Scripture Scenes Launches New Web Site Combining Art and God’s Word for Inspiring Décor and Gifts

Our logo shows the parted waters of the Red Sea with an open bible in the center, signifiying that when God speaks, miracles happen. We all need miracles!

Visualizing God’s word through original artwork gives people a different perspective about scriptures.

A tomb in the hilly side of Elah Valley, in Israel shows the round stone of the opening rolled open. Whlle this tomb is not in Jerusalem, it is NOT the tomb of Christ, but shows what a wealthy Jewish family tomb  was like.

First Century tomb in Elah Valley, Israel, showing the round stone which has been rolled away. A perfect example of what a wealthy family tomb looked like. Of course we know He only borrowed it for three days and the stone was rolled away!

This shows the variety of printed products we offer churches to promote their church or ministry. This package shows postcards, flyers, bookmarks, doorhangers and a banner.

This is a collection of printed products available to promote events and holidays for churches, customized for your church.

Whether church, home or office, Scripture Scenes provides inspiration and Bible verses to visualize God’s Word in a unique way.

We have so many wonderful photos from around the globe and in the USA, we decided we wanted to share them while helping others to literally ‘visualize God’s Word’ in a different way.”

— Patricia Stirnkorb

FAYETTEVILLE, OH, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2021 / — Scripture Scenes recently launched their new web site providing a glimpse of original photography from around the world. Each photograph has a bible verse that corresponds with the photo to help people visualize God’s word in a unique way.
The original photography collection has been assembled by photojournalists Rick and Patricia Stirnkorb. After being on assignment and traveling for multiple printed publications over the last 30 years, they have created Scripture Scenes, providing a way to share their talents while combining it with their faith.
“We have so many wonderful photos from around the globe and in the USA, we decided we wanted to share them while helping others to literally ‘visualize God’s Word’ in a different way,” Patricia said.
Over the last few years, they have shared their art with friends and family. About a year ago Patricia launched Printing4.Church, which has now been combined under the banner of Scripture Scenes. This on-line business provides churches the chance to order premium printed products for special events and holidays. Their baisc products include brochures, postcards, bookmarks, doorhangers, flyers and a variety of products that churches use on a regular basis.
Banners has been the bulk of the business, but also printing packages for Christmas, Easter, Mother and Father’s Day, Patriotic holidays and more. When a church purchases five sets of products (five orders), Scripture Scenes/ will donate an exact set of printed materials to another church or ministry of their choice. The idea is to give back to a church who may not be able to afford promotional materials. Their way of “paying it forward.”
“Our banners have been enjoyed by many and so we decided to add other forms of media: Metal Prints, gallery wrapped canvas, sign materials and photo plaques in smaller size for tables or walls. Of course, all of our work is available in various sizes of high-quality canvas banners up to 6’ x 20’ and everything in between.”
While banners are available in several sizes, not all photographs are adaptable to every size. Their web site details the sizes and types of media for each of their prints. Their idea to help all people be inspired by the beauty that God has created for everyone and draw them closer to Him.
An original piece of art from Scripture Scenes provides a great gift for any season. For more information, sizes and types available check out their web site at
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