MasterPieces Adds Three New Licenses

Smokey Bear 550-piece puzzle

U.S. Navy 1000-piece puzzle

Mossy Oak 1000-piece puzzle

New Products Feature Smokey Bear, U.S. Navy, and Mossy Oak

We're passionate about building a well-rounded and diverse product line for our consumers. We're proud to feature some of the most beloved characters and properties for puzzles, games and crafts.”

— David Rolls, President of MasterPieces, Inc.

ORO VALLEY, AZ, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / — MasterPieces, Inc. today announces three new licensing agreements and the timelines for product availability in each new line.

Signing agreements with The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service for Smokey Bear property; outdoor lifestyle brand, Mossy Oak, and The U.S. Department of Defense for the U.S. Navy license, MasterPieces has several new puzzles set to arrive this summer.
Annually recognized as a Global Licensee Leader, MasterPieces proudly adds three new licensed lines to the 2021 launches that already includes Sesame Street and The Elf on the Shelf.
David Rolls, President and Founder of MasterPieces, Inc., said, “We are passionate about building a well-rounded and diverse product line for our consumers to have all of the variety and choices they desire. Now celebrating our 25th year in business, we are so proud of our robust product offerings that feature some of the most beloved and uniquely appropriate properties and characters for puzzles, games and crafts.”

This month, the first items to be available for consumers are a MasterPieces U.S. Navy 1000-piece puzzle and two 1000-piece Mossy Oak branded puzzles.

As a longtime license of the U.S. Department of Defense for the U.S. Army property, MasterPieces now adds the U.S. Navy to its puzzle and game line. The initial U.S. Navy puzzle is a 1000-piece ocean scene puzzle flooded with Navy emblems and seals.

The Mossy Oak puzzle line begins with two different 1000-piece puzzles featuring overlays of wildlife and patriotic graphics that are sure to be a fun challenge for puzzle enthusiasts.

MasterPieces will offer its new puzzles featuring Smokey Bear in July of 2021. A 550-piece, 100-piece and a 4-pack 100-piece puzzle begin the collection featuring the famous wildfire prevention spokescharacter. Smokey’s message is more important than ever now with frequent, record breaking wildfires occurring each year in the United States. Since 1944, Smokey Bear has promoted a message of preventing unwanted human-caused wildfires. MasterPieces is backing the message by committing a portion of the proceeds from its officially licensed Smokey Bear merchandise to help fund the nationwide wildlife prevention campaign.

The new licensed lines now join other new 2021 debut licensed lines for Sesame Street, The Elf on the Shelf, and The Farmer’s Almanac. The impressive list of licenses held by MasterPieces now includes Hershey’s, Lionel, Coca-Cola, U.S. Army, Betty Boop, Clifford, John Wayne, Batman, Polar Express, Wizard of Oz, Audubon, Caterpillar, Realtree, Saturday Evening Post, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA

About MasterPieces:
Celebrating its 25th full year in business, MasterPieces Inc. was founded by David Rolls, former 8-year professional baseball player for the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers organizations, in 1995 with a passion to serve diverse retail markets and partner with evergreen brands and top puzzle artists. Twenty-five years later, MasterPieces has established itself as the market leader for combining the best quality products with the best value. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, MasterPieces’ reputation for producing innovative and high-quality products has propelled its global growth and the company’s commitment to ensuring great value and superior customer support has earned its dedicated, worldwide customer loyalty. MasterPieces creates some of the world most elegant puzzles and innovative packaging, as well as toys and gifts, while partnering with brands and sports organizations. For more information about MasterPieces, visit the company website at MasterPiecesInc and for the most immediate information and interaction with the company, please like and follow MasterPieces on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Beard and Stache Fest Coming to Gatlinburg on June 12th

The Smoky Mountain Beard & Stache Fest

The Smoky Mountain Beard & Stache Fest promises to be an event to remember.

Gather Up Events and Honest Amish will be hosting the inaugural Smoky Mountain Beard and Stache Fest on June 12 (12pm-7pm) at the Gatlinburg Convention Center.

