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We are a no-nonsense technology company that is essentially democratizing a method long used by the pros. Our focus is to make a wearable device that is affordable and comfortable.”

— Dr. Udi Meirav, an MIT-trained physicist and the inventor of Calibre

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 21, 2021 / — When it comes to wellness and fitness, it’s not enough to set goals: identifying the right track and knowing the current state is equally as important. As the saying goes, one can only manage what they measure. Breath stands out not only as the most important thing for life, but also one of the richest troves of information about metabolic well being. But to obtain meaningful quantitative data from breath was only possible using expensive, cumbersome and professionally operated instruments that were out of reach for most people. Calibre is here to change that, making the full range of breath-based metabolic data available and affordable to all.

Calibre is now available for pre-orders via with special discounts.

Accurate and Efficient
Calibre tells the story of breath and metabolism. It accurately tracks fitness metrics through the volume and composition of breath continuously and precisely. These include true minute-by-minute calorie burn and, on top of that, a chemically precise, real-time quantitative measure of fat burn and carb burn. It can tell everything about breathing, and can even flag indicators of metabolic ketosis or hyperventilation. This personal health tracking device collects everything in real time, making it readily available to see on a free app. The technology in this device brings more to the table than any other fitness device ever seen before.

Real Technological Innovation
The physiological significance of breath data is neither new nor controversial, as any sports medicine professional would say. But the remarkable size, weight and affordability of Calibre is turning heads. It’s a rather familiar story line: relentless technological progress combines with innovative thinking to upend decades of received wisdom and empower the individual consumer. This is Calibre: a wearable breath tracker made to be as precise as a full blown respiratory-metabolic lab while weighing less than 50 grams and usable in virtually any place or activity.

New Paradigm, New Possibilities
By putting true respiratory metabolic tracking into a “wearable” and affordable form, Calibre has launched what might be considered a new class of trackers. Calorie tracking – which until now has been notoriously unreliable – will never be the same. The possibilities are only beginning to be imagined, from everyday nutrition and activity tracking to ambitious health and performance goals. It's all in the breath and in the palm of one’s hand.

Feature Highlights
Intuitive, easy-to-use app
Long battery life
Easy to wear and clean
Compact and portable
Effortless breathing

About Calibre Biometrics
Calibre Biometrics was founded with a vision of bringing the richness of breath measurement and metabolic tracking to consumers. They believe that meaningful, reliable data can facilitate improved health and performance and that everyone should have access to the wealth of information carried in their breath.

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