Healthier At Home: ErgoFoam Footrests Now Available In Canada

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The long awaited Canadian rollout of Wirecutter’s “most comfortable footrests,” the ErgoFoam, has arrived.

With more workplace roles happening away from the office, we’ve forgotten to take care of the physical side of the employee. Ergonomic care will need to be a part of our improved corporate normal.”

— ErgoFoam Founder Chris Lam

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 16, 2021 / —

ErgoFoam, a Toronto-based office ergonomics startup that’s designed what the New York Times called “the most comfortable and supportive footrest,” announced the Canadian launch of their footrest line. The announcement follows the company’s growing success in the U.S., and the ErgoFoam models find Canada at a time in which 59% of Canadian employees are still working remotely.

“After showing incredible growth in the US, we’re glad to have a presence at home,” says ErgoFoam Founder, Chris Lam. “Our mission since day one has always been to help people feel their best every day, and we’re excited to bring our line of ergonomic products to Canadians.”

At the onset of the pandemic, there was a general hope among experts that the inability for professionals to make it into work might reduce their seated hours, eradicating their commute and giving them more flexibility to stretch out at home or take a call during a walk. Unfortunately, the multifold pressures of the pandemic, including the stress, anxiety, and mental health ramifications, led to more sedentary behavior than anyone expected.

In an April study by the Canadian Institute or Safety, Wellness and Performance, 70% of respondents reported physical pain by the end of their workday—discomfort, aches, pains, and tension in their neck, shoulders, and back. That 36% of those same respondents indicated their demands at work interfered with their home and family life is no surprise; chronic pain not only leads to a decrease in productivity, and hence longer at-desk hours, it can take a mental toll that prevents people from being present and at peace in their personal lives.

“As a chiropractor, I have countless patients who come to see me due to neck and back pain from sitting too long at a computer,” says Dr. Cariann Paul, a chiropractic doctor in New York City.

The ErgoFoam footrest is designed to correct and reinforce proper posture habits from the ground up. A national leader in ergonomic design, ErgoFoam’s flagship line of footrest products facilitate better at-desk body positioning in any set-up, home or office. The high-density foam and orthopedic design guides the lower body into a healthy posture, relieving seated load, improving circulation, and reducing aches and pains over time. ErgoFoam footrests come in a variety of sizes and with an adjustable height; every professional can find the right style for their specific space and body-type.

“The ErgoFoam adjustable footrest is a product I recommend to my patients to alleviate issues such as sciatica, glute, hamstring, low back and knee pain. The high density foam gives firm support without being too firm and the adjustable piece allows you to add or remove inches, making it easier to reach optimal height.” says Dr. Paul. “The soft velvet gives it an elevated look and feel, but my favourite feature has to be the fact that it turns into a rocker."

Health and wellbeing have become a matter of public interest, and there’s a great awareness in the post-pandemic normal regarding the interrelatedness of all aspects of our health. Aches and pains can create mental wear and tear, building chronic stress. Stress can, in turn, drain the body, weaken the immune system, and become a co-morbidity for other ailments and sicknesses.

“With more and more workplace roles happening away from a traditional office, we’ve forgotten to take care of the physical side of the employee,” says Founder Chris Lam. “But ergonomic care will need to be a part of our new and improved corporate normal, both in-office and at-home.”

As Canadian employers continue to navigate their back-to-office strategy, it’s the perfect moment to establish new ergonomic principles. Whether a majority of the work is taking place in the home, in the office, or a combination of both, an ergonomic workstation has a firm chair set at the proper posture, a desk height that’s adjustable and customized to the employee, a raised monitor, and maybe a blue-light mitigating screen. More importantly, an employee-first corporate culture encourages team members to take breaks, stay active, and stretch throughout the day. The cost of cramming in another hunched-over conference call often outweighs the benefits of taking time, deep breaths, and a few laps around the block.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve noticed the top companies placing a greater focus on employee wellbeing.” says Lam. “Mental and physical health in the workforce—and, consequently, proper posture—is becoming increasingly important for employers looking to attract and retain the best talent."

ErgoFoam is available for purchase through Amazon, with free shipping and returns. ErgoFoam offers a Lifetime Warranty on every piece, because nothing should get in the way of people feeling their best.

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