GATLINBURG, TENNESSEE, USA, June 1, 2021 / — Men and women everywhere love facial hair. Whether you sport a natural mountain beard, a trimmed goatee or an elegantly styled European cut, you’ll find your niche at this unique festival.

Created by the Tennessee-based company Gather Up Events, the Smoky Mountain Beard and Stache Fest was made to provide a welcoming environment where people with similar interests in facial hair can enjoy one another’s unique styles in one place. Throughout the event, several exciting contests are taking place to determine the winners from a variety of fields such as Best Overall Beard, Best Natural Beard, Best European Mustache, Best Goatee, and countless others entertainment categories. The contests are open to both men and women, with a “Unique Beards” category added in for artistic, unusual facial hair, real or artificial.

In addition to the food, beverage, and beer vendors, dozens of local crafters and artisans will be there selling beard care products, beard art, and facial hair apparel.

The decision to host the Beard and Stache Fest in Gatlinburg, the literal heart of the Smoky Mountains, was no accident. Bearded men (and women) are often imagined in outdoor settings, swinging axes, cooking over a fire and living off the land. Attendants will do just that as they breathe in the fresh mountain air of the Smokies wafting through their beards and appreciate not only the event itself, but its beautiful location.

Tickets cost $10 per person and can be purchased online at For any bearded or mustachioed attendant who’d like an even better deal, a $25 option is available while supplies last that provide an event T-shirt in addition to general admission. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the American Eagle Foundation who plans to be present the day of the event to support and educate with a live bald eagle.

The Smoky Mountain Beard and Stache Fest are located at 234 Historic Nature Trail Gatlinburg, TN.

The mountains are calling. Will you answer the call of the wild?

Nikki Beaty
Gather Up Events
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Inaugural Smoky Mountain Beard & Stache Fest Promo

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Kenny Herold of Minnesota Discussed The Benefits of Small Barrel Whiskey Aging

Kenny Herold Minnesota

WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / — Kenny Herold has had many years of experience restoring aging and historic old buildings and along the way, he developed an interest in fine whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. Even though Kenny Herold is from Minnesota, he enjoys many aspects of handcrafted and specialty whiskey from the creation process to trying new brands. He has learned a lot about the whiskey-making industry and the ways whiskey is created in special barrels. Here are some interesting observations Kenny Herold has made in his years observing the ins and outs of making and enjoying whiskey.

Kenny Herold Thinks Small Barrel Aging is Best

There are some reasons people use larger barrels to age whiskey like meeting large consumer demands, born in Minnesota, Kenny Herold believes there are many benefits to using a small barrel to age whiskey making it ideal, especially for small batches. Using a small barrel yields greater flavor and characteristics sought after by whiskey connoisseurs, it is believed. Other benefits from small barrel aging can be had according to fine spirits distillers and consumers. The color and flavor notes are affected by the barrel too. Small barrels have another quality where because of their size they are more porous and can release more water from the whiskey as it ages. This can increase alcohol content as well.

Greater Surface Area and Effect

Since the smaller barrels have more surface area, this tends to help the whiskey pick up flavors more readily than bigger barrels. More of the whiskey touches the barrel surface extracting flavors and desirable qualities. This can add richer flavor, but living in Minnesota Kenny Herold cautions on aging too long, especially with the range of temperatures during the seasons if done locally. Too much of a good thing can make the whiskey pick up other aspects of oak wood that are undesirable. Aging the small barrel whiskey the right amount of time is crucial to success.

Other Factors that Affect Aging

While Kenny Herold thinks aging whiskey in a small barrel is ideal, he does know there are other factors like the environment where the whiskey is stored, temperature and humidity, that all contribute to how it ages. Also, higher alcohol content affects how the whiskey ages in the small barrels. Higher alcohol content can extract more of the oak wood qualities which can create different whiskies.

During down-time in Minnesota when Kenny Herold is not restoring historic buildings, he is enjoying the many aspects of whiskey. The qualities of fine small barrel-aged whiskey are something Kenny knows about and loves to share with acquaintances and fellow whiskey connoisseurs.

