and Lionsgate Entertainment employee, Wes Hubbard, watched a TV segment on ABC-7 (Los Angeles) news about We Make Movies premiering the virtual production Now Now Now and contacted Atkins about what he had seen.

“He told me he was just about to walk out the door to run an errand and saw the news about it,” Atkins said. “He was thinking maybe our production could have a shot at being showcased.”

Soon after, Atkins contacted Now Now Now director and We Make Movies member, actor Tom Cavanaugh through Facebook Messenger about how to be featured. He generously connected him with We Make Movies member and actor Jack Zullo (www.JackZullo.com) who helped bring Maatology Productions the opportunity to be presented as a We Make Movies livestream event.

“My production company and I are so excited about showing our production to the We Make Movies community,” Atkins said. “and I look forward to being a longtime member of We Make Movies and have a wonderful synergy with them.”

What Critics Say About 3 Way Lovve….

"Much gratitude to the creators, cast and crew of 3 Way Lovve for a fun, wild ride. If there is a bright side to the pandemic, it is the creativity and innovation that has been sparked among artists like these to find new ways to bring entertainment and a welcome respite from Covid 19 and the other ills facing America at this time. We need it! "
– René Barnett,  TV/Film Producer

"It's an intriguing and ambitious play. The cast all give committed performances…"
– Cherry and Spoon Blog Minnesota Fringe Festival
"When you mix a troubled, street painter with strokes of fame and a palette of unstable relationships along the way, no doubt things will go downhill quickly as emotional outbursts reveal personal insecurities and a real lack of trust between lovers. And to convey the wide range of human emotions authentically takes a cast willing to take risks and lay their souls bare in the process. Such was the case at the performance I attended."
– SHARI BARRETT Broadway World Los Angeles, Hollywood Fringe Festival
"This is a very professional production with the use of graphics, set design, and music bringing a very high level of polish to the production. It’s very well written and has enough details in the writing that gives clues to the character’s inner monologue. This is the first review we’re given too much stuff to talk about. That’s high praise coming from us."
– The Young Howze Theatre Journal for Minnesota Fringe Festival

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