Seitaro Yamazaki Launches New Online Shop


Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Creative Advisor and Renowned Japanese Contemporary Artist

TOKYO, JAPAN, July 23, 2021 / — : In a world where media is recycled and style is often copied, originality is sparse and hard to find. New ideas are far and few between, but Seitaro Yamazaki is revitalizing the world of art one piece at a time. With his sights set on dominating the world of art on a global scale, Yamazaki’s newest venture takes him into the media of the internet. Seitaro Yamazaki is making his works of art attainable through the opening of a new online shop where fans and others alike can purchase an original Seitaro Yamazaki.

The shop offers both paintings and sculptures created by Yamazaki. Early consumers will have a chance to purchase Yamazaki’s latest piece “Icon Made of Sand #01 ‘Nike AIR JORDAN 1’”. It is a sculpture made of mixed mediums depicting the theme of time and has subsequently earned him second place in the YICCA competition earlier this year. The sculpture is now available on his site at a price tag of $4,500.

What will our consumption look like when viewed through the eyes of people in the future with diverse values? That simple inquiry sparked the creation of this piece. "We have icon preferences, these icons are a part of our existence, and we devour them", according to Seitaro Yamazaki, who grew up in the thick of Tokyo street culture. Nike sneakers were a constant and absolute iconic presence for him.

The Nike Air Jordan 1 is a sand-sculpted sneaker. This is constructed of sand, with an acrylic brand mark. The functional material is separated from the symbol of consumption, and the two pieces are made of distinct materials and have a different feeling of time. The notion is dismantled and recreated using two distinct materials at two different times. Yamazaki said "We have icon preferences, and we consume icons as they are a part of our existence. In this sense, the piece is a letter from the future to all of us who are currently living in the present."

Yamazaki is the founder and director of Seitaro Design, Inc., radio personality of FM Yokohama’s “Culture Department” and the creative advisor of the Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Organization Committee. He has received many awards such as YICCA 2021, Annual Group Exhibition And Showcase 2018, and the 14th Arte Laguna Prize.

Seitaro Design, Inc., was established in October 2008 at THE WORKS ANNEX 1F 3-17-9 in Aobadai Meguro-ku, Tokyo with Seitaro Yamazaki as the Representative Director.

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Source: EIN Presswire