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In Honor of Pride Month, Telos Gifting Adds Ways to Help Customers Celebrate

Pride gift card designs available from Telos Gifting.

Our goal is to create a line of assorted designs for all of our products that is inclusive and supports our mission to move humanity to love each other more, and faster, through beautiful gift giving.”

— Jason Wolfe, CEO

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, June 1, 2021 / — In honor of Pride month, Telos Gifting, the Pittsburgh-based fintech incubator behind GiftYa, Gift Card Granny, and, announced the addition of gift card designs across its family of brands for every Pride celebration – from weddings and showers to festivals and parades.

“We support our customers and want to allow them to choose the perfect gift card design to celebrate Pride month and throughout the entire year,” said CEO Jason Wolfe. “Our goal is to create a line of assorted designs for all of our products that is inclusive and supports our mission to move humanity to love each other more, and faster, through beautiful gift giving.”

Telos Gifting believes the gifting experience should be purposeful, fast, easy, and meaningful. They have created a family of products and platforms that constantly expands the boundaries of the gifting industry to deliver the best experience to all clients and customers. This addition is just another expansion of that.

For more information, visit


Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Telos Gifting occupies the building at 495 Mansfield Ave in Greentree, Pennsylvania. Telos Gifting, LLC, owns and manages,, and GiftCardGranny. Telos Gifting was formed in 2019 by Wolfe, LLC a fin-tech incubator, to re-enter the gift card market after selling in 2016.


GiftYa, a Wolfe, LLC company, is reinventing gift giving with a meaningful no loss, no waste e-gift. GiftYa enables you to text a personalized gift for any national or local merchant in the U.S. within seconds. Visit for more information.

Lindsey Morrison
Telos Gifting
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Life Elements Celebrates Pride Month With Release of “Equality” CBD Bath Bomb and Donation to Equality California

Life Elements Pride "Equality" CBD Bath Bomb

Life Elements Pride “Equality” CBD Bath Bomb

Life Elements Logo

Life Elements Logo

Life Elements Celebrates Pride Month With Release of
“Equality” CBD Bath Bomb, Special Giveaways, and Donation to Equality California

Pride is not just a once a year event for Life Elements, but a lifetime event.”

— Martha Van Inwegen

ATASCADERO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 1, 2021 / — Life Elements celebrates Pride Month with release of its Equality CBD Bath Bomb wrapped in colorful rainbow packaging throughout the month of June. During this June 2021 promotion, rainbow tickets offering Life Elements discounts and free products will be randomly included in the Equality CBD Bath Bomb packaging with one lucky buyer winning a prized rainbow ticket valued at $500 to be used toward the purchase of Life Elements products. In addition, Life Elements is pleased to announce that it will donate 10% of ALL company product sales in the month of June to Equality California (, the nation’s largest statewide LGBTQ+ civil rights organization.

The Life Elements Equality CBD Bath Bomb has been crafted as a celebration of love comprised of 200 mg hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD, locally sourced, organic flowers and pure essential oils to tingle the senses with happy citrus scents and a little bit of sexy Ylang Ylang magic. This vibrant, empowering combination blossoms into a highly effective, self-care product that creates a therapeutic bath soak to sooth, de-stress, and alleviate pain while showing support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Featured in prominent media outlets including Forbes, Newsweek, Marie Claire, Refinery 29, Well + Good, and Men’s Health, Life Elements has a distinguished reputation for delivering the cleanest and most efficacious nature-based ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably, to promote overall health and wellness. The addition of the Equality CBD Bath Bomb to its’ best-selling CBD Bath Bomb Collection marks a meaningful milestone for the company because “Pride is not just a once a year event for Life Elements, but a lifetime event.” In keeping with this spirit, the Life Elements Equality CBD Bath Bomb will permanently join our Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb Collection with 10% of this unique wellness product’s sales going to Equality California ( all year round.

