Unicorn Prize Giveaway: Enter to Win a Unicorn Coloring Book, Crayola Art Case and a Unicorn Soft Toy

Unicorn Coloring Book Ages 4-8 by Koka Kids Front and Back Cover

Unicorn Coloring Book Ages 4-8 by Koka Kids

Koka Kids is holding a prize giveway to celebrate the launch a new Unicorn coloring book for kids ages 4-8 .

NEW YORK, USA, February 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — To celebrate the launch a new Unicorn coloring book for kids ages 4-8 Koka Kids is holding a prize give-away.

All prizes develop children’s confidence, creativity and imagination.

Up for grabs are three Unicorn prizes:

1. Unicorn Coloring Book – Get Creative!
104 page Unicorn book with 50 beautifully illustrated Unicorn pictures to color in.

2. Crayola Art Case – Tools to fuel your imagination!
64 Crayons, 20 Short Colored Pencils, 40 Washable Markers all in Crayola art case.

3. Unicorn Soft Toy – Any kids best friend!
A super soft cuddly toy pastel pink unicorn, with a silver horn.

Here is how to enter the Unicorn Prize Give-Away.


See the Unicorn Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4-8 by Koka Kids.

Amazon has awarded the book the Number 1 New Release in three categories including Children's Folklore and Myths.

Recently launched by Koka Kids, "The Unicorn Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4-8 by Koka Kids" is a coloring book with a difference.

As well as encouraging creativity, this is a coloring book that focuses on building children’s positivity, confidence and self-belief.

Eight unicorns called Freedom, Luna, Astra, Rainbow, Amor, Spirit, Magic and Miyuki take the kids on a magical journey encouraging them to think about concepts like courage and kindness and strength.

Positive affirmations run throughout this children’s unicorn coloring book, allowing kids to slowly absorb these messages and think about them as they color.

The book contains many wonderful illustrations of unicorns; unicorns flying over rainbows, sitting in the moon amongst a galaxy of stars, holding heart-shaped balloons and riding bikes through meadows of butterflies and birds.

The unicorns are drawn by independent artist Natalia Karas. Much love and care has gone into each illustration, with super-fun backgrounds to keep kids engaged for hours in their creations.

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5 Reasons Why Coloring is Good For Kids

Develop Motor-skills
By coloring children learn to grip pencils properly and work on hand strength. These fundamental, motor-skills will benefit later on in life in improved hand-writing and other activities including racquet sports.

Encourage Self-Expression
Coloring allows children to express themselves because it allows them to make their own choices. Which colors to use? How to combine different colors? What do they want their picture to look like?

Build Confidence
Finishing a picture gives children sense of pride and ownership. This leads to confidence in their own ideas and capabilities.

Nuture Creativity
When a child colors, they enter a world of creativity and imagination. They enter a make-believe land of stories and fairytales, of colors, shapes and ideas.

Improve Focus
Completing a picture takes time and focus, and coloring helps children concentrate on the task in hand without distractions.

5 Reasons Why Kids Love Unicorns

Magical and Mythical
It is believed these mythical creatures possess magical powers. Rare and unique they are an enigma, a mystery and a fairytale. What’s not to like?

Unicorns are beautiful and strange to look. They have horse like bodies, horns, goat’s hooves and lion’s tails. Typically their bodies are white or purple, their horns silver and their mains all the colors of the rainbow. It it thought a unicorn’s eyes change color depending on the mood of who is looking at it.

Positive Symbols
Unicorns symbolise hope and power, possibility and positivity. They represent freedom and can heal sickness with their radiance and magic.

Believe in the Impossible
Believe in unicorns and you believe in magic and all that goes with believing the impossible. Unicorns allow us to believe in our own impossible dreams too.

Unicorns can fly without wings
Myths and folklore say these mighty beasts are too fast to capture. It is thought they can fly, although they have no wings.

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