New Rankout App Cuts to the Chase so Social Media Users can Compete for the Attention They Deserve

A new app allows its users the luxury of ranking each other in an honest competitive format.

We want anyone and everyone to join and express themselves so we can reward users for having fun and engaging with other people.”

— Sean Adhikari, CEO of SooNet Inc

HARRISBURG, PA, USA, February 17, 2021 / — Keepin’ it real so a new app can hit the social media landscape and level the playing field, SooNet Inc makes an announcement. Enter Rankout. On the surface, the Rankout app lets users show their talent and interests so followers can like and comment about it. It also directly rewards its users with high rankings because of their followers’ interest. But here’s the kicker. If users post often and get likes and comments about their posts, they now compete with followers to see who can get to the top rank. All’s fair in love and war. So, the social media app counts comments either for or against the content all the same. So, fans and trolls alike help influencers rank higher, which gets them more views. Welcome to the newest upside way for people to connect.

Sean Adhikari, CEO of SooNet Inc, said of the app launch, “We want anyone and everyone to join and express themselves so we can reward users for having fun and engaging with other people. The depression rate is increasing, and social skills have become rare. We wanted a stage for people to shine who are rarely heard.”

Adhikari designed the app in response to an “ah-ha” moment while gaming with his friends. He discovered that it wasn’t the online game that offered the most fun; it was the connection. So, his app combines self-expression, with connection, and competition all at the fingertips. The new social media app also features messaging, audio and video calls, photo and video sharing, notifications, stories, and more. The best part is, the ranking algorithm is implemented in all the features of the app.

The Rankout app also uses smart algorithms to identify wrongfully acquired ranks and denotes a fine by taking away double the rank from the user who misbehaves. Think of rank as in-app currency. Do something unkind, pay in fallen ranks. Do something good, get rewarded with an even better ranking.

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