The Life Elements Equality CBD Bath Bomb will be available for purchase for $20.

Life Elements will provide samples for verified media requests.
Contact us at or phone 805-460-4102.

About Life Elements
Established in 2006, Life Elements has professionally curated, formulated, and manufactured an award-winning collection of artisan, hand-crafted body, bath, and skin-care solutions that connect us with our overall mission to impact sustainability, community, and humanity. All Life Elements products honor the heritage and traditions of ancient alchemists and medicinal healers finding inspiration in sourcing the finest nature-based ingredients with properties that promote mental health and wellness. Life Elements strives to be eco-friendly and cruelty-free, advocating for a sustainable planet, healthy bodies, and positive minds. Founded in Atascadero, California, Life Elements is a minority and woman-owned business, homegrown in the United States.

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U.S. FootGolf Open Championship To Be Played On Reunion’s Nicklaus Course in Kissimmee, Florida, June 4-6.

These are our Returning Champions

We are particularly thrilled with our (U.S. FootGolf Open) field of 120, a dozen of which are women playing at the highest level.”

— Laura Balestrini, AFGL President

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA, USA, June 1, 2021 / — The anticipation is building for this week’s U.S. FootGolf Open and the American FootGolf League (AFGL) returning to Reunion Resort for three days of intense competition on the Nicklaus Course, Friday-Sunday, June 4-6.

120 of the world’s best players representing Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and United States will converge on Kissimmee, Florida and experience all it has to offer. Play begins bright and early at 7:30 a.m. each day and runs through Noon, and admission is free to the public.

“Athletes around the globe consider it the best sport ever invented as it combines the skills associated with soccer and the rules of golf into one incredible experience,” said Laura Balestrini, AFGL President. “We are particularly thrilled with our field of 120, a dozen of which are women playing at the highest level.”

The U.S. FootGolf Open gives all the amateurs and recreational players the opportunity to aspire and develop their skills while watching the world’s best in action. Players kick a #5 regulation soccer ball into a 20-inch diameter cup in as few shots as possible.

The defending champion is Sharif Khatib of Los Angeles.

The USA FootGolf Story

The American FootGolf League (AFGL) and USA FootGolf made its debut in 2011 and is played on hundreds of golf courses in all 50 states, The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Caribbean and Guam. The sport is regulated by the American FootGolf Federation, the exclusive member in the U.S. under the world's governing body, the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG). With an estimate of 20,000 tee times a month for recreational play. Approximately 200 players a year advance to the AFGL Tour, the major league of FootGolf in the United States. Later this year, founders Laura and Roberto Balestrini will introduce the much anticipated U.S. Amateur FootGolf Tour.

About Experience Kissimmee:
Experience Kissimmee is the official tourism authority for Osceola County, Florida. Located 25 minutes from Orlando International Airport (MCO), Kissimmee offers a perfectly balanced vacation experience with world-famous theme parks and attractions, outdoor activities, and plenty of Florida sunshine. Kissimmee is the Vacation Home Capital of the World®, with options ranging from two-bedroom condos to 15-bedroom mansions. Get inspired at

About Reunion Resort

Reunion Resort has opened a stunning new clubhouse at its Signature Design Nicklaus Course and FootGolf will be played there for the first time ever during the U.S. FootGolf Open 2021. Home of the U.S FootGolf Open 2016, 2017, 2019 and U.S. FootGolf National Championship 2018, Reunion is the only location in the world featuring three signature championship golf courses designed by golf’s greatest legends: Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tom Watson.

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Be at Reunion Resort in Florida for this week’s U.S. FootGolf Open

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Cross introduces new finishes to Bailey collection. Matte black, Matte gray, Matte Red and White.

Cross Bailey Collection includes an exclusive finish, only at


PROVIDENCE, RI, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / — One of the most popular pen lines in the A.T. Cross Collection has a modern new look for every generation. The Bailey Collection also features an expanded nib assortment for fountain pen fans with the addition of an extra fine width option. “Cross has been a leader in the writing industry for 175 years, and we’re well known for our innovative approach to pen design and writing performance,” explains Victoria Vilbrandt, Global VP of Marketing & eCommerce. “We’re leaning into the lifestyles of our customers and making the user experience our top priority. Every detail has been carefully considered for this exciting new Bailey launch.”

