How Koka Kids is keeping children active during lockdown

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Uchikomi Challenge by Koka Kids Judo

Keeping Kids Active in Lockdown with Uchikomi

Koka Kids is keeping children active during lockdown with a difficult judo challenge that is proving popular with judoka all over the world.

LONDON, ENGLAND, March 8, 2021 / — Koka Kids is a UK company that is keeping children active during lockdown with a difficult judo challenge that is proving popular with judoka all over the world.

Right now, many Judoka can not attend their dojo to train because of the lockdown restrictions but that does not mean they can not keep fit at home.

Olympic judo medallist, Nik Fairbrother (Koka Kids director) has created an Uchikomi Challenge – with five different levels for the kids to achieve.

What is an Uchi-Komi?
Uchikomi is the name given to a repetition of a judo throw but only up until the point of unbalance – so without the actual throw. It is common drill used by judoka to train footwork and movement patterns.

“It is possible for kids to do uchikomi at home using rubber resistance bands or as shadow training” says Fairbrother who won the lightweight judo world title in 1993 and has herself completed well over 100,000 uchikomi over the years.

“A number of judoka have already achieved the top level,” says Fairbrother, “which is a huge achievement, especially as many of these kids will be doing this under their own steam without a coach to encourage them.”

How to take part in the Challenge?
It is free to take part in the Uchikomi Challenge and children can use any judo throws they like.

How to do judo throws?

To help the younger judoka remember the names of the judo throws there is an online resource at the Koka Kids website with animations of each technique.

For example here is a tutorial on how to do Osoto-Gari.

Free Certificates for Participants

As the children achieve a level they can download a free certificate to print and keep.

Can you complete the Uchi-Komi Challenge?

Level 1: 100 Uchi-Komi
An easy one to get your started. Do 100 repetitions of any judo throw you like but make sure you do an equal amount to the right and to the left. You must complete this level before going onto to the next level.

Level 2: 250 Uchi-Komi
Start counting again from zero. To earn this next certificate complete 250 Judo Uchi-Komi. Focus on your footwork during this level.

Level 3: 500 Uchi-Komi
Again start off from zero. Can you do 500 Uchi-Komi and claim this certificate? Use a variety of different judo throws like Osoto-Gari, Tai-Otoshi and Ippon Seoi-Nage.

Level 4: 1000 Uchi-Komi
Now, we are getting into the serious numbers! Can you do one thousand uchi-komi starting from zero? You don’t need to do them all in one go. When you stop mark down the number you were at and continue next time you pick up your bands.

Level 5: 2500 Uchi-Komi
So, now onto the big one, we are looking for a massive 2500 Uchi-Komi from you. Are you up to the challenge? Focus on speed while maintaining good posture and technique.

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Koka Kids
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