Author Brings to Life Tales of Fantasy and Overcoming Adversary

Carola Jothi, Author of "Brave", "Red Diamond", and "Rocco Vs Moon"

Carola Jothi, Author of “Brave”, “Red Diamond”, and “Rocco Vs Moon”

"Sometimes animals can be more human than humans"  - Brave by Carola Jothi

“Sometimes animals can be more human than humans” – Brave by Carola Jothi

"Some powers are just not meant to be awakened" - Red Diamond By Carola Jothi

“Some powers are just not meant to be awakened” – Red Diamond By Carola Jothi

The story is full of hope, trust and honor. It is a good read! I would recommend it for anyone who needs their soul to be rejuvenated.”

— Amazon Book Review

REED DEER, ALBERTA, CANADA, March 17, 2021 / — Caroli Jothi is an author who never seems to run out of ideas.

In Brave, Jothi tells us about Zara, a girl who cannot seem to fit in and always felt out of place, even with children her age. But all that changes when she meets an animal that also seems to mirror her personality.

In the Red Diamond, Jothi brings to life the tale about a weapon that wields terrible power. An evil man named Rocco is determined to get that power to use for his own selfish reasons.

The only person who seems to be standing in his way is Moon, a warrior with a past tied to the Red Diamond, a powerful artifact that can make its wielder command anyone to do anything.

Jothi masterfully unfolds this tale of courage, deceit, and danger.

In Rocco vs. Moon, Jothi continues the story of Moon, the female warrior who has the extraordinary power to heal herself. After she defeats Rocco in combat, he hungers to have this ability for himself and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Rocco gathers his soldiers to help him take down Moon’s army and the two forces clash, but it will take more than just an army for Moon to defeat Rocco.

In this book, Jothi chronicles Moon’s struggle not just against an army bent on destroying her, but also against a secret plot with more far-reaching consequences.

About the Author

Caroli Jothi never dreamed of becoming a writer, but one day in 2018 she received inspiration from what can only be described as something out of the ordinary; a whisper in her ear. Since then, Jothi has drawn from the extraordinary as the bases for her books.

Jothi was born in Coimbatore, India, but is now residing in a small town in Vermont, USA, where she lives with her family. They provide her the constant support needed to pursue her writing.

Her flagship book, Red Diamond, has an available screenplay for interested film producers and directors seeking to find interesting and unique Fantasy and Fiction source materials.

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