The well-balanced, mid-sized profile has long made Bailey a popular choice. Vilbrandt notes that Bailey Pens are especially comfortable for long writing sessions, from professional note-taking to journaling. The pen caps are designed to post securely, and fountain pen users can choose a medium, fine or new extra fine nib width for a customized writing experience.

The Cross Design Team developed the new finishes to complement the sleek tech gear we carry with us each day. Bailey Ballpoints, Rollerballs and Fountain Pens are available in Black, Gray or Red Matte Lacquer with polished black appointments – a fresh new direction for the Cross brand. Shop the complete Cross Bailey Collection at

Bringing a top fashion trend to the world of fine writing, Cross has also launched Bailey in a Pearlescent White Lacquer with rose gold tone appointments. “This is a beautiful design,” says Vilbrandt. “Like a favorite piece of jewelry that makes a personal style statement.” The White finish is an exclusive offering, available for purchase only at

With its quality craftsmanship and exceptional comfort in hand, Bailey appeals to all ages and lifestyles. As one of the best-selling Cross Collections, adds Vilbrandt, “Bailey is the ideal pen for everyday writing and a wonderful introduction to Cross for students and young professionals.” For discerning gift-givers celebrating special occasions, a distinguished Bailey Pen is an impressive choice. All Bailey Pens are presented in a premium Cross Gift Box and can be engraved with a name or personal message in a variety of styles.

Cross has earned the trust of generations by offering a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty on all fine writing instruments. Designed to be easily refillable and reusable, Cross Pens undergo strict performance tests and inspections during every stage of production.

Explore the new Bailey Collection and enjoy special savings for a limited time. THE CROSS BUY MORE SAVE MORE promotion is available now through June 30, 2021, offering up to 25% off your online purchase.

Now celebrating its 175th anniversary, A.T. Cross Company is a global innovator of fine writing instruments, crafting some of the most widely recognized and best-selling pens in modern history. Since 1846, the Cross name has been synonymous with uncompromised quality, forward-thinking design and expert service. Generations have celebrated important milestones, both personal and professional, with a signature Cross pen. Today, modern, on-trend designs join time-tested classics in an ever-evolving collection of pens and accessories for those who value luxury in the everyday writing experience.

A.T. Cross Company, LLC
295 Promenade Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02908 U.S.A.

Victoria Vilbrandt
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Hercules Stands Launches The Ultimate Phone, Tablet, and Mic/Camera Arm Stands in The New DG Adaptive Series

Hercules Stands DG Adaptive Series Launch

Hercules Stands Launches the New DG Adaptive Series

Hercules Stands

Hercules Stands

The Hercules DG Adaptive Series includes three new products – the Universal Podcast Mic & Camera Arm Stand, Smartphone Holder, and 2-In-1 Tablet/Phone holder.

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / — Premier stand company, Hercules, announces the launch of their DG Adaptive Series, expanding the line of the most secure and robust stands on the market. Perfect for podcasters, content creators, and musicians, the DG Adaptive Series includes three new products – the Universal Podcast Mic & Camera Arm Stand, Smartphone Holder, and 2-In-1 Tablet. Available to order now, the new models all include Hercules’ signature groundbreaking design elements such as 360° rotation, the TightVice™ locking mechanism, wider support range to accommodate a variety of devices and accessories, and adaptive application for ease of mounting on any surface.

Universal Podcast Mic & Camera Arm Stand (DG107B / $59.99)
Over the past year, podcasting has become increasingly popular, with people spending on average 6 hours a week listening. The Universal Mic & Camera Arm Stand ( is designed with every podcaster in mind. The robust stand can clamp to a flat or round surface and has the ability to hold a microphone, pop filter, and a smartphone or tablet, so users can easily access content and record effortlessly at the same time. With Hercules' signature TightVice™ 360° rotation, each component can adjust to any angle with ease.

