The Deck of Care: Bringing Joy to Self-Care

The Deck of Care

The Deck of Care

The Deck of Care

A pocket-sized guide on being better to yourself when feeling like the deck is stacked against you.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2021 / — Think of it as self-care solitaire.

It's been one year since Coronavirus was declared a pandemic, and it’s clear that this complete orbit around the sun has deeply affected our collective mental health. Personal care during times of duress like this should never be substituted. It requires the constant repetition of many tiny habits, which, used together, can soothe the soul.

With this in mind, and after seeing their friends and family struggle for months, two old friends began designing The Deck of Care as an easy-to-use self-care resource to help anyone find balance in their lives. It’s a joy-filled self-care tool built into a standard deck of playing cards that you can use every day to build these soul-soothing habits– and it’s available on Kickstarter today.

The Deck of Care launched on Kickstarter on March 16th – and shot well past its original crowdfunding goal in just 36 hours. Backed by those who believe in its power to help, Kickstarter continues to climb due to popular demand. To become part of the action and order your deck now, visit

The deck was designed with the understanding that it takes a toolkit of skills to soothe the soul. Loosely inspired by tarot, each number covers a research-backed category of self-care activities – like meditation or setting boundaries. Each suit plays out those skills in an area of life – such as emotion or passion. You can shuffle the deck to pick one thing to do at random, play out a suit to experience many self-care activities in one area of life, or explore a category of self-care by playing out the four cards in one number. As you play, you'll learn a lot of self-care strategies – and gain an understanding of what works for you when.

Full of zany, whimsical graphics, the deck has a custom illustration on each card that matches the self-care activity presented. From an 80's muscle head owl to a snorkeling narwhal, each piece of art serves as light-hearted, slightly absurd, comedic relief as you navigate the ritual of being good to yourself.

The creators have prioritized high-quality production over cost-efficiency, and the entire deck is printed on casino-grade German Blue Core paper with a smooth linen-finish. Each deck includes 52 cards (plus two Jokers) and one explanation brand card. Standard card size equals 3.5 x2.5inches (89x64mm), and all cards are FSC certified and recyclable, utilizing a sustainably-sourced, soy-based ink.

The Deck of Care cards are easy to carry, easy to transport, and easy to use. The options are endless, whether alone or with a group of friends. Use the deck to motive a more positive mindset, instill wellness, or increase your wellbeing whenever the moment takes you.

Caring for yourself requires intentional work. To do this well, start drawing cards – and stack the deck in your favor.

The Deck of Care is a unique deck of marked playing cards that feature innovative, one-of-a-kind designs and original artwork. Full of personal, strange illustrations, each card distills a core self-care skill. Perfect for those seeking balance in this challenging world, the deck is packed with fun graphics meant to keep self-care light-hearted, making it an ideal companion for the assurance of wellbeing.

Exhausted Millennial is a creative collaboration between two old friends – Devin and Christin. We met at Drexel University when we were Resident Assistants and continued a best-trash-human friendship into our 30s. In the summer of 2020, we started a letter-writing project in which we wrote one card a day to a loved one. We worked together to make a set of greeting cards for the project and enjoyed it so much that we just kept making things together. Our brand aims to make existing things in this tough world a bit easier – while not taking ourselves too seriously. More than that, we hope to have fun every step of the way. Those initial cards are available for free for personal use on

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