Smartphone Holder (DG207B / $39.99)
From content creators to performing musicians to someone wanting extra support for their smartphone, the Smartphone Holder is the most versatile, secure phone stand available. It fits virtually every phone on the market and is extremely durable. It sets up seamlessly on a flat surface, or with round or square tubes, and supports phone sizes of 4.7”- 6.9”. The stand offers incredible stability to support any livestream or video, while also being the perfect option to easily grab a group photo.

2-In-1 Tablet and Phone Holder (DG307B / $49.99)
The 2-In-1 Tablet and Phone Holder includes all of the groundbreaking elements of the Smartphone Holder with even more adaptability that extends to fit all tablets. With support for tablet and phone sizes 6.1”- 13” inches it also has an option to mount directly into a tripod stand.

From the stage, studio, or home, the DG Adaptive Series delivers. The top choice for musicians and content creators extends to anyone looking for a sturdy and trustworthy setup for their smartphone, tablet, microphone, or camera. All DG Adaptive Models are available worldwide via licensed Hercules dealers and e-commerce partners.

About Hercules Stands
Every stand symbolizes a solution; inspired by musicians like you, from all over the world, to give your instrument the respectful rest it deserves. Groundbreaking development, refined construction, and industry-leading function are the three guiding principles of HERCULES STANDS. These principles guide our design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and worldwide distribution. On stage, in the studio, or at home…HERCULES Stands for Trust.

Lynn Tinsey
Richlynn Group

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June Art Talking Art of the Day

June 2021 Art of the Day Calendar from

June 2021 Art of the Day Calendar

Amuleto by Tony Lee, June 1, 2021 Art of the Day  from

Amuleto by Tony Lee, June 1, 2021 Art of the Day

Art logo for Barebrush website in Red, Yellow and Blue Logo

Barebrush announces the June 2021 art calendar. New "Talking Art of the Day Videos" will be on hiatus for the month of June.

BRADENTON, FL, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / — Barebrush announces the June 2021 art calendar, where every day of art is a day you can enjoy and treasure. Barebrush presents 30 artworks by contemporary artists in visual media. The June calendar launches with a fine art photo, Amuleto (Amulet), by Tony Lee of Panama. Tony writes (in translation),

"We all have an object, a stone that we feel gives us energy or even that we think gives us a lot of luck, the only bad thing is that my amulet is this stone and I can't put it in my pockets."

The Barebrush Art of the Day calendar
Each Barebrush calendar features contemporary artworks in various media. These include photos, oils, watercolor, mixed media, and sculpture. You see the beauty of art created by artists working today, revealed day by day. You see the tantalizing art of the nude. You get the words of the artists. Other art calendars use one image per month or week. Barebrush showcases unique artwork for each day of the month. The art of the day is yours to see, enjoy and treasure. On the Art-of-the-Day calendar page, you can see the current calendar art revealed over time.

The "Art of the Day" Method
In each art video, Ilene follows a simple method to answer three questions: What do you see? Who's the artist? What's the point? To answer, Ilene creates a narrative of specific details that you, the viewer can see. Ilene uses close-ups. She adds lines, arrows, and other art tools for emphasis. Then she shares what the artist says about the work. Finally, she tries to tease out a point. She welcomes comments. The 270+ videos are fast and fun, averaging under 3 minutes. The "Talking Art of the Day" video series will be on hiatus for the month of June and will return with an enhanced schedule in July.

Barebrush is the premiere ad-free, non-porn, fine art website. Online since 2006, proving it's OKAY+ to enjoy the art of the nude.

Barebrush art includes all visual media such as photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture. Founded in 2006. Daily Art of the Day videos began Sept 1, 2020. Artist and media inquiries welcome.

About Ilene Skeen
Ilene Skeen, MBA, is the founder of Barebrush and a member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City since 1999. She is also an artist, author, and speaker.

Ilene Skeen
ILS Designs
+1 917-806